Monday, 12 November 2012

Welcome to my blog

Just realised i had not done an introduction

At the moment i am using this more as i have no website with a domain address. For some reason that has got lost in the mists of the net.

This blog is a great way to type about films music and also music reviews, and things that i want to talk about in those areas.   It has been pretty popular so far and i have linked people to this and linked the blog to Facebook

Many people do this, so i thought why not???

I am going to put up more music submissions up, which go on my Facebook anyway. As i said above, i will be using this for music review, which have images, and links to various artists sites

My website will be back up this week at some point, but here i can read the numbers, which is pretty cool

You can leave comments below and there will be blogs on are regular basis.

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