Tuesday, 27 August 2013

At the Flapper, Birmingham, 17th August. Among the Echos. Drag, Scruffy Somethings and more

First time at the Flapper, nice venue, no where to breathe although, unless someone knocks a hole in the wall. Simular to The Cellar in Oxford. Four acts were on, only heard Among the Echos. I had did receieve music from all the bands, but live, of course, is different.

Saturday Afternoon
Got to the newly refirbished, New Street Station. We took the long walk to the Bullring, which is now connected by a long corridor. My wife, Rhonda was with me, as she likes Birmingham and a fan of Among the Echos. Although i like the act, i was looking forward to seeing the other bands as well.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn, which is not that far. After a few hours relaxing, we walked to the Flapper. One thing that irritates me about this area of the city, is there are no direct paths. Yes, there are pavements, but you have to walk the long way round in many cases, even though another hotel carpark.

The Flapper
Very nice place, right beside the canal with loads of locks. From the outside, looks like a coverted steamer.

Top floor is the bar.  We made our way down to the band performance area, where Among the Echos were soundchecking.

We then saw Scruff Somethings Soundcheck.  I caught Ian and Sam of ATE and had a chat, which i was recorded. Ian said he would introduce me to Drag aand he did. Very nice band to talk to and got their heads screwed on it relations to the music and what their goals are.

Scruffy Somethings were on first.  From the song i have, called she, i liked the band. Two guitariist, bass player, drummer and a very pretty female singer, with 3 inch doc martin boots on. Very tight set, i think for about 30 minutes, but i was not counting. Out of all the songs performed, She, stood out for me. I like the edge the song has and i am glad they performed it. Great band, i want to see them again

Next up, was Inches from the Ground. I like the band name, and they had a nice tight stage prsence. They didn't move around much, probably because it was a small stage. They sound like a lot of other commercial pop rock bands, with an American edge. Very catchy music and you can easily dance to them

Now Drag, i was waiting for. They were the highlight of the night. My god, they do not disappoint.  Heather the female singer, throwing herself all over the place and cervorting with the girlfriend bass player, Velma.
Great drummer Si and bass player, all strutted their stuff.
Rhonda likes Drag, which was refreshing and she liked the drummer as well, Si and so did it. Drag are a Punk band from Birmingham and i like seeing energy on stage and they certainly woke people up. I want to see the band again, awsome

Last and headlining, Among the Echoes. Great act and as i was told by Ian, the band are always experimenting. They performed, Freak, Pure, Talk Talk and Sin, their forthcoming song and a few others. The last song they had Si, from Drag on the drummers. Among the Echoes have an electronic drum beat when they perform and you can tell the difference instantly. There is nothing like a live drummer. Echoes with a drummer is very different to an electro beat.. They should do that more often.
The overall sounds was fantastic, Even on a small stage, and when i played the songs back i had filmed. you could hear all the instruments and vocals clearly. Sometimes, it just sounds a but of mesh, but the sound was clear enough, i was impressed.

Before i saw, Among the Echoes, i went upstairs for some air. Low and behold, i bumped into. Johnny Normal and Pyscho beat. We had a chat and nearly missed the opening song by Ian and co.

When the bands had finished, we follow Johnny and Pete a nearly bar.  Kind of an 80s Gothic theme, with no black walls.

Had a few drinks, and talked to Ian, Johnny and Pete.  Took a few picture and then we want back to the hotel.
Great night. We are going back in October to an electro night. ATE have put on and there is an afterparty at the same club

Until the next time

Dj Readman - Radio Variety Show, at the Flapper

John Cee and Blue Horizon 5th Anniversary Special (Sunday 25th August 2013)

Update 26th September
The Movie
This is the full 48 minute appearance of the trio. The audio is straight from the camera which is really good quality

Update 6th September
The Trailer
After a few connection problems here is the trailer for the fourthcoming 48 minute film that has been edited for the anniversary special. This is one whole song, taken from the Doob doo album by John and the gang

Original blog and introduction
It finally arrived. The musicians and a radio presenter at, General Foods Social Club
I invited, John Cee Stannard, famed for being a member of Tudor Lodge, and now recording Blues music with two musicians, who form, Blue Horizon who joined us on Sunday evening, 25th August 2013
This is the first end of month specials i am broadcasted from, General Foods Social Club, rehearsal room. On previous blogs i have mentioned i have been wanting to move the raido shows for more space. Now once a month, i am hirng the room for special guests. On this occasion, it was to celebrate 5 years broadcasting on Music World Radio

(Right to left: Howard Birchmore, John Cee Stannard, DJ Readman and Mike Baker)

I like the fact i am mobile enough to just take a laptop and phone to connect to the net.
I unpacked and then about 7.15 they guys turned up. John had bought two lovely, Resonators guitars with him, Mike bought his guitar and Howard, several Harmonicas
The performance was in segments playing several song from the new, Doob Doo album.  I was wondering how many they were about to play Acoustic. As it turns out, a few 
We also got a taste of some new songs, which, even though they sounded complete, they were in demo form
Then to my suprise. John bought this in

To celebrate 5 years of broadcasting on, Music World Radio, he had boguht me a nice chocolate cake. No i was nor expecting that :)
                                   Two hours of chat, about Tudor Lodge and the new Blues music

                                                      John with one of his resonators
                                                                       Mike on the guitar

                                                     Howard Birchmore on Harmonica

Everyone had a good time. had a laugh and inbetween the broadcasting the radio show and the guys performed
Flyers for all events, designed by Lisa Ann  This is her website
The performance and some banter was filmed and the entire live audio broadcast was recorded

Want to appear djreadmanuk@gmail.com

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

(Single review) Naked Lunch - Alone..brand new single

History in the making, and yes, this time, that is accurate.
Naked Lunch, release this bone chilling tune, Alone, on a global scale on the 23rd August. Haunting, ghostly sounds. Opening with Engima sounding pipes, which introduces the haunting voice of Tony Mayo.  Opening the doors to reveal, the whispery vocals of Jet Noir for the first time.
Alone, has a unique deep sound. There are many levels of the song, like going into the mind psychie.
This will ofcourse might remind you of other sounds, there is no escaping that. It reminded me of early Underworld and Enigma.  Unlike their previous release, this tune has gone down the synth electro route.
Great bassline and a beat so sharpe it could cut you, like railroad spike.  Very atmosphere,  very deep and interwoven with guitar sounds.
As Jet said, " So lonely".
First vocal performance from Jet Noir with Naked Lunch and its definitely not the last

DJ Readman    Radio Variety Show

Monday, 12 August 2013

Naked Lunch - Frozen

Naked Lunch, Electro Punk band, who formed in the late 70s and in the early 80s, released, Rabies, which was banned, aparantly due to the lyrics content.
Fast forward to 2011, with  Naked Lunch reformed, Tony Mayo and the crew of synth, vocalist ad guitar players, released a CD called. Frozen.
This is a 4 track ep, including Rabies and its original b side, Slipping Again.. . You also have La Femme and Fade Away. All the songs were originally released  in the early 80s

This CD was pressed for the Reproduction 13 gig at the Roundhouse in London in December 2012. Thi is limited to 100 copies and after they are gone, they are no longer pressing.the CD after this run. It will be still available on digital.
The sounds is simple electro with Tony on lead vocals, with Paul n Davies, Mickey Clarke, Cliff Chapman and Mark Irving on synth and guitar and drum duties

There are new releases coming, with new member, Jet Noir.. more of that on other blogs

                 To buy the CD or digital          Facebook

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

John Cee Stannard special

Update: ( September 26th)
The full performance with John and the Blue Horizon

I first heard about John, through his wife Angie, who both live in, Reading.  She sent me his CD via Facebook through the mail.  Went on his website and reminded myself that he has and is the guitarist of well known folk band, Tudor Lodge.

Combining his appearance, with the 5th anniversary of my, Radio Variety Show, on. Music World Radio, i have hired the rehearsal room at, General Foods Sports and Social Club for a Sunday evening.

It all began
I began broadcasting on the station at the end of August 2008 and i always like having guests on.  Only fitting that we have an appearance of a musician, As it happens, John selected either 24 or 25th. Saturday the 24th was taken, so i went for Sunday 25th.

We wil be focusing on his history with. Tudor Lodge and his new album, all Blues, Doob Doo.

Tudor Lodge(Brief History)
Tudor Lodge, was original a trio in the late 80s. Very mellow, Acoustic folk group. 1971 they were signal for Vertigo with an album and then late on the band seperated. Tudor Lodge continued from 1980 as a duo  and still perform today with John on Guitar

This side of Johns writting is pretty recently. Began writting Blues sogn in 2008 and through that process polished and had the songs masters. This year,(2013) he released, Doob Doo, a complete album works of original songs in the Blues style

Radio Show
We will be filming John and co on Sunday evening. The show will be broadcast live on Music World Radio
This is not a public event, although, if you are a fan of John, they you can come along. Don't forget this is an internet radio event, which will includes performance and chat and not much room available, although you can stand ouside

The Special
Sunday 25th August. John Cee Stannard and Blue Horizon here

You can donate to the radio show continuing costs or equipment.. Enough funds build and we will consider the odd t-shirt for promotional purposes. donations go towards ongoing running costs, booking fund and merchandise
All information, here

DJ Readman, Radio Variety Show

                                              John Cee Stannard Website

Sunday, 4 August 2013

5 years on Music World Radio with the Radio Variety Show, wow

I say, Radio Variety Show, my show has not always been called that. It took me four years to get the name right,lol

For any new people that read this, i used to be  two deck DJ. Thats how i started on net radio.  When i found and joined Music World Radio in 2008, i was on decks and mp3s wered not really around much. At the time i wanted to use the decks to broadcast a variety of styles and sounds and every now and again do a mix.  Over time, as things do, you get ideas and the show changed.

Slowly over time, i got sent music, some on CD, on vinyl, which was pretty cool, but it gradually went mainly digital.

I am not the only one broadcasting on radio, but in my opinion, many people do not realise the build up you have to do over time.  Broadcasting is like working in pub, people come and go or stay for the whole 2 hour show. People expect too much when they DJ, you got to build it up

I have always loved music.  My mission is part educate people, inform them about forms of music, gigs and unheard fresh music to play to fresh ears.  The other main ingredient is being on LIVE radio.  Prerecorded i have never liked. This is just recording a show and uploading it.  After broadcasting the show live its fine to upload it as a podcasts afterwards, although there is not much difference.

I love having guests on the show, the main audience grabber. The one reason i get so many guests is my relaxed approach. Musicians like my style and i don't ask stupid questions. I am always reworking what i want to say and i listen to what guests are saying. I am always catching something and people are suprised. I have nack for this stuff.

I would have to say the guest i am most pleased to have in the same room for two hours, might be obvious, Jet Noir.  The Queen of trance, making a lot of noise herself, it took a number of years to get her into the same room to have chat and have a laugh.  I am honestly proud of that evening,  one of the very few times uptill recently i have had live guests, mainly due to space.  Of course on that evening i found about, Naked Lunch, from the guy that accompanied, Jet, Tony Mayo.  Again, another major player in the chair behind me
I would say parallel to that,was interviewing a member of the American Rock band, Soil. That was one hell of a coupe. I did remember them, when they released their material and they are still going. After the chat, got VIP access and went to see them in Coventry. Rhonda come along as she liked Puddle of Mudd who were touring with Soil at the time..quality night

More recently, has to be Silverspark, a great couple, with what has to be the best polished pop and rock music from a local band i have heard in years. I really respect them for what they are doing. I had them down for a show in January 2013 been plugging them every since.

One of my all time favourite guests and my wifes as well, was Blackdoghat coming down for an evening. This took 6 month to plan for various reasons and then come down in April 2013

A recent golden moment for me and seriously, i had read the message a few times.  The message i got send. was from Sean Burke, former guitarist of Tubeway Army.
There has also been 68-75, one of the very few bands where i can say they actually sound like their name implies.  Fantastic Funk rock and one of the best female Rock voices you will ever heard in your life. If you can create vocal power through Skype,  5,000 miles away and thats through 3 lots of compression, thats saying something

I would guess my name is getting around now, i don't know how much or how far. Radio is still a hobbie, wish it was my living.  I have contactd commercial stations and i just heard nothing back, or want to see a list of qualifications. If radio one presenters can start on an a ship out at see ( Radio Caroline) you ca start anywhere.   If you belong or work for a radio station, you do as much as you can to keep it a float. When you volunteer your time is limited, you can only do so much, When you are paid to do it, you do it and when you get engrossed, more

To the core, i am still a music fan, getting names put forward to me, is still a existing experience

The next step, well, i have said that before, as always, it comes down to cash, is moving the show.  These days, its made easier with wifi. From the end of August i will be for the first time, broadcasting from another location.  Once a month, the place is, General Foods Social Club. I will be using their rehearsal room.  The wonders of technology
And with that, comes with more outside broadcasts. No idea when the next one will be ,but as soon as i know, i will let you know

If you like what i do and i know many do, you can contribute by donating. I never force the issue, but at the end of the day it takes time and effort even to put a two hour show together

You can now donate to the RVSC ( Radio Variety Show Cause) either through music, or various Paypal links


Finally, i would seriously not be here if it was not for my wife, liking the fact i do this.  She likes some of the music, she does get the odd things free ;) and she gets too meet the bands :)
Not forgetting all the listeners, thankyou one and all
Last but not least all the quality musicians or are like starving tramps on the street, trying to make a buck. Its seriously not easy to be a musicians these days. I know i help promote, but its still hard work :)

Dj Readman. Radio Variety Show.....here is to the next 5 years, well, depends where i am :)