Saturday, 4 May 2013

Seperate location for radio performances

Update: August 2013
Now play regarding this subject here
As always with any ideas, they change as they go along.
The idea have having a seperate location for radio shows has been on the cards since i started radio in 2006.  The problem is, no money running through the shows and getting somewhere  with free wifi is not easy

I have been looking into phone information regarding net usage.  I found out last year that the 3 network do unlimited bandwidth for a month at a time on Pay as you go.  My wife is on 3, and when we were house sitting, she had no problems with her signal at all.

As soon as i change my phone to an s3 and an unlocked one,  i am going over to 3. Then i am going to find a location to either make a deal or pay for a few hours to have live radio performers

If you have a free function room or want some money for me to hire in Banbury, contact us

The venue will be promoted on flyer i have done for live performances. If a venue likes what they hear and want to book them, by all means.  Most of the artists i have had perform here are out of town, so depends what the venue wants. So far, the artists have been from London, Daventry, that kind of area

On average i have performers, once a month. maybe more sometimes, but on average its once a month. I will use my phone for the net connection to stream to the station. The location may have wifi, but the downside with wifi, is depends how many people are using it at one time. This downgrades the signal.  With the phone and since this is only once a month, i can broadcast with the phone

My equipment is a laptop, Dj mixer and a few powerleads. Many bands bring their own gear.  Many a time its an Acoustic set, depends who comes down, but usually the sounds is minimal

Have space for a trial?

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