Monday, 29 October 2012

Motorcycle Man

Morning everyone,

This is the next song i am promoting inbetween cleaning and gardening and finding a job.   Motorcycle Man is the next after Pirates in My Sink that i recorded a few months ago and then unbeknown to me, i got sent a remix of it by local musician, The Strummer Room Project. He used my live acoustic recording of the song for the basis of the remix, without single files, which is interested...but many people like it.
Since i got good feedback so far for my Halloween show trailer on Youtube as i used public Domain Footage, i thought i would do this for all my songs.  That being said, it takes time to trail though loads of films and trailers with no copyright.  What i have also done is contact this motorcyclist on Youtube, who has a lot of footage of motoring down highways on his bike. This is what i actually needed,  as most footage i come across either is not long enough, has website address splashed across them, even on Public Domain footage or the topic is not easy to find
So today i got permission from this Youtube User

I have started the video already with footage i have found and then i will see how much of a video of choice from Spacepod, which i can use. This will be sent to him to see what he thinks.

What i am also considering is if the user likes i can either put their footage against a remix of a song or the original acoustic....If i am using other peoples footage, i would rather give them a choice

Thanks for reading

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