Saturday, 12 September 2015

Why is British Public Transport, not 24/7???

I like public transport, i take the train and bus. However, when it comes to getting to gigs, you can forget it. This year. not been to many gigs, Birmingham ,we got a ride ( The only time we have been offered one) there is a coach back from, Birmingham, earlier in the morning, which is more than i can say for, London.

London, get your act together

You would think seeing as how busy London, is and its capital of England and all, public transport, would be at least 24 hours system or touching it, but no

The Problem
I live 70 miles away in. Banbury. You can get to London by, National Express, train orbus, which is a lot more reasonable. There only problem is, your unable to come back, past midnight
There is only one train that goes to Banbury and thats Saturday morning, or, Friday night, however you look at it going to London for a day trip is fine and come back later evening, say 10pm. Past 11pm, well, lets just say you have to leg it. If you miss it, you either have to walk the canal or take a very expensive taxi
I contacted, Chiltern Railways and asked them why. Their reply was along the lines of " We have to stop the trains for maintenance thats every night????

I have been to London in the day a few times. The cheapest way, is to take the train from Banbury to Oxford, then hop onto the Oxford Tube service( Coach) to London. It takes an extra 15 minutes, but its only £17 return, unlike the train, which is £75 return, peak time or after 9am is £43 (including the tube)

Next Problem, National Express, is not 24/7

These guys are a joke. I went to have a look at using their service from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning.  Again, no trains coming back late.. You can get a coach from London on TUESDAY, yes, that's right, TUESDAY, not the next day

During the day, i have no issue with public transport, its late evening and past midnight thats the issue. Perhaps there is not enough business.

One solution??

I like the Tube Service in Oxford and there is the X90 as well ,which goes to, London. This is a 24/ hour service. The problem is the train service does not compliment it.  I would suggest, The Oxford Tube, expand their service to cater for Oxfordshire?? The Stage Coach service stops at around 9.30 for various routes as i understand it from Oxford

We need a solution to this problem. Any ideas???

Paul Readman


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