Saturday, 20 June 2015

I love Video editing, filming and producing)

As a sideline to my weekday job

My equipment. Two compact camera and a phone

Through my experience, the equipment is not the most important, is what you do with it to tell a story. I didn't just choice Canon, this all happened by a lucky accident.
I have had some cameras in the past where the audio is just rubbish. Its better to record the audio seperate wherever possible
That being said, the audio playback on the canon i use better than some camcorders i have tried it againsts. I was pretty taken back.I have had good feedback from musicians i have filmed.
Audio is as important as a crisp visual

And we begin

I was originally a cleaner and gardener in the local area. The problem is you need transport, and for this line of work, even though i could untake any job, a lot i couldn't reach. However, my finances changed after that, although i still need the boost and this is the reason i began to edit and produce, as you can do it from home, unless i shoot outside

This start in December 2014, with a local band, The Shapes, approached me to produce a video for their ep, This is Bigger then Everybody. After that i thought i would put the feelers out and that followed by another band i mentioned the editing to,  Last of the Dogs, They saw the video i had just done and wanted one
I just completed another video for a band in, Manchester, The Shambolic. They liked my video i had done for. Last of the Dogs. That took longer, mainly as i moved and the video was more of a challenge
I love editing, its like a dance. It can be to a song, footage you already have or coming to a gig.
Video editng is a skill,. Not everyone likes it and not everyone can do it

This is a fee based work
Many companys charge per hour. I have seen around £35 an hour. My fees structure may change in the future, and it all depends on the project
At the moment this is financial boost. If it changes, then i will have to do a complete restructure.
My thought process is. many like a whole cost amount. I do not mind getting paid £30 an hour, but i am unable to spent a whole day on a video, unless its the weekend.

I worked out that its takes roughly 30 hours to complete a video that is around 3- 5 minutes long. Considering that is an average part time workers hour, thats one hell of a bargain.
 Music videos is what i have done so fat, but i am up for any project that i can do.
I go by the pace of the song and the lyrics. Depends on the footage i have. Sometimes i story develops from the visuals, can be quiet a journey

The project can be anything from a short film to a wedding,

This is only just come to mind. Music video is just one of the project options
With weddings, obviously this is not a music video, or it could be. The only problem with a wedding video is the audio copyright. Its fine if you want to use a band song you have permission to use, however, if you choose, Enya, while you are going down the ile, it is not possible
Depends how the video was filmed. One options, it take all the footage people have used on their phones and edit it together.  It also good to have a seperate audio track, or if the audio is good enough from cameras. I have heard some bad stories regarding wedding videos being put together. To me, any project, you listen to what the people want. As with any project you go back and forth with different drafts of the footage to see if they like it. You keep doing that until its 100% correct, it makes sense..

From January 2016, here are the fees
£80 for a video upto 5 minutes. Upto  10 minutes £150 upto 30 minutes £200
As you can see, i am very reasonable. So far the video footage i have used is all public domain. If an issue arises with the video after it has been releases, i can re edit accordingly

An example, If this is a gig, say, Birmingham, for one song, i just need the train fare, money for hotel for one night, unless the band can take me back home, plus the editing fee.

The Shapes, from Oxford, asked me to produce a video for the song, Tom Petty 1980. They had seen the footage i took of the band and a montage video i had edited
Here is the official video i did for them. For some reason i didnt credit myself, although the band knows i did it :)

The other video i have done are. Due to the rubbish seach engine via this blog system i couldnt plant the next two video within this blog. Here are the links to you to watch

98% right on first draft. 

90% on first draft

Video examples
This is a video i did in my own time. I went to a gig in Birmingham with a mate of mine. Found out he had shot the entire segment of this song and i had the whole song as well. With this video, i took the audio from the canon and synced it with what the canon took and the samsung took

Naked Lunch - Rabies ( Two camer direction)

More information?
( Please text first and make you number display. No cold calling either, its a waste of everyones time and is blocks non cold callers coming through)
Many thanks for reading
Paul Readman
Close to the Edit ( Formerly, Demand Media
Editing and filming on a budget

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Take a Hike (Facebook page)

I like walking, a lot. Over the past few months, there have been three of us, having fun, walking around the fields, within miles of Banbury.
There are some obvious places, but many people do not know about them as they are hidden. Natural beauty. Because images on Facebook are popular, i decided to combine walking with social media, its is called

Take A Hike

It is good exercise and three of us have been walking long distance for a couple of months. Sometimes there is an odd weekends that we do not, but weather has been very good so far.

Part of this idea is to open a live photo album. Live? yes, while i am walking and upload, straight to.the Take A Hike page. People can then see where we are walking.

The Longest Distance so far

Walking long dustances, is best when it is not blazing hot. You can walk in blazing hot weather, but as i found out, when doing gardening work  it zaps you of energy pretty fast. Depends on the direction of the sun.  We walked  to Dedington, which is a village 6 miles outside Banbury. You go through, Addurbery first, but, the road you walk does not snake through all the way through Adderbury. It depends how long you want to stay in Deddington for, as you have to double your time as walking does soak up hours. With taking in some of the canal walk on the way back, 14 miles

Do you have to be reasonably fit???

My advice, to start with really short distances. I would start with 3 miles. It may sound a lot, but walking from the Banbury canal lock to the King Sutton Bridge is 3 miles. Many people do this, and its not a secret walk or nothing.  You can do less, but 3 miles, i would say, you will know if you want to do more. I am reasonbly fit, i am no athelete either,  but i love doing it,, which is key. If i did not like doing it, i wouldn't ( Note: If you want to walk three miles, take into account, walking back 3 miles as well)

Have we had good feedback

I knew this would be popular. The page has been active from the start.  Message asking where we are walking wlike taking live album shots and people liking the page and sharing the images while giving us credit., Ian Gentles has shared to photos so far  Banburyshire info Facebook

Next steps

Maps: There are various ways of doing this, including screen shots. We are working on a way of doing it better.
Videos: Live videos are not possible due to battery live. However prerecording videos are possible. I have been thinking about this from the start, just the matter of when do do one

Next Walk ( From Weekend June 20th)

The weather and timing has stopped us twice from doing 14 miles to Brackley. Hopefully this weekend, we can do it. This is through country roads as choosing field routes is prooving to be difficult from Middleton Cheney. The walk goes to Middleton Cheney then, off the main road and taking the country road route.

If you like walking, like page i have linked above and share the picture. When you do share mention the page name and link it and who took it. ( Pleasde ask who took it before you share)

Thankyou for reading