Saturday, 25 May 2013

Charity compilation radio special

The Radio Special

We will be using, General Foods Sports and Social Club, for the radio show and it only costs £12 for three hours. Its not a huge room, but large enough for one band to perform, with me, laptop, mixer, microphone and probably mixing deck, unless a band brings their own

Because this is not a public event with more than one band, i want to stretch this to two band performances
The bands can have an hour each or less, depending on how much material there is, which will give time for bands to change over. The venue is open 7-12pm so three hours is plenty of time
Any bands or acts that are not in the U.K and want to perform, can do so on Skype, unless they are in the U.K want to come over.

The net connection, will be via phone, as the venue has no wifi. If an alternative venue can be found with wifi, then we will change the venue for a better signal

In the future

We could have a gig in the future.  Its always possible to do something larger. What i do has no budget and the only thing that is costing here is the venue and my phone signal.

The Compilation

Want to perform, then let us know. We usually want to broadcast the competition on the 15 of every month. June, its a Saturday, but 15th can be altered to suit the band.
Its probably obviously to say that performing on the radio for this means you are on the compilation as well
Once bands are agreed, we can then book the space we use.  The place that is used i was in Friday night (I am writing this the evening after) with friends and there are three of us with blenty of room left

Obviously if you want to perform, you have to be in the U.K or on holiday here, depends what comes up. Unfortunately,  there is no finances from us for overnight stay, but we know of place you can stay over night.

Want to perform, then let us know. We usually want to broadcast the competition on the 15 of every month. June, its a Saturday, but 15th can be altered to suit the band


You say, whats that?
Look at the word, Vloggerfair.
Fair, is where people meet other people, be entertained( Depends whats there) and have a good time and interact.
Vlog is video blogging in a video network, mainly Youtube
The whole idea is an experience of vloggers coming together, filming each other in one place at once time
This is not be live on Youtube as it will defeat the whole object, but obviously film up later on

Chris Pirillo, who runs, Lockergnome, in,  Seattle, Washington, U.S.A, along with many sponsers ( Still room for more) has organised vloggerfair, for June

He has built up a net community though all social media main sites. Facebook, Youtube( The main one), Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and Lockergnome, website for the past 16 years.  He is very entertaining with daily reports, unboxings, reviews and many other things tech related  and a for us, yes, thats right, not for him, but for us

From $29 you can enter a great world of interaction and $99 gets you the V.I.P pass. The V.I.P package comes with $800 worth of extras, now thats a bargin

I will not be, as i am in England, although it would be cool :)

For more information: links     Vloggerfair       Youtube          Lockergnome

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Junes compilation and charity release

We have had March, April and May competitions this year so far.  All had winners and the May prize was won by Chris Saffle, who donated his prize to a new listener, Gary Veach

The next compilation is June, which is the month we also move this up a gear.
Since this beginning, i wanted to do something different for charity. I have volunteered in charity shops, but i have always wanted to do something music related
Well here it comes

June is the release of a donated based RVS Compilation. Various artists coming together to suppoirt charities, which are:

The Red Cross and Habbitat for Humanity

The two charities do a lot for the planet we live on.  They deal with housing and volunteers going to natural disasters and many others things.
Due to the international audience the charities have work, home and abroad. This is to make it fair on  people donating for the compilation

I have contacted both charities, so they know that it's going ahead

Want to submit for the compilation? the audio submitted will get general radioplay as well as the compilation show.  The station i broadcast on, runs a public vote music chart ( Not direct sales), so you can have the song submitted to that as well :)

Live Performance

Want to perform on the radio to launch the release?
This can only be one band live and another band on a different show on live Skype as not all bands are from England.
It would be good to put on a several band event, but no finances for that, so going this direction
of course, if it was a show special and we had two bands turn up doing 45 minutes sets or something that would be good
The live performance will be in a different location to where Blackdoghat was filmed.  I will hire the practice room at General Foods for the radio shows performances

Other than the radio audience, the bands performances will not be public as in where we are peforming. People may look in, but there will be no tickets on sale or anything

Thankyou for reading
 For more information

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Monday May20th edition of the Radio Variety

Its birthday time, yes
Suzy of the band, 68-75, celebrated her birthday on Monday and we put together a big playlist for her, loads of rock treats :)

Also we continued with the Open Show Promotion, featuring electro music from
 Andy Pickford

We also had a last minute submission from Gary Veach, one of the singer from, New Jersey, Rock band, The Lost I Will Follow

We also played back, audio i recorded from the Among the Echoes, Freak, ep launching at the 02 Academy, in Birmingham

Audio Madness all the way

Reproduction 13 full event via Youtube

This is the full event spread over several videos on Youtube of the electro event in, Camdon, London,
REPRODUCTION 13, put on by John Costello
 ( Performed)
with the help of Tony Mayo
( Singer of Naked Lunch, who performed)
I pulled the full performances together on one playlist on my Youtube Account


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Among the Echoes ep launch @ 02 Academy

3 acts, all synth related, all different, all entertaining.
Met Amanda for the first time, as it turns out she was the floor above in the same hotel.  She is a big Adam Ant and Johnny Normal fan.
I like the fact that the hotel is only just around the corner from the, 02 Academy.  Anyone going to future gigs at the 02, The holiday Inn, is probably the best place to stay overnight as trains stop way too early
My wife Rhonda had won tickets to see the bands via a competition put on Facebook by Ian of, Among the Echoes. This gig was the launch of Among the Echos ep, Freak

I had never been to an 02 Academy until now and had no idea what to expect. It turns out the bands were going to perform in one of the smaller rooms of the venue. The tickets were only £6, a bargin.
First up, a band i have been wanting to see,since i got their music from, Jet Noir, Elmo Sexwhistle
Fabulous, synth rock sound.  You could see all the band all the way through the performance, as the lights were not blazing in your eyes.  They played a few songs as they only had about 35 minutes to play. Played some songs off their album, a new song, which i didn't catch the title of and the only song i have not heard until the night, Sledgehammer.  I remember American radio listener, Chris Saffle requested this. This was their cover of the Peter Gabriel classic.

Apparantly, the song is a fan favourite and i can see why, fantastic rendition
I like the portable keyboard and the small monitor to the left, with band effects on. They should have had a projector to display it on.  I think Elmo ran over, but you can't stop good musicians, thats for sure
I had a chance to chat with Alex, the front man after the gig, very nice guy and wants to work with Jet Noir 

After a gear change, first time seeing this duo live, Johnny Normal and Pscyho Pete. I had first met these two gentlemen when they come down for an interview in March this year.
The biggest suprise from Johnny and Pete was how much Pete was involved on stage.  Pete is a Lead/Rhythm and Blues guitarist and I knew the guitar work accompanies the electro sounds that Johnny created and sung.  I was very suprised with the guitar work and solo stuff, great to see live and outstanding on stage, great act.
One song which sounds great live, is, Time. reflects the 80s sound to a tee. Alex, frontman of Elmo Sexwhistle, was doing the " Timewarp" moves with Time.  I think he likes it

Now for the band headlinging, Among the Echoes
Never met this band until Friday night.  We bumped into Ian  as he flew out to get to his car before the gig started.
The one element fans listening to the Echoes have to get used to is the rearranged songs that Rachel performed on.  The band were accompanied by Siobhan Penlington on backing vocals who is in a Punk band of her own.
The time that Rachel was with the band, just did not work out, so for the gig Ian had to rearrange the music.
Ian is a great frontman, likes the crowd and went through, Talk Talk, Freak and Pure.  There was a new song, Deep Desire and another, what i thought version of Pure.  This one is a rendition of a, Gary Numan, hit There are four guys in the line up, drums were electronic as every band had.  I am asuming no one had a drum kit to save room and time.
I like the fact that the timing in various point in the songs went with Ian movements. You can tell it was tight and it sounded so.  The only thing that i did not like was when you were right next to the stage, you could not hear the speaker for well. When you walk back and your ears are more in line with the speakers, then you can hear it
We got together with Ian, Johnny, Pete, Alex and Amanda after the performances and went into the other larger room for drinks
After a while and when the nightclub sound became unbearable, Me, Rhonda, Amanda, Pete and Johnny left to go outside and found a huge crowd we had to fight our way to get through. The sound in the nightclub was deafening. I noticed some younger people were suffering as well as it was packed venue. Why is it that when music is played in a club, the volume is raised every 30 minutes, you can't concentate on anything or talk to people
When we got outside and out of the crowd, Pete was on about his fasination with orange and how is entire home is all orange, even his amps........ROCK n ROOOOLL!

Thanks to all three bands for giving us a great night out.  They appreciate the support. Great performances by great musicians, what i call creative people.  We still would have gone if we had bought tickets.  I love going to see live bands. I left interviewing anyone,  just took pictures and filmed a bit as we was just having a good time.  I would say the only part of the night i was disappointment with, was the low attendance. Although the venue was not big, about 150 capacity?  All three acts are unsigned, but if you have heard the music, go and see them live. Both Elmo and Among both Birmingham based bands and Johnny is from Stratford.  I love going to see live acts. I am going to go to Birmingham more as the hotel is close to the station and the 02 is not that far either
Me and Rhonda got a train from Banbury, reserved a room at the, Holiday Inn, so we did not have to rush for the same night train.

Elmo Sexwhistle                              Johnny Normal   Psycho Pete     Among the Echoes

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

(Radio Monthly Competition) RVS May Compilation Competition, Thursday, May 16th

May 16th is upon us and that means, this monthc compilation competition
13 songs from various Acoustic and Metal acts

You still have time to submit.  There is a deadline of day before, upto 10pm ( Day does change depending on the month) but the submission will count as part of the competition, they are just not included on the poster, until after and added onto the blog and album on Facebook

Prey on the Fallen

Sherman's March
Heavy Rock/ Metal




Queens of the U.S.A
Guitar Pop
Lincolnshire. England

Maini Sorri
Hold Me

X Phaze

Acoustics of a Driven Primate
Echo Beach

The Bacillus
When a Strangers Step in The Bar

Tomy Gunn
Floating Away
Lounge ballad

Stuck in this Room (Live Radio Version)
London, England

Alex Pacman Juno (Elmo Sexwhistle)
Chant Number 3
Industrial Electro
Birmingham, England

DJ YRS Jerzy Ft. Chox-Mak
Show And Prove (Radio Edit)

Paranoid Freak
Ambient; Electro
Oxfordshire, England

Chris Saffle
My Little Zombie Girl
Texas, U.S.A

Death Metal
England, U.K

Paul Dj Readman
Pirate Dance
Acoustic Comedy
Oxforshire, England

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

(Article) Random Unknown TV themes

Something i mentioned to a guy that comes down twice recently and bought some of my vinyl collection.  Some TV themes that are well known, but not known, as in the original artist

The most well known theme has got to be the original F1 theme.
Now for a very long time, i wondered where the BBC got that from. People kept saying, Chains, by Fleetwood Mac. I thought, okay..I checked out the album, Rumours, what the track was on.  Got to chain and it was only then i realised that the BBC had only used the second half of the song for the theme.  I thought that a unique approach

The most recent discovery and probably the least known, is the original artist of the theme to, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  As i thought for years, recorded by the BBC, right, it happened, by accident i found the original.

The band, is famous, The Eagles, the album, One of these Nights.  Now, this would be the last place anyone would look.  It turns out the 30 second theme, is taken from the 6 minute song, Journey of the sourserer. I played the album, even before i knew about this.  When i got the song, i thought, whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I thought yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, i found it.

Most 30 second themes have a full length version somewhere.. The Eagles, is probably the biggest suprise for a source for a theme. The only thing i can asumme, is that the BBC took that segment and rerecorded the theme with musicians of their own, which is possible

What themes do you know that are very popular, but the act artists is not
Comment below  :)

(Single review) Maini Sorri - Hold Me

This is the third dance release from Maini Sorri.  This one is more Pop/ dance crossover song, with a softer beat than the previous dance release of , Please Go Away.  This is a very nice Pop song and accompanies the voice of Maini very well. Very nice flowing beat and song
This song is very good on a speaker system, but for some reason suffers a little on headphones

This song is also on the Radio Variety Show May Compilation Competition and for general radioplay

For best playback i would recommend the Wav download of the best performance or the 320k Mp3 option

DJ Readman
Radio Variety Show

Maini Sorri Website               Our Facebook         May Compilation

(Album Review) The Cherry Bluestorms - Bad Penny Opera

As always, Glen, Deborah and the rest of the musicians involved, deliver the goods

Opens with an Instrumental, Bad Penny Opera, very film interlude in style.  The instrumental also made me realise that the recording has a rawer sound.
As Above So Below, is my favourite song, which is one of the songs on the album recorded earlier than some of the other songs on the album.  One element of the album i love are the harmonies that Glen and Deborah sing.  They do very well and are second to none.

The Cherry Bluestorm sound is, American Pop Rock.  The other songs that i like that were probably recorded earlier as well are, A Better Place and By Your Leave, which i heard when i interviewed the duo back in 2012.
There is definitely a a rawer sound to the music with the vocals more prominent and the music slightly distant on many of the songs, which was not apparant on Transit in Venus.  The one nice suprise was Glenn on vocal duties, opening are very "Police riff" on, World Going Mad, To Love You is a Crime and Start Again. I also like the organ sound on the album as well, giving it a slight retro feel.
The album to listen to is great, with a nice variety or sounds and pace.  Although i got the impression that the album was recorded either in different times or in difference places as the recorded sound is different.  The songs mentioned above have the, Transit of Venus, sound, very polished and the harmonys are more, together, as with the other songs, you can tell the voices are more apart, although there is no difference in the vocal quality

Paul Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show Review

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Radio show live performances at General Foods

Update: August 3rd 2013

As of the date above, all special guest shows will be broadcast from General Foods

I have tested a mobile broadcast recently and everything is set.
Like all live performances on radio, i back up the recording, as well as the broadcast recording.
The venue does not open until 7pm in the evening and closes at 12pm Friday and Saturday. It takes roughly about half hour to a hour to sort out kit, depends if any problems arise, so looking at 8pm start, which is the usual time my show is on
I have added a new blog regarding this subject. You can now donate with music insentives. Want to hear a lot more broadcasts and more guests? you can donate via a booking fund, which has been set up
More here

Original blog

Like i said in the previous blog, regarding another location for radio shows, the idea/ plan changes
I don't mind paying for somewhere, as long as it does not hit my pocket too hard and really no where is going to do it for free?

Of course, this is not free, but probably the best way of doing this at the moment.  There is a rehearsal room, located at, General Foods Sport and Social Club, in, Banbury. Many bands used this facility and i have when i was with a band, The Doolallays.

Moving the radio shows at least once a month is something i have been wanted to to since i started.  This is especially when you have guests over, performers, you need more room.  This room is only £12 for 3 hours, which is a damn good deal

If a better deal comes on the table, or a venue offers room, you can contact us  07810518778   or text me on that number

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

(Radio Show) Bank Holiday Monday 7 th May


Very warm evening on this particular, Monday, and some new stuff and a fresh jingle

Chris Saffle (Above) electro producer from, Texas, put on his wig and cape ( Running joke) and created an new instrumental jingle for the show.

We also continued to play electro music from, Andy Pickford from his new album, Jera. He is the May artists for the Open Show Promotion

We also had through the post a last week, the new album by American Pop Rockers, The Cherry Bluestorms, Bad Penny Opera.  Played 4 songs from this great album,( Review coming).

We also had the brand new release from. Maini Sorri. This is continuing on her dance tip of releases, with, Hold Me.( Sounds great on speakers)

The Show

To e-mail me music submission, in general or for the monthly competition compilation, then feel free.  Any audio from a live song to spoken word

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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Seperate location for radio performances

Update: August 2013
Now play regarding this subject here
As always with any ideas, they change as they go along.
The idea have having a seperate location for radio shows has been on the cards since i started radio in 2006.  The problem is, no money running through the shows and getting somewhere  with free wifi is not easy

I have been looking into phone information regarding net usage.  I found out last year that the 3 network do unlimited bandwidth for a month at a time on Pay as you go.  My wife is on 3, and when we were house sitting, she had no problems with her signal at all.

As soon as i change my phone to an s3 and an unlocked one,  i am going over to 3. Then i am going to find a location to either make a deal or pay for a few hours to have live radio performers

If you have a free function room or want some money for me to hire in Banbury, contact us

The venue will be promoted on flyer i have done for live performances. If a venue likes what they hear and want to book them, by all means.  Most of the artists i have had perform here are out of town, so depends what the venue wants. So far, the artists have been from London, Daventry, that kind of area

On average i have performers, once a month. maybe more sometimes, but on average its once a month. I will use my phone for the net connection to stream to the station. The location may have wifi, but the downside with wifi, is depends how many people are using it at one time. This downgrades the signal.  With the phone and since this is only once a month, i can broadcast with the phone

My equipment is a laptop, Dj mixer and a few powerleads. Many bands bring their own gear.  Many a time its an Acoustic set, depends who comes down, but usually the sounds is minimal

Have space for a trial?

Twitter and live phone interviews / call ins

There have been two new introductions to the radio shows over the past few weeks


On various show i will tweet what i ham playing live on my twitter account
I wil either type the@ artist and the song, if i miss a few, its just@ artists, who i have just played.
Since i have been using Twitter more, i have had more hits and more people finding me.
I promote reviews, releases on my feed, depends what i find out and think of at the time


Live phone calls

I can now broadcast live phones in on live show
Over the last few months i had a magazine website owner, Rob from Dso Audio,  introduce his playlist and electro producer, John Costello on the phone about the London electro gig, Reproduktion 13. I was stunned at the clarity.

More to come on both Twitter and live call ins

Want to contact us regarding either

@djreadman on Twitter
text 07810518778 when you want to call in. Say your name so i can shout out on the radio or before

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Popdogs, Ashbury Keys and Norman Kelsey and the IPO

Throughout the month of May these bands will be featuring these bands. The reason? they are playing at the annual, International Pop Overthrow Festival, in Liverpool and London this year

Norman and Ashbury are travelling from America to perform and Popdogs are from Lincoln, England and travelling to Liverpool to perform

Norman Kelsey,

will reminds you of, Prince, Stevie Wonder in style and i am sure many others. He has a very nice retro/ modern R&B Pop style

have an England/ American Pop feel, with their light heard and on occasion darker lyrics on their new album. Cool Cats for Pop Dogs

Ashbury Keys

Are more Rock /pop with heavier sound, with a R
R.E.M feel. They have an ep, Wakeup, an aother and new recordings

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(Radio Promotion) May Open Show Artist - Andy Pickford

Artist we are playing on the Open Show Promotion of Mayis , electro producer, Andy Pickford

As well as playing songs from the Yera album, we are also playing songs from remastered eps

The promotion runs for 4 weeks ( Usually within a month) either an album or single.

The only rule is, the artists has to have more that 8 songs to run the promotion

The artist has a 4 weeks of songs played at the beginning of each show, with another song playing on voice over segments and some song played at the end of the show or on fadeout

We chose this album as its well produced and reminscent of the the 90's Electronic of orbital and Ozric Tenticles

You like themthe acts about and more simular, then you will like this artist and what he creates

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