Wednesday, 1 May 2013

(Radio Promotion) May Open Show Artist - Andy Pickford

Artist we are playing on the Open Show Promotion of Mayis , electro producer, Andy Pickford

As well as playing songs from the Yera album, we are also playing songs from remastered eps

The promotion runs for 4 weeks ( Usually within a month) either an album or single.

The only rule is, the artists has to have more that 8 songs to run the promotion

The artist has a 4 weeks of songs played at the beginning of each show, with another song playing on voice over segments and some song played at the end of the show or on fadeout

We chose this album as its well produced and reminscent of the the 90's Electronic of orbital and Ozric Tenticles

You like themthe acts about and more simular, then you will like this artist and what he creates

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