Saturday, 12 December 2015


Vinylplay is a series, with the radio Variety Show, playing direct from vinyl on live broadcasts
The first two were newish vinyl from Two Indie bands
All these will have vlogs on You eventually,
Flying Kangaroo Alliance

The Dead Betas 15 /A night on the Town

A classic from Gary Numan, with a Flexidisc

Double 7" single release from Art of Noise

To hear vnyl, every Thursday, alongside, mp3s and Wav files
There will be more pictures soon
Thursdays 8-10pm

Friday, 11 December 2015

The travel guide of Fun For Louis, aka Louis Cole

Back in the day, when TV and traveling around the world to different places was kind of everywhere, it was really entertaining, This has all but gone from the main British channels.
One TV series that stood out was " The Rough Guide" taking you to the non tourist area's, well places where they allowed TV cameras

That was the 1990s, now fast forward to 2014/2015

Youtube is now the place for many people to watch, essentially, TV. At the start, Youtube is not what it is now. However, more people are vlogging ( Short for video blog), comedy and documentaries. I am not a fan of collecting loads of people on Youtube and subscribing, as there is a lot of channels with the same stuff. You have, revewers, technology and gaming, which does get tedious after a while. It takes something good to grab my attention and one such person, from Surrey, England. is Louis Cole

Although his, Youtube, life didn't start out daily vlogging or travelling, it is now the content he is well known for, From what i can gather, since his has made a lot of fans and got noticed, he gets sponsors by airlines, companies and he does a lot for charities, going out and filming in his style and bring important issues to the publics attention.
I have never met, Louis, although one day i hope to.  In a podcast i heard a few days ago, which he was invited to take part in, in L.A with Grace Hellig, a popular Youtuber, he mentioned someone he met and said, what i consider to be the best description of the, Funforlouis, channel " A Travel Guide" He was kind of suprising, but that's exactly how i describe it, a travel guide. Click the video link above ( Under her name) and on the description there is a link to the podcast he did. It's really good.

As an example, about 6 months ago, he is probably the first person i have heard of, to get an "extended book"(Whatever you call it) for his passport, He had filled the pages of stamps in 10 months, thats how much he travels.

Funforlouis, in my opinion is one of the best channel to watch for the different countries he visits.
One of my favourite videos, although its not 100 of miles away( I live in the U.K), is his boat trip with three of his mates, across the, English Channel. He did a 360 video of the crossing, one of the best i have seen. There is also the mamathon trip across, India, for the,  Teenage Cancer Trust. Also three vlogs covering horse back riding in, America, with three of his mate( Same one as the channel crossing) just fantastic to watch. The other great thing about his channel, he knows a lot of other people that are on , Youtube, He is kind of the central hub of Youtube, he knows many people, always making friends with celebrities who you see on other channels on satalite. Just the free spirit that he is, makes friends with a lot of people.. Even though i have watched all of his channel, the traveling, not the food( How he started on, Youtube as Food for Louis), you still never know what is going to come next, you seriously don't.
He has a growing community and asks advice. The channel is partly about him, but its also us. We are involved as well and he tries as much as he can to get the community he has built up,involved in fund raising and other related subjects. He likes meeting poeple in person and gets that a lot with conventions he goes to.

He has also begun to uploading 360 videos using 6 go pros. He is not the only person to utilise the technology, but, the channel crossing is an example of the clarity of the footage
360 crossing

You will no doubt enjoy the channel as much as i do.
As i said above, it is a essentially a travel guide. Although  i don't travel the world ( Only been to, Canada) you get to learn about other countries, my favroute so far was, Cuba. That was interesting

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hiring a car to go to gigs

Hi there,
On previous blogs and on social media, i have mentioned the mess public transport is in, when you want to travel in the U.K past midnight`  Trains stop early for maintenance, after i found out through contacting, Network Rail.  Going on National Express, is also a challenge.. Their not 24 hours, even though i assumed they where, although they do not promote they are. On some routes, you can go there, but not come back on a coach for 48 hours.
This was really irritating me and i thought, screw this mess i will stop going to gigs and only ones i can come back from. I have been to Oxford a few times this year, which was great, and got on the coach to Birmingham as the coach come back , but only one at 2.30am

To whats the solution??  Hiring a car

For some reason, i have never thought of this, probably because i can't drive, well ,never learnt to, well i did, 24 years ago. The big problem, it costs the earth, i honestly do not know how people manage to pay for lessons and a car on top, as i am unable to.  Part of this problem was solved, with my radio co presenter. Darren Cole. He likes to drive, has no car, so we hired one to go to Birmingham in, November 2015, to see, Naked Lunch and Among the Echoes.  A few weeks before that, we hired a van, to move my goods from my flat to a house i just moved into. I even got behind the wheel, in a carpark, with Darren as a tutor. Hiring a car to go to gigs, solves many problems. No one want to give you a lift due to bloody insurance (I am guessing), hiring a car we did. This is what we are going to do from now on when we want to go to a gig, especially, London, as we can take our time and come back after the gig

This the place we always go to for hiring
Note:You have to go to the DVLA website to get a code to show points etc
Note: Banbury Van and Car hire only take a deposit if you are hiring, say for a month or a few weeks or something. For a weekend, they charge for two days. Thats, Saturday and Sunday. You can take it back, Sunday, but what it the point, when you have paid for it. Its a lot more reasonable than i thought as well. I did ask locally on Facebook about the best place. The overwhelming majority said, Banbury Van and Car Hire
Radio presenter, walker, video editor, all sorts of branches and skills
Paul Readman

Finally, i can now play vinyl records again on radio

Before the headlines, an update....
Co Presenter
The radio variety show has always been able to evolve or move in various directions. Reason for the difficult task of finding a good name for the show
In April 2015, i found a co presenters, Educational publisher and graphic designer, Darren Coles. We began messing about on radio, and wanted to come up with a duo name. For some reason, animals come into conversation and we ended up with, Dog and Crow. I am Dog and Darren is Crow. Partly the reason, for this is because, Darren, can do a wicked, Crow sound and i can do a Dog one

Show HQ has moved again
A place i have been waiting for over a year finally landed. My father knew of a couple who were to rent a house. I was in the position to move in, but heard nothing for long time. Then the chess pieces fell into place, hired a van to move the gear and we landed into new HQ, beginnig of November 2015


Darren has a technical mind. He has gear, has been in bands and can set it up. We got rid of enoying hum and microphone issue that was raised and raised money by dusting off the valuables, to get a replacement laptop

Now to the vinyl

Yes, it took a while. I had to sell my collection due to moving the first time. I then began to build the collection again, but with no proper working record deck. This also goes back to when i began broadcasting on radio. At the time, there were no real mass distribution of mp3s flying around. i had decks and music, so that's what i brought to the table. After a believe, 3 years, i can now broadcast vinyl record live on air, once more, horaaaah

A little update for you all, until the next time??

Formely the. Radio Variety Show

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Why is British Public Transport, not 24/7???

I like public transport, i take the train and bus. However, when it comes to getting to gigs, you can forget it. This year. not been to many gigs, Birmingham ,we got a ride ( The only time we have been offered one) there is a coach back from, Birmingham, earlier in the morning, which is more than i can say for, London.

London, get your act together

You would think seeing as how busy London, is and its capital of England and all, public transport, would be at least 24 hours system or touching it, but no

The Problem
I live 70 miles away in. Banbury. You can get to London by, National Express, train orbus, which is a lot more reasonable. There only problem is, your unable to come back, past midnight
There is only one train that goes to Banbury and thats Saturday morning, or, Friday night, however you look at it going to London for a day trip is fine and come back later evening, say 10pm. Past 11pm, well, lets just say you have to leg it. If you miss it, you either have to walk the canal or take a very expensive taxi
I contacted, Chiltern Railways and asked them why. Their reply was along the lines of " We have to stop the trains for maintenance thats every night????

I have been to London in the day a few times. The cheapest way, is to take the train from Banbury to Oxford, then hop onto the Oxford Tube service( Coach) to London. It takes an extra 15 minutes, but its only £17 return, unlike the train, which is £75 return, peak time or after 9am is £43 (including the tube)

Next Problem, National Express, is not 24/7

These guys are a joke. I went to have a look at using their service from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning.  Again, no trains coming back late.. You can get a coach from London on TUESDAY, yes, that's right, TUESDAY, not the next day

During the day, i have no issue with public transport, its late evening and past midnight thats the issue. Perhaps there is not enough business.

One solution??

I like the Tube Service in Oxford and there is the X90 as well ,which goes to, London. This is a 24/ hour service. The problem is the train service does not compliment it.  I would suggest, The Oxford Tube, expand their service to cater for Oxfordshire?? The Stage Coach service stops at around 9.30 for various routes as i understand it from Oxford

We need a solution to this problem. Any ideas???

Paul Readman

Saturday, 20 June 2015

I love Video editing, filming and producing)

As a sideline to my weekday job

My equipment. Two compact camera and a phone

Through my experience, the equipment is not the most important, is what you do with it to tell a story. I didn't just choice Canon, this all happened by a lucky accident.
I have had some cameras in the past where the audio is just rubbish. Its better to record the audio seperate wherever possible
That being said, the audio playback on the canon i use better than some camcorders i have tried it againsts. I was pretty taken back.I have had good feedback from musicians i have filmed.
Audio is as important as a crisp visual

And we begin

I was originally a cleaner and gardener in the local area. The problem is you need transport, and for this line of work, even though i could untake any job, a lot i couldn't reach. However, my finances changed after that, although i still need the boost and this is the reason i began to edit and produce, as you can do it from home, unless i shoot outside

This start in December 2014, with a local band, The Shapes, approached me to produce a video for their ep, This is Bigger then Everybody. After that i thought i would put the feelers out and that followed by another band i mentioned the editing to,  Last of the Dogs, They saw the video i had just done and wanted one
I just completed another video for a band in, Manchester, The Shambolic. They liked my video i had done for. Last of the Dogs. That took longer, mainly as i moved and the video was more of a challenge
I love editing, its like a dance. It can be to a song, footage you already have or coming to a gig.
Video editng is a skill,. Not everyone likes it and not everyone can do it

This is a fee based work
Many companys charge per hour. I have seen around £35 an hour. My fees structure may change in the future, and it all depends on the project
At the moment this is financial boost. If it changes, then i will have to do a complete restructure.
My thought process is. many like a whole cost amount. I do not mind getting paid £30 an hour, but i am unable to spent a whole day on a video, unless its the weekend.

I worked out that its takes roughly 30 hours to complete a video that is around 3- 5 minutes long. Considering that is an average part time workers hour, thats one hell of a bargain.
 Music videos is what i have done so fat, but i am up for any project that i can do.
I go by the pace of the song and the lyrics. Depends on the footage i have. Sometimes i story develops from the visuals, can be quiet a journey

The project can be anything from a short film to a wedding,

This is only just come to mind. Music video is just one of the project options
With weddings, obviously this is not a music video, or it could be. The only problem with a wedding video is the audio copyright. Its fine if you want to use a band song you have permission to use, however, if you choose, Enya, while you are going down the ile, it is not possible
Depends how the video was filmed. One options, it take all the footage people have used on their phones and edit it together.  It also good to have a seperate audio track, or if the audio is good enough from cameras. I have heard some bad stories regarding wedding videos being put together. To me, any project, you listen to what the people want. As with any project you go back and forth with different drafts of the footage to see if they like it. You keep doing that until its 100% correct, it makes sense..

From January 2016, here are the fees
£80 for a video upto 5 minutes. Upto  10 minutes £150 upto 30 minutes £200
As you can see, i am very reasonable. So far the video footage i have used is all public domain. If an issue arises with the video after it has been releases, i can re edit accordingly

An example, If this is a gig, say, Birmingham, for one song, i just need the train fare, money for hotel for one night, unless the band can take me back home, plus the editing fee.

The Shapes, from Oxford, asked me to produce a video for the song, Tom Petty 1980. They had seen the footage i took of the band and a montage video i had edited
Here is the official video i did for them. For some reason i didnt credit myself, although the band knows i did it :)

The other video i have done are. Due to the rubbish seach engine via this blog system i couldnt plant the next two video within this blog. Here are the links to you to watch

98% right on first draft. 

90% on first draft

Video examples
This is a video i did in my own time. I went to a gig in Birmingham with a mate of mine. Found out he had shot the entire segment of this song and i had the whole song as well. With this video, i took the audio from the canon and synced it with what the canon took and the samsung took

Naked Lunch - Rabies ( Two camer direction)

More information?
( Please text first and make you number display. No cold calling either, its a waste of everyones time and is blocks non cold callers coming through)
Many thanks for reading
Paul Readman
Close to the Edit ( Formerly, Demand Media
Editing and filming on a budget

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Take a Hike (Facebook page)

I like walking, a lot. Over the past few months, there have been three of us, having fun, walking around the fields, within miles of Banbury.
There are some obvious places, but many people do not know about them as they are hidden. Natural beauty. Because images on Facebook are popular, i decided to combine walking with social media, its is called

Take A Hike

It is good exercise and three of us have been walking long distance for a couple of months. Sometimes there is an odd weekends that we do not, but weather has been very good so far.

Part of this idea is to open a live photo album. Live? yes, while i am walking and upload, straight to.the Take A Hike page. People can then see where we are walking.

The Longest Distance so far

Walking long dustances, is best when it is not blazing hot. You can walk in blazing hot weather, but as i found out, when doing gardening work  it zaps you of energy pretty fast. Depends on the direction of the sun.  We walked  to Dedington, which is a village 6 miles outside Banbury. You go through, Addurbery first, but, the road you walk does not snake through all the way through Adderbury. It depends how long you want to stay in Deddington for, as you have to double your time as walking does soak up hours. With taking in some of the canal walk on the way back, 14 miles

Do you have to be reasonably fit???

My advice, to start with really short distances. I would start with 3 miles. It may sound a lot, but walking from the Banbury canal lock to the King Sutton Bridge is 3 miles. Many people do this, and its not a secret walk or nothing.  You can do less, but 3 miles, i would say, you will know if you want to do more. I am reasonbly fit, i am no athelete either,  but i love doing it,, which is key. If i did not like doing it, i wouldn't ( Note: If you want to walk three miles, take into account, walking back 3 miles as well)

Have we had good feedback

I knew this would be popular. The page has been active from the start.  Message asking where we are walking wlike taking live album shots and people liking the page and sharing the images while giving us credit., Ian Gentles has shared to photos so far  Banburyshire info Facebook

Next steps

Maps: There are various ways of doing this, including screen shots. We are working on a way of doing it better.
Videos: Live videos are not possible due to battery live. However prerecording videos are possible. I have been thinking about this from the start, just the matter of when do do one

Next Walk ( From Weekend June 20th)

The weather and timing has stopped us twice from doing 14 miles to Brackley. Hopefully this weekend, we can do it. This is through country roads as choosing field routes is prooving to be difficult from Middleton Cheney. The walk goes to Middleton Cheney then, off the main road and taking the country road route.

If you like walking, like page i have linked above and share the picture. When you do share mention the page name and link it and who took it. ( Pleasde ask who took it before you share)

Thankyou for reading

Friday, 22 May 2015

Two Canons for filming and promo videos

I love filming, more and more in fact,  since i got the first Canon Compact. Yes, its a compact, although the audio playback is the best i have come across. Its even suprised bands, who have seen the footage i have shot of them
You can take photo or record footage on anything that has the ability. The one thing that is more important than the visual, is capturing a great audio track.
The, Canon, powerchot i have been using for the past couple of years is great. However, i have always wanted a backup, but never the finances to plough out £200.the amount wouldbe great to get a hgiher quality camer. The one thing that always enoys me about reviews is no one, talks about, THE AUDIO side, only "oh its GREAT HD (Might do a video on this)
A couple of days ago, to back up my Powershot 1100 SD Canon, i managed to pick up a Canon, PC 1732, or an slightly newer version of my other Canon.

Of course, i first checked the audio, even though the video is HD capture and playback. As it turns out, no distortion, YAY

The one thing i have been wanted to do for some time, but unable to do, due to having only one camera, is to do film at two angles. The one good thing about compact camera is they are small, do nto get any in the way, unless you stick them on tripoads, but i have stead hands :)

Video promos

On these blogs and my website, i have mentioned producing and editing two promo videos for two bands in December 2014. I get paid for this, although i am very reasonable at £50 for up a 5 minute length video.  The first two videos i used, Public domain footage. That is not the only source for creating a music video. You can either get footage of the band and edit it together or shoot fresh footage ,with two cameras

The two videos, which i got 98% right on the first rough cut. Here

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Walking to Oxford, the practices

Like last year, I did a lot of walking. I like walking, especially along the canal.
This year, with, friend, Rhonda and local graphic designer, Darren Cole, we are walking nearly every weekend, from 7 - 14 mile trips, in preparation of the marathon 27 miles walk to, Oxford.
I have been thinking about this for ages, and Darren, also had this in mind.
This, is no easy feet, well, at least, not in the feet. Your body need breaks along the way.
 We have walked to Deddington and back, which was 14 miles including some of the canal and this weekend (2nd May ) to, Cropredy. The next walk is longer than,  Deddington, it's walking to, Brackely. This is not for charity, although, it has crossed me mind, but want to keep it a simple long distance walk.  

Live photo album
With modern technology you keep up live with our walk. I know people love pictures and found out a while ago that I can create, literally, I live album on, Facebook. I can upload pictures as  I am walking, which is pretty cool. There might be video, it depends. 
As Darren, mentioned, when we was walking to Deddington, there is a lot you do not see when you are driving.

We are going with the plan of 10 miles a time to Oxford, but we will tweet that near the time. Next long distance walk, is to, Brackely 

Paul Readman

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Brand new website

Yes, i can code
Why have i not blogged for a while??? Because i have a brand new website
The last few months, i have been finding my feet again, when it comes to website coding. I had a website about ten years ago, luckily, the basics of adding text, images and video, have not changed
Thanks to, Manchester, indie band, The Shambolics, who give me some space on their website, after they got good feedback from me playing their songs on my show back in December 2014.

I thought, oh, fantastic, more space. Then i realised, oh, hold on, how do you write a page again????? I had forgotten.
After finding some old coding pages, and starting from scratch, i now have my first official, Radio Variety Show Website. The look is kind of a banners, paper cut out kind of idea, like a newspaper. I have never been the one to streamline stuff. I actually realised i don't like the way normal text looks on links. Its looks to minimal. I realised as i was making pages, what i was doing when i first had website. The other realisation was i don't like text above an image. I decided to make a banner for every link, kind of like going in the app direction.
I am now happy with the basics, just got to build on that

An App

Since i last had a website, in built pages. apps have become popular. To be honest, i am totally lacking knowledge in the app creation department. In fact i have no clue. I have looked into it a few times, and its like looking at a map, looking away and looking back. Where to go, what to do? Just walking a guess

The Website

Nice and crisp, simple to nagivate, not slow, well, nothing to slow it down

Radio Variety Show Website

Monday, 19 January 2015

Yes, more gigs attending:)

At the start of year, i thought i was not going to attend many gigs due to the expense with hotels. The main issue has always been, getting back/ The main factores, the trains stop too early and because of that, additional layout for overnight stay in hotels. I was getting fed up of the public transport system, lack of enthusiasm for gig goers. I have always thought, they would mak a killing, if your laid on trains until at least 2am, thats enough

Oxford gigs
I found out through, Strummer Room Project, gig organiser, Chris Oakes, that the rail service, put on a late train coming back from Oxford,.  Late, as in past midnight.   I went out Friday night to the Jericho Tavern and a great venue it is as well.  I will now being going to Oxford more often to see bands,

After that problem solves, then it another, Birmingham
I have to say, i was pretty shocked at the time, the trains stop from Birmingha, its just crazy. !0.30??
Unitl now, i had not considered coaches. I checked National Express from Birmingham and foudn out to my shock, they lay on coaches through the night.
With that little solution, i am going to see, Naked Lunch, for the first time, in Birmingham. No longer any needs of constant hotel stay overs :)

Now, i can go to more gigs in, Birmingham, and save money :)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Silverspark,The Shapes, Torn Like Colours, Jericho Tavern, Friday, January 16th

After around ten years, due to being unable to come back the same night, i went back to Oxford for a night out.  Chris Oakes, who has been organising gigs in and around the Oxfordshire area for about 2 years, took his Strummer Room Project to Oxford and held his first band night at the Jericho Tavern.

I had never been there before, very nice venue. Its looks like a polish restraunt from the outside looking in. I like the way the place is laid out. The band area is upstairs so we got a beer and went through the maze of staircases


Matt and Carley have been performing Acoustic sessions around the counties through the Winter months. This was there last one i believe before the full band starts up again. Carley, has a great range, can hold notes, like no one else and really has power, which does not let out on all songs.
Matt on guitar and Matt Hewitson on the Cajon and guitar. First time in two years i have seen these guys do an Acoustic set. The last time, is when they were a duo.
Great performance by the band, dispite, Carley haviinf microphone feedback and Matt, having a blonde moment.
They set was a Acoustic translations of songs from their, Flames Run Deep album, a cover and a new song, always great to hear. My favourite was Smoking Gun, which translates very well in Acoustic form. Dangerous Game is also good and their did, Something About Your, which is a staple song of Silverspark sets

The Shapes

Different venue, gained fans. This was a fantastic performance by, The Shapes. The main difference here is three guys on vocal duties, no female on stage on the night
I have been wanting to see,The shapes in a different venue and they were brilliant.  The set was some of their new material from their new ep, Its Bigger than Everybody and older music, including,The Facebook song and Little girl, which went down well. My favourite of the night was, Mr Sandman. Just sounds amazing live, like a musicial for the, 40s, Going to see them again

Torn Like Colours
Headliners ( Replaced Facture)

Never seen these guys before, well and gals.
With the net, you can hear what a band sounds like before you see live. Torn Like Colours are a live band
I had a fair idea of what they were going to do with a mixture of  original material and their "Mashups"
Besides the drummer giving them a false start " I am not ready" Leanne can seriously blast it out of the P.A. She has great range. I was impressed with the  whole band and how they perform together. Great original material which is more dynamic live.  The other part of their set is the " Mashups" This is taking a one or two riffs one two songs and lyrics from another, or just mashing two songs together. This is brilliantly done. My favourite is "Rolling like the Tiger"  ( I Think), with the rolling beat of Survivors, Eye of the Tiger, with Lyrics from another song..  The only let down, was the lead problem, but that was only momantary and Leanne singing in the wrong key on one song, Matilda. The even got an encore :)

Great to go out on a Friday night, to somewhere more accessable and come back the same night. Oxford has a late train, late enough to walk back and catch the train home.  Chris has got something good going here. There are more gigs at the Tavern over the coming months. Good exposure for upcoming acts. If you do not know who any of them are, look them on the net, checkout the sounds and then see the live experience
Its good to see live acts more often. Its fine going to Birmingham and ok every so often to stay overnight, but can't do that all the time. At least with Oxford, have a few hours, watching great bands
All information
Strummer Room Project website

Silverspark              The Shapes        Torn Like Colours

My thanks for reading
Paul Readman
Radio presenter, broadcaster, video editor/ producer
Radio Variety Show site

Monday, 12 January 2015

Filming( Strummer Room Project Night) Silverspark, The Shapes, Torn by Colours

First time in a long time, i will be going to Oxford to go to a gig.  Trains, from many destinations, stop too early, but Oxford has got a late train, so, more gigs in Oxford, i am thinking

Friday 16th January, i am going to the Jericho Tavern, for the first Strummer Room Project Night of 2015. Its a few weeks short of a year since i went to the first of 2014, at Castle House
I will be filming the bands on the night

Opening the night. 

Matt and Carley, who formed a band in 2014, after being a duo, have been performing Acoustic sessions, thoughout the U.K

The Shapes

One of their current single, which  i produced for the band

Nice pop, folk music from the 6 members of the band.  Anthony Kellys, brings bit of a ,Van Morrison , feel to the night. The will be performing their new ep, Its Bigger Than Everybody

Torn by Colours

This band, who replaced headliner, Fracture, i have never seen before. Its easy to hear music on the internet, but of course, different experience, going to see the band
The, will be the last act on, playing their own material and covers. They are an indie pop bands, with a learn towards, Alternative, rock, depends which song you listen it

Dj Readman
Radio presenter, Video producer

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

DJ Readman Filming and video editing ( Official Blog)

As it says on the title, this is my official blog for the promo production, video editing i do
Footage below is a mixture of paid work and band footage, which is off my own back when i go to gigs.
I thought i would go into more detail here as i have no space on my radio website.
I love film, i have been filming bands either at gigs or guests, when they perform live on my radio shows for about two years.  I record with a campact Canon, which has the best audio you can get. This even beats some camcorders i have used, which is shocking.
This is probably the favourite, in terms of a band sets at a gig. The band were pretty shocked at the quality. I was suprised the camera held up, due the number of people on stage and Iain Brownlie projective vocal power.

The other video i began to do in May 2014, was a, Weekly Preview, linked to my live online radio broadcasts. I used band music videos and footage i had shot of a band i had seen locally.
This is the Montage video

The band footage of , The Shapes, caught the attention of the lead singer, Anthony Kelly. He asked if i would do a promo video for the band
This is the result. of ten hours work, which included, finding footage ( All Public Domain) and editing. I work at a pretty quick pace. He was suprised how quick i was.
He like the video, only after two further edits
This is the video

I was paid for the work, which pretty reasonable based on rates i have seen, going by the hour.
After this video, the next soon followed
I added someone on my Facebook thinking it was someone else, turns out it was someone i had never spoken to before. Just buy chance, i mentioned i do video promos, and the guy was interested
Andy Smith,  wanted a promo video produced for his Punk Rock band, Last of the Dogs. I said £50 and he thought that was very reasonable.
I set about doing a, "Rought Cut" based on lyrics and the song pace. Gave him the cut, he was very please with the result and a lot of feedback from people he had shown it to. Aside from one extra edit, i saved the final in HD and below is the result. Again, this too about ten hours to complete
This is it

Ten hours it takes roughly to do a single video. This is based on upto 6 minutes. The two video i did above, were only upto 4 minute each


After filming two Djs in, Milton Keynes,which was going out live on my radio show, 2tone and Dj Twist, were so impressed with this footage, which i was used my iphone 4s is film, they will pay me to film them at a gig coming up this year
January 2015
I continue to film at gigs. This was at the, Jericho Tavern. This i considered na experiement, as very venue is differient with sounds. Turns out, the audio is as good as The Flapper in Birmingham
This is the headliner on the night, Torn Like Colours.  Leanne singer projection was really good and it was caught very nicely. considering its a high stage and the P.A speakes, were above the stage, the audio turned out very well

Above, is what i can do. I am one man band

Filming editing and costs
I consider film editing and art.  The cost i worked out, based on the the video length and time to put together.

One single promo video upto 6 minutes  £50 This based on a 10 hour project
( I have seen other website rates, they charge about £30 an hour)
Upto three videos for one band £100

I have my Canon compact, records avi raw. The audio,as above is very capable and it blows some camcorders away that i have used. I can record as much or as little. The only limitation is battery time, which is based on light. To get the full batter life, its better in day light.  Each batter has maximum 1 hour and 15 minute from full to flat. night, upto 40 minutes. Memory, i can go on forever. The camera has a non stop recording limit of 30 minutes. This is factory setting on the model. I can stop and start with no limit on time.

At a gig

Hired to record a band on a night? If you want the more "Live" experience caught, then is direction camera audio. Want more clean "Band " sound, the audio can be vastly improved by the audio from the mixing deck.

Although the filming i do is mainly concentrates in the music field, it just happend that way. I can do a film or editing thats not music related

DJ Readman
Video producer and filmer

Monday, 5 January 2015

Next video production...Last of the Dogs..Bones

After, The Shapes promo, i got talking to a band on Facebook. I mentioned i just completed a promo and they were interested.
I did a rough cut, which took roughly about, 10 hours, spread over a few days. I used public domain footage for the video. It was Colour and Black and White.
The video was based on reading the lyrics and the song paced. The band loved the first rought cut, aside from changing something into black and white

 This is the end results. Again, took roughly 10 hours
          The band is. Last of the Dogs and the song is, Bone ( In the playslist

I like producing video, and this is paid work. My starting point is £50 for a video no longer than 6 minutes. More than, that, is more. It don;t mind doing deals for more than one video and the fee can be in money or equipment


Paul Readman
Video editor

Saturday, 3 January 2015

January 2015 The Return of dnb DJs 2tone and Dj Twist on Music World Radio

They appeared once again, this time, i went to Milton Keynes to broadcast at Twists HQ
The broadcast, although we tested the audio, was still distored on broadcast, which frankly, we couldn't get around. Got the sort that out, although we tried.
Twists has converted his garage for the sets and to practice for gigs. 2tone, lives down the road and bought his 1210s along

Dj Twist is the modern dnb guy. Ram, the works. He still plays thought and is going another set soon. He played two 40 minute sets on the show. He used CJDs for his sets

2tone, played oldskool, jungle, breakbeat and Goodlooking tunes. He always uses Technics 2010s, the choice of any DJ, who loves vinyl.

I was filming with my iphone 4s on this occasion, as my canon is not working. The phone held up thought, which was suprising. The sound was fine, so using that for Youtube and podcast
Although the last show in 2013, was not without distortion,which was solved, upto a point, the playback of the broadcast, was just too loud. We were fiddling for 20 minutes before we started. For some reason DJs equipment is direct and a lot louder.
The wifi Lee had, also gave out for 20 minutes after an hour. With wifi, if people start using it, the signal get week. Also one of Twist CJDs gave out, which was odd. It started behaving like a random Jukiebox. When i come back home, apparantly, it had gone dead. Strange indeed

Dj Twist set

Postcast coming up
Other then that, it was good afternoon
More to come from these guys in the future on broadcasts

Went them out for sets??

Dj Twist     2tone