Thursday, 7 December 2017

My tips on local estate agents with moving

My wife and I have moved a few times. Mainly due to finding lousy estate agents or just places got too small or too big.
We just moved into a two bedroom flat from a 3 bedroom house. We were paying a private landlord who we know. It is not easy to find a good landlord who is solo or going through an estate agent

Local Estate Agents

Pontings Residential: When we first moved we looked on the net. We found these ladies who were very helpful. Moved into a one bedroom flat, great shower, the best bathroom I have ever used. We left as the rent was too expensive. There are hardly any fees. The only downside the range of properties on their book is limited. I don't know why this is because they are great with their tennents

Local Couple
After leaving the Barstow eves rented flat ( Didn't bother mentioning them as they are not good)we rented a three-bedroom house through a couple we know. It has no shower and i tried to find a solution but hit dead-ended. It had a great kitchen, big rooms and front and back gardens. The problem was the landlord never decorated the place before we moved in and after two years it began to show. We then decided to move and found a two bedroom flat

Cherry Lets: This was a very surprising experience. Ran by two ladies in Deddington.  I didn't want to go through another estate agent but we had no chose as estate agents, in general, have the property monopoly.  
There were fees but nothing we couldn't handle. We were shown around, nice place, and a shower. YAY! There was nothing wrong with this place as we could see. The only downside was the ethernet connection was only in the lounge area.
We paid fees and got the keys a few weeks later. We were surprised to find afterthe keys being handed over that the agent had left us a "New tenant" gift, which shocked us both.
Since we moved in at the beginning of November we have found minor issues like a dripping tap. This was sorted out with a plumber coming to view the problem then the next day returning with a new tap. This was within a 72 hour window

I will update this if I remember anything else :)

Monday, 20 June 2016

Familuar Strange - Maths and the Moon- Album Review

One of those moments in music where a new album takes you back to gothic darkwave indie bands of the late 80s. 90s of a high standard with catchy songs, which is a rare feet and nice skill set for a musician to have.  
When i first heard futurist, from Andy Fielder
Luke Taplin, Matt Hirst, within the first 30 seconds my ears picked up like spock from Star Trek
You have, Boomerang, moody guitars, haunting vocals, grinding bass lines. It's all there, like Psych-Seeing, which gets deep down and dirty.  You get nice Acoustics like, The Collector and on the other side of the spectrum,  an epic ten minute vocal /instrumental  in the form of, The Eclipse, 
This album reminded me of one band in particular,  Jesus in Mary Chain. I had not listened to them in some time. As soon as i heard the songs  they reflect them very well. Probably was not the intention, lucky accident perhaps. 
I honestly was not expecting to that. Independent band going through promotion company, Manilla Pr, which i am not a suprise and they should be picked up if they have not already. Thats how good this album is. 
It kind of reminds me of the last time i had this kick, which was from band, Bad Boy Eddy. The sound encompasses every 80s rock band sound and landing on one album, What one band should have done in the 80s.  Maths and Moon have accomplished the same thing, only, with the indie sound

Dog and Crow Radio Show

Monday, 4 April 2016

What can i do??? general update

I was thinking of my skills recently. You never know how things are going to turn out work wise. They have built up through my own experiences and gained some by discovering them over time.

House Keeping
I began a few years ago, which i got a few clients.. This is the basic work, all except carpet cleaning, which is possible, however have no equipment to do this with unless its hired

We can overdig, in blazing heat or pouring rain ( Done both ).The one killer is clearing grass, which i have done. This takes a long time to do. Its not as easy as weeding oh no. Its the kind along the same lines as cleaning an oven, it's time consuming. I can do it, just takes time, when you do it with a space and want most of the grass and weeds out. the is basic gardening work
In between this i  wallpaper stripped a house, which took 11 days to do. That was fun.

Video editing
Over the last year, i was asked to do music video and based on what i was putting on social media and sending other bands my work. This started after a band saw a montage i had done and they wanted a music video done. This work is not just for music video, it can be any project,
When i got into this, i was looking around. The industry standard or average is £35 an hour


I work in a sweet shop and this is how i earn by bill money and a roof over my head. There is always room for extra work, the reason i keep my options open.
Most of my work experience is shop work, so that is my background. I got gardening experience through my family and always being in the garden when i was younger. The cleaning, side,i just thought, i can do that, then go through the thought process of how to go about it. Cleaning is not difficult, just as long as you listen to clients and being on the same page
The hours i work, have changed recently. I have no complaints about the new boss, nice guy and local. Only problem is my hours have been reduced. I have turned to video editing for extra income,  which i hope will help more

Before any of this, i asked myself, what can i do to earn money, when work was not coming my way. I began with cleaning, then gardening, then got the shop job. The editing video is the most recently, although its not a new skill, i just didn't think it would turn into paid work. It has been slow, but it has been coming. I have had clients come back for more work

Cleaning: 07473297764
My number for everythiing else 07810518778

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

All About Vinyl, my new Youtube channel

Since i had another record player, my love of vinyl has got my head spinning. I started on my main channel in 2014, but went quiet as i had no working record player and had no money to buy vinyl. After moving, i found vinyl i had not sold and bought a couple things along the way
The first vinyl vlog series, has 11 episodes of various length, which is focused on the vinyl i had donated to me by members of the public, when i went online and asked if anyone had any they no longer wanted

This is series one of the vinyl vlog

This is the new channel, completely focused on the vinyl, no matter what size

New Channel and series two debut

Saturday, 12 December 2015


Vinylplay is a series, with the radio Variety Show, playing direct from vinyl on live broadcasts
The first two were newish vinyl from Two Indie bands
All these will have vlogs on You eventually,
Flying Kangaroo Alliance

The Dead Betas 15 /A night on the Town

A classic from Gary Numan, with a Flexidisc

Double 7" single release from Art of Noise

To hear vnyl, every Thursday, alongside, mp3s and Wav files
There will be more pictures soon
Thursdays 8-10pm

Friday, 11 December 2015

The travel guide of Fun For Louis, aka Louis Cole

Back in the day, when TV and traveling around the world to different places was kind of everywhere, it was really entertaining, This has all but gone from the main British channels.
One TV series that stood out was " The Rough Guide" taking you to the non tourist area's, well places where they allowed TV cameras

That was the 1990s, now fast forward to 2014/2015

Youtube is now the place for many people to watch, essentially, TV. At the start, Youtube is not what it is now. However, more people are vlogging ( Short for video blog), comedy and documentaries. I am not a fan of collecting loads of people on Youtube and subscribing, as there is a lot of channels with the same stuff. You have, revewers, technology and gaming, which does get tedious after a while. It takes something good to grab my attention and one such person, from Surrey, England. is Louis Cole

Although his, Youtube, life didn't start out daily vlogging or travelling, it is now the content he is well known for, From what i can gather, since his has made a lot of fans and got noticed, he gets sponsors by airlines, companies and he does a lot for charities, going out and filming in his style and bring important issues to the publics attention.
I have never met, Louis, although one day i hope to.  In a podcast i heard a few days ago, which he was invited to take part in, in L.A with Grace Hellig, a popular Youtuber, he mentioned someone he met and said, what i consider to be the best description of the, Funforlouis, channel " A Travel Guide" He was kind of suprising, but that's exactly how i describe it, a travel guide. Click the video link above ( Under her name) and on the description there is a link to the podcast he did. It's really good.

As an example, about 6 months ago, he is probably the first person i have heard of, to get an "extended book"(Whatever you call it) for his passport, He had filled the pages of stamps in 10 months, thats how much he travels.

Funforlouis, in my opinion is one of the best channel to watch for the different countries he visits.
One of my favourite videos, although its not 100 of miles away( I live in the U.K), is his boat trip with three of his mates, across the, English Channel. He did a 360 video of the crossing, one of the best i have seen. There is also the mamathon trip across, India, for the,  Teenage Cancer Trust. Also three vlogs covering horse back riding in, America, with three of his mate( Same one as the channel crossing) just fantastic to watch. The other great thing about his channel, he knows a lot of other people that are on , Youtube, He is kind of the central hub of Youtube, he knows many people, always making friends with celebrities who you see on other channels on satalite. Just the free spirit that he is, makes friends with a lot of people.. Even though i have watched all of his channel, the traveling, not the food( How he started on, Youtube as Food for Louis), you still never know what is going to come next, you seriously don't.
He has a growing community and asks advice. The channel is partly about him, but its also us. We are involved as well and he tries as much as he can to get the community he has built up,involved in fund raising and other related subjects. He likes meeting poeple in person and gets that a lot with conventions he goes to.

He has also begun to uploading 360 videos using 6 go pros. He is not the only person to utilise the technology, but, the channel crossing is an example of the clarity of the footage
360 crossing

You will no doubt enjoy the channel as much as i do.
As i said above, it is a essentially a travel guide. Although  i don't travel the world ( Only been to, Canada) you get to learn about other countries, my favroute so far was, Cuba. That was interesting

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hiring a car to go to gigs

Hi there,
On previous blogs and on social media, i have mentioned the mess public transport is in, when you want to travel in the U.K past midnight`  Trains stop early for maintenance, after i found out through contacting, Network Rail.  Going on National Express, is also a challenge.. Their not 24 hours, even though i assumed they where, although they do not promote they are. On some routes, you can go there, but not come back on a coach for 48 hours.
This was really irritating me and i thought, screw this mess i will stop going to gigs and only ones i can come back from. I have been to Oxford a few times this year, which was great, and got on the coach to Birmingham as the coach come back , but only one at 2.30am

To whats the solution??  Hiring a car

For some reason, i have never thought of this, probably because i can't drive, well ,never learnt to, well i did, 24 years ago. The big problem, it costs the earth, i honestly do not know how people manage to pay for lessons and a car on top, as i am unable to.  Part of this problem was solved, with my radio co presenter. Darren Cole. He likes to drive, has no car, so we hired one to go to Birmingham in, November 2015, to see, Naked Lunch and Among the Echoes.  A few weeks before that, we hired a van, to move my goods from my flat to a house i just moved into. I even got behind the wheel, in a carpark, with Darren as a tutor. Hiring a car to go to gigs, solves many problems. No one want to give you a lift due to bloody insurance (I am guessing), hiring a car we did. This is what we are going to do from now on when we want to go to a gig, especially, London, as we can take our time and come back after the gig

This the place we always go to for hiring
Note:You have to go to the DVLA website to get a code to show points etc
Note: Banbury Van and Car hire only take a deposit if you are hiring, say for a month or a few weeks or something. For a weekend, they charge for two days. Thats, Saturday and Sunday. You can take it back, Sunday, but what it the point, when you have paid for it. Its a lot more reasonable than i thought as well. I did ask locally on Facebook about the best place. The overwhelming majority said, Banbury Van and Car Hire
Radio presenter, walker, video editor, all sorts of branches and skills
Paul Readman