Monday, 29 October 2012

Motorcycle Man

Morning everyone,

This is the next song i am promoting inbetween cleaning and gardening and finding a job.   Motorcycle Man is the next after Pirates in My Sink that i recorded a few months ago and then unbeknown to me, i got sent a remix of it by local musician, The Strummer Room Project. He used my live acoustic recording of the song for the basis of the remix, without single files, which is interested...but many people like it.
Since i got good feedback so far for my Halloween show trailer on Youtube as i used public Domain Footage, i thought i would do this for all my songs.  That being said, it takes time to trail though loads of films and trailers with no copyright.  What i have also done is contact this motorcyclist on Youtube, who has a lot of footage of motoring down highways on his bike. This is what i actually needed,  as most footage i come across either is not long enough, has website address splashed across them, even on Public Domain footage or the topic is not easy to find
So today i got permission from this Youtube User

I have started the video already with footage i have found and then i will see how much of a video of choice from Spacepod, which i can use. This will be sent to him to see what he thinks.

What i am also considering is if the user likes i can either put their footage against a remix of a song or the original acoustic....If i am using other peoples footage, i would rather give them a choice

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Modern Film Remakes, release the originals

Over the last 10 years, there has been a growing trend of filmremakes.  I have only i have seen was the Texas Chainsaw Massacure. This was before everyone caught the remake bug.  This remake was different in the fact some scenes were changed from the original, or should i say actions in the scenes.

From when that was released until now, practically every classic horror film has been remade. Yes you have probably guessed it, so has Nightmare on Elm street, which is in my opinion the worst film crime ever.

In general, lets take a look at why films get remake. If it was actors age?, take Footloose for example, the original was in the mid 80s and they remade and released that in 2011.  Is it because of the original cast are ageing and they suggest a film gets remade or another version of a new generation??  Me as a film fan, do not see the sense in remaking classics.
Why don't companies, instead of throwing millions at directors to remake films, just remaster the original and release them in theatres, that make more sense.

My orime example here is a Nightmare on Elm street. The original is unique, one of the best horror franchises in film history and my favourite because it was different...
I can't think of one reason to remake Elm Street.  The original was in the early 80's it is also one of the rare examples of a film company being created purely to release it, that is New Line Cinema.   This film in my opinion has earned classic and now legendary status as a landmark in Star Wars was is to Sci-fi
This is one film they could have gone back, cleaned it up and re released in cinemas.. Wes Craven i am sure would have been happier with that than some hotshot remaking it.  If i had a choice of making a film, i seriously would not have gone down that road...for one thing i find it really disrespectful to the original movie and the director.
The other unique thing here is the Charactor, Freddy Cruger....seriously who can repass, Robert Englund. answer, no one. I was disgusted when i found out about there was a remake

Remake and the other stupid trend rebooting, which has happened to Spiderman and thats not even 10 years old

Many of the remakes are from the 80s. Poltergiest i just read is being or has been remake. Evil Dead(?) so many are being remade..  As far as i can see, its only for money and no one has any fresh ideas..

This is the reason i have watched hardly any new movies. The one area that i love is animation. I see loads of trailers on Youtube recently with animation in movie length going to horror direction, great idea and great direction to go in

I seriously do not care about remakes.  Anything new i would not watch. The last franchies i saw and probably the only original idea for years was Pirates of the Caribbean, who is the mad scientest that is bruckheimer, who has the midus touch

I find it amusing that  Back to the Future or Starwars has been remade.  I thiink horror for some reason is an easy path and a soft touch? at least it seems 80% of remakes are horror?

This is just my thoughts on the subject,.....i just find remakes a bad idea, a really bad idea

Bond, your time is up, move over for Mission Impossible

We have now got a Blueray player and for the first time watched a Blueray film we bought.  We have been wanting to see Mission Impossible 4 for a while as we have seen all the others and Mission Impossible 3 was shockingly good.

It makes me wonder with the bond films, now, in the present time.  I have nothing against Daniel Craig, i liked Casino Royale, but i think James Bond franchise is losing steam a bit and something is missing

We watched Mission Impossible 4 tonight and i am not comparing one against the other in terms of the older bond films here.  MI as films have only been in the film world since 1996. Its the more recent bond productions that am questioning.  You can almost guarantee a hit with Tom Cruise. When he releases another MI, you know your going to get entertainment and he never lets you down.
Tom Cruise seems to know every move you want to see. There is never a dull moment, its intelligent in the way of actions scenes, many things are unexpected, which is rare in a film these days and the cast is always pretty good.  I like the fact he has actually stayed clear of yet another remixing the film theme, which this time was nearer an exact match to the original TV series theme.  The opening you just do not expect at all, its like Tom is looking direct at you and he decides, right there and then, to hell with it...obviously directed, but it some of this film looked more improved. He has been making films for years and never lets up

Its not because i have just watch this, it reminds me of how overpowering MI is.  The bond films are different, their not the same, but watching MI makes me wondered what is going on

Something i was not expecting was, Jeremy Renner.  I did not recognise him until half way thought when  Ethan confronts him.  I suddenly realised he was cast in Bourn Legacy.  When i saw the trailer i thought, what are they watching him in this, i can see why

I know MGM ran into trouble recently, although savedby several companies. MI seem to make money every time.  When Tom Cruise brings Nathan Hunt to the screen, he knows the audience want to see something and he delivers.

Although the bond company are trying to keep an edge on their films. The first evolution of the franchies was the song, nothing to do with the title of the film....thats fine, great song and went with the film very nicely.   Daniel Craig is fine as bond as the film Casino Royal was the film before Dr. no.  Casino is the first where he gains his 007 licence.. I like this in particular as its not a spoof, unlike the late 70s Casino Royal.

I think the main problem is their running out of ideas and trying to change to much.  Quantum of Solace, honestly, who come up with that name? I know it the title of Ian flemings short story for which it is based, but not a very good film title. The story follows directly after Casino Royal and i have got the film, but not watched yet.
MGM ran into trouble over the last few years........which.... baffles me.....If MI can make money,  through Paramount, now another company and still make, new film, strange choice for a film title, but other than that, no not much else i can say at this point....i think MGM have to have long hard look at what they are doing wrong with bond or restructure or so something

Bond have their fans, but aparantly not enough to keep the bank afloat

I really question the modern day outlook of bond franchies. I like the bond films, my favourite is Dr No, always will be, but bond, seems to be struggling

With the Mission Impossible fanchise, it was like, again, another TV to film, really and how good was it going to be. As it turned out really good
Then, MI2 come out, one huge Rock video with Limp bizcut plastered all over it.. Seriously who come up with that idea, its a spy thriller.  The film is good, but did not match up to the original as some sequals have a habbit of doing
But..this is where it becomes interesting, usually when you keep making more films in the same franchise, something is missing, well not MI, it shocked everyone
MI 3 is actually better than the original. I was very shocked and because Tom Cruise stupid personal actions, clouding the promotion, it overshadows what turned out to be one of the best action moves i have seen upto that point.

This is one of the rare occasions that a film blew me away. I was seriously not expecting MI 3 to be that good.  Tom Criuse has a lot of control and i believe he thinks its his franchies. To be honest i would agree. After seeing 4 Missions Impossibles i believe Tom Cruise is the American version of James Bond and blowing the competition out of the water

Modern day bond.......your are seriously in danger of losing out to Ethan Hunt

Again, this is not knocking the classic bond films, this is looking at the future of bond

I think Skyfall will either be the reborn bond or the death of.  If MGM are as in bad shape as reported and they are hanging on for a bond win, then i hope it comes out smelling of roses.

I highly recommend watching any bond, upto Casino Royale. and watch all the Mission  Impossibles

Dj Readman

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Radio Special

Since the dawn of broadcasting on Music World Radio, i had an idea to present a Halloween show. To stand up against the forces of good against the evil.
This year, is no exception

The Jingle
We started a trend last years special with a original piece by Nothinglistic, which we will playing on this years show.
We have a brand new Jingle to open this years show, by Texas electro producer. Chris Saffle

The Video

Last year we were lucky enough that Nothinglistic already had a video to accompany his song, but this year there was no video, so what to do???
Shooting original material is not easy and copyright on video is a nightmare, unless there are films that have no copyright.....then it hit me....public domain :)
I am not the first person to think of this, but it seriously saves A LOT of time.  I have used clips from 4 filmes to make up the trailers. I credit the films and the source for which i find the material.

Join us on Monday 29th October for our Halloween Special


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jet Noir

After finding the energy to get to the room and with the help music colaborator. Tony Mayo, we broadcast the first LIVE interview i have done with Jet Noir.  The lovely, yet professional, beautiful and intelligent, female Gothic, pop, Trance composer, from the county of, Oxfordshire, England
I have known Jet for about 6 years and this is how i found out about her music.
Due to phobias she does not venture out much.  But due to her growing popularity with her latest album, she really wanted to get out there
As many probably know from her fantastic professional images on facebook, with a face like marble and a figure to die for she is a model, which in part has helped with music artwork.

The chat was fantastic, talked about her new album, Emotional chess, about her progression from a Punk band to electro music, her writting and from demos to Mastering
While we had the chance or more to the point, he grabbed the mic, Tony Mayo.  Other than associating the name, Naked Lunch, to the film from the mid 80s, i had no idea there was a band,  called, Naked Lunch.  You can find out a lot in two hours.  The show flew past, always the same when your having a laugh.

Its was all about the music, but Jet did touch upon her condition and phobias, which not many people can openly talk about. She has come to the point where its good to talk about it and get the word out

The show

Search Jet Noir in the mixcloud search and it also comes up all the shows her songs have been played on

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

View from the Outer Rim( New submission)

Last week, we received through the digital post the new Ambient album by Electro pioneer, Lee Negin.  This is his brand new album on download only through CD baby called, View from the Outer Rim.
This is on the pure experimental tip here, no pop music no other elements just pure colours for your ears.

We will be playing random tracks throughout the weeks on my shows
If your ears are tunned to the sound of manys sounds created by a man who has been creating these sounds since the late 60s, so you are always in for a treat, no matter what
sounds he releases

Lee Negin website

Video Interviews

Video interview is one of the areas of radio i have always wanted to do.  The problem is recording it and enough bandwidth for at least an hour as videos take up a lot more information through your router

Google have come up with a video stream and you can record it at the same time and it goes straight onto Youtube.  The only two downsides, one ,the quality transfer is not 100% or not what i expected and the other, it takes up a lot of bandwidth.

Having a live video interview no one will able to see live, unless they join Google hangouts, whihch is actually better that Skype.  We are going to try Hangouts at some point with a straight to Youtube interview.

This will not be broadcast on Music World Radio or i would like to if it does not interfer with the stream running
Video interviews are pretty cool, people who join in, get to see who writes and performs the music there are hearing and i just love the interviewing of band

We will have to wait and see who this is going to happen

Interested in having a test tune, contact us thought google + or all linked anyway :)

Remix competition

Yes, it's competition time....this time with a difference.

I thought why not have a REMIX competition.  The prize is to replace the current jingle on my Radio Variety Show. I have two LIVE shows a week and all shows are podcasted on mixcloud

In order to enter, all you have to do to is send an e-mail with your name, the subject is jingle remix competition and ask for the two guitar and vocals files which i have recorded for this competition. The song is called independents as its related to the show

It does not matter what style or sound you record in, but of course there is only one winner.
Deadline is 31st October and the competition show special is on Monday November 5th.

This was thought up as people have been remixing the lyrics have been receiving from Gary Corman and my own writting and i thought, why not write a song and do it as a radio competition. Music Revolution Promotion competition

For all information go here

Or direct to my e-mail

Thankyou for reading and enjoy

My Facebook old and groups

Like many musicians or radio presenters trying to do their bit to promote and radioplay music, i have Facebook accounts.  i have got an account with two artists pages, one for me and one of my online, Music Revolution Promotion.   The only problem with having an artists page i discovered is that, they are useless for sending out events.  This is mainly my radio show i event and when i have tried this, on my artist page, no one gets what the point in having that an artist page??? who knows.  Liking the page is ok, but you want to build up numbers and so people can with this in mind, i went back in time

Old to new Facebook account
I have another account. Thinking about it, i opened it after my current one, i thought it was before I have gone back to it before and changed it when i had my market stall, but this time i am staying online.  The other reason for changing is, i did not know how to close it.  I call it recycling Facebook pages :)  What i have been doing over the last few weeks, is changing my Facebook pages around. I have changed my Demand Records Offical Page to DJreadmanradioandmusic. The only downside with this page, is that, i can't change the main web address of the page. which is ( I know where are two i's in official) Other that that, its completely changed.

Old to new Facebook Group
I also found both my old groups i opened, this was ages ago. I decided, instead of having a artists page for Music Revolution Promotion, i went back to the group and changed it

The other decision i took was to utilise the Photo albums.  I have never done this before and i thought why not.  I the on of the only areas of Facebook that is visible when you go on any page.  I have opened albums for my Radio shows, submissions, competitions, live radio quotes, Open Show Album Promotion and so on
I would have put up videos but Facebook do not make it easy to have them visible. You can also request this page and from the show after November 5th it wil be be the page i create Facebook events for plugging the radio show on that day

I completely forgot i had this group and its attached the actual account. I have this for a long time and thought change the name to Music Revolution promotion and the Facebook group version of the website
You have photos of special guests, competitions, music review and articles in the files section about the radio shows and more

I have my website still, which is on Google website. I don't know when this expires as you only have a free account for so long.  I have a zero budget this so when it runs out, all content will open up in another site, or i will relaunch in Wordpad

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It is the season to be confused

This is not a history less, weeeeeeel it kind of is,lol

When you come down to plain brass tacs, many events from September onwards are far from accurate.  Christmas is not what it used to be in terms of Father Christmas and the famous Christmas tree.  In fact its mainly made up from what it actually is supposed to be, the supposid birthday of Jesus, although many would question the date.
Then there is Halloween, which is more accurate, yes, it is more accurate than Christmas.  I read up on this before now and although the origins have gradually become different, the clearing of evil spirits goes way back further than Christmas events pulled together. The original meaning of Halloween or Hallows eve, which is mainly to do with young girls throwing orange peal over their shoulder or onto the floor to determind if they would get married or something do with that. Full explanation here or something along those lines.
Although the evil spirits did not come until later, we are actually twinned with Mexico, as in they celebrate it as well, but they call it' Day of the Dead.

Guy Fawks Night, is sandwiched between the two and lands on November 5th in England only. This is a time in history, when a guy named. Guy Fawks, real guy, attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliment.  He got found out before the incident and go beheaded, yes they did it then, same ain't it a shame, they don't bring that back.
The original celebration was for the King not being assasinated at the time. Bonfires used to be set a light, as they do now and the fireworks represent gunpowers. As usual over time, its like Chinese whispers. from a King to Guy Fawks

So in fact Guy Fawks, is English and is actually an authentic event from the start. Halloween comes second as the origins, although a bit over the top these days, is more 'Authentic' than Christmas

This is not a rant, just a few facts, just to kind of point to the fact that everyone clings onto Christmas for some reason.   Halloween is in many ways, a good thing for children.  It makes them looks out for demons, gouls, have fun dressing up, in attempt to keep the bad people at bay,,,why not

Christmas maybe as fake as Ian Gentles beard at Christmas, but its all in good spirits ( oops), many people enjoy and all about family fun at the end of the year

So, what did we learn here today, aside from my scrambled history. Guy Fawks is the only event after September that actually never why do we celebrate it in the first place???

Your guess is as good as mine, answers on a podcard


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Acoustic recordings

New Recordings

I am recording again, did some yesterday, with one microphone and my guitar.
Been a bit of a gap as concentrating on other things, but had time the day after band practice.

The new song i have recorded is Where's My Vegetarian, which is a horror poem. The rerecording or another version of is Motorcycle Man, which again, one microphone recording.  Motorcycle Man has already had a remix by the Strummer Room Project, but thats not the two recording that as originally used

Both are now up on Soundcloud

The recordings

I am going to start recording seperate track only as a member of Dog Food. Magick Temple jumped in to offer to do some remixes.  Its easier for a person to remix when the songs are recorded this way.  I will be recording Where's My Vegetarian is seperate parts for future remixes if and where they come up.
Seperate files makes the recording a little clearer. I record the guitar first, then the vocal and it is possible to do this with one microphone and a laptop
I have no other equipment, other than an electric guitar and an amp, as well as my steal string acoustic. I did have a keyboard some time ago, but i went to the guitar as i prefered the instrument


As i have said on other blogs, i have only been doing recordings and peforming slices of songs on my radio shows for about 6 months. I also just had the song. Pirates in My Sink for a 3 month run on Music World Radio Top 20 chart.  Considering i had not been doing this for very long, that was pretty good.  This was of course all public votes, so thankyou everyone for even wanting to vote in the first place, for whatever reason


I can play guitar and sing, well the poems are more spoken word. Although i do realise with the net there is so much music around its rather scarey out there, so i do not expect instant feedback or people to even like my music straight away, it just does not happen, well it does, depends how people catch you

The next step, if possible

Going into a studio and laying down songs more cleanly is the next time, but obviously, that does take money. Software is about £200 and upwards, so no chance there
I use Wavepad to do all my recordings and it words well

Original Work

Like many people i can create.  So far, all the lyrics are from Gary Cornmans poems, but the ideas from him and hat he has been doing, has given me ideas.
The improvised track. Their Thangs is based on my love for vampire movies and TV series True Blood. I do not mention anything specific, but its about vampires.  This is in the process of being rerecorded as the ' In the Works' version will be replaced soon. Just want to tweek the lyrics
Although Gary does not mind what i do with his poems, as i have done a god job so far, i am going to use more of mine for remixes. If someone likes one and wants to remix one, i do not mind,  I love here what other people can do, but when you start getting more people involved in one song and for example you upload to sell then the splits get thinner. This is fun, but there is point where you ever want to take it more serious or not, depends what happens in the long term

Paul Dj Readman