Sunday, 30 September 2012

The 80s style returns

Music is like fashion it comes round in circles. Over the last few months there has been a surge of songs in the 80s style and sound very authentic.
I grew up in the 80s and its nice to hear new music emulate the style of the decade. 
i have heard many styles and going to playing them more often.

actually recreating the sound is not easy.  I am not talking about covering a song, this is recording a new song in the style of the 80s, which does have a unique sound.

Whichever style it is it does not matter, what i have heard is really good.

I will soon be covering this subject on a special radio show....
More soon

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dog Food one mic and the id Kid

Well last.night was a blast. The whole bamd came and jest was fryer tuck masterchef for the evenihg, laying on a banquet.
Loads of technicals with.the mixing deck. Why oh why it did not ecepect a mix and into stereo os anyones guess. 
After me dashing aroubd finding leads and half the night flying past,  we ending up with an awsome performance with everything going through on mic, in the middle of the room.

In the end, it all worked. Mr Simon who was also in thr band, Betty and the Id (not i.d as i thought) finally met Magick after 4 years. Also, first time we met Bird(guy) sound man and bass player, dr jest, agent strang   and the Bird(women) with the camera, Andrea, who Magick along.

Its waaaaas recorded, it waaaaas filled, now down to editing and upload

Book these guys, their a right laugh
Dj readman

Sunday, 23 September 2012

New facebook, well oldest Account

Many artists and radio presenter have Facebooks.  The only problem i found through someone that told me is that with an artist page, people can like the page, subscribe ( Whatever that means) and put photos up, but you can send out an event, which is a little stupid on part of Facebook.

Then i thought, hold on, i have an ' Older' account, which used to be for Demand Records. I then remembered i had an old group, which i forgot i renamed.  I knew the logging in information for the account, but took me a while to find the group.

The whole plan now and getting underway, is to make this page for Radio Show content through the galleries and the music i am recording with friend and poet from America, Gary Cornman

I started this week, sorting the name out, which is a right pain. I found out you can't change the url of the account only the ' Name' so i am stuck with Demand Records in the title.   I could have scrapped it and started again, but i like the fact i am ' Recycling' Facebook pages,lol

I am utilising the picture gallery a lot on this account.  I opened a ' Radio Variety Show gallery' this is where i put up the 'Posters', i mentioned on the other blog and i can put this up before the show.  It looks a lot better than just every podcast showing me laying on the grass with a union jack ;)

I also opened a gallery for my the music i am recording.  So far, Pirates in My Sink and Motorcycle Man

This means that the artists page for radio show i have will be removed soon as the new recycled page you can add people rather than like.  also over time, when i crossover accounts i can send events through this as well, which is what i have been wanting to do for a long time

I still have my Music Revolution Promotion page for likes, which i will proabably keep as its a Facebook extention of the website


Want radio play, want to be featured and put artwork on a show poster and possible nominations into the Music World Radio top 20 chart

Thankyou for reading and add yourself to the page ;)

Radio Variety Show Podcasts/ Posters

Ever since i began radio, i wanted to upload the shows somewhere. Overtime, people have ask for them, either they couldn't make it or i just put them up the day after live broadcast

What i used to do is just upload interviews and performances. I now upload the full uncut radio shows, no matter what is on them. I was on Soundcloud for a long period as it was the best way to upload in good quality and great embeded coding and app.  I still use podomatic, but i just left interviews on there as podomatic do not have an app yet. But now i have found mixcloud, which, for the first time i found a place you can upload via the net and people can listen on their smartphone.

I do two shows a week 8-10pm on a Monday and Thursday evenings in Banbury, England I do this for free on net radio.   I have done Fm before, nice to hit car radios on an underground station and would be my dream job to present a radio show, PAID, but you never know

I am always think of ways to improove the show or where to put the shows upload or add contact.  The next content is band posters.  I make up my own posters for shows, but i have wanted to put artists on every show poster for a podcast, but of course, i do not have just one style or band on.   So the podcast poster was born and it looks dam nice

I do a maximum of 4 picture 'window frame' look. If its an interview of one artists or band i put up band picture and album sleeves relevant to the conversation. Wit full 2 hour radio shows i put up  pictures of bands i have had a feature on as in more than 3 songs in one show

To listen to interiew and then full 2 hour ' As broadcast' radio shows

For you phone
goto Google Play and download ' mixcloud app
Goto app storre and download ' mixcloud app'

Thanks for reading

Want to submit a song, involved in a film, promote a book(Music/scifi/fantasy. horror etc)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A little of my music history

Well, not famous, lol, but i love music. I do still get asked where my shop is and because of that i do

Over the last 16 years i have sold, performed, written improved and created music.

This all started in the mid 90s, no not the crazy 60s, not old enough, the 90s, well this is when i had grown up a bit in terms of human years. but it was the start of something

I like being my own boss, but saying that is different from doing it, but we soldier on.  Opened up a record shop, oh yes, in town, had never done this before, but from a carboot background and being completely mad. joke, but close... i started.. dun, dun, duuuuuuuun. The basics of a shop is selling and buy. never had a till(Cash register in old speak) until a lot later, so it was all mental. Changing a ten pound note or a 20.  Not credit card machines just pure cash, thats what we like

Now, this was before Facebook, feels like a stoneage before Facebook actually, about 10 years, 1994, had loads of music to sell. People bought music ,sold it to me, met great people and some famous ones, oh yes, at some point, it goes without saying really.

Many things happened inbetween like DJing at a local nightclub, what used to be called Hobsons, jamming on instruments at the mill, meeting loads of bands and this is where the idea of interviewing and broadcasting was realised.
18 months before i closed, an online radio station turned up.  Radio is what i have been wantng to do for some time, after listening to John Peel, i got the bug. Before the radio come along i printed a local magazine, which was 4 of us and photographing and reviewing gigs. we sold a few magazine,but it was short lived. This is where the interviews come in, i did all the interviews, talking, listening, talk. First it was a tape recorder, then a dictaphone, bloody fantasic those things. You could records someone whispering in high wind at 6 feet and you could still hear someone.

The online radio broadcasting come into its own after i got loads of contacts of a punk band( Never forget the two beauties, Hannah and Mellie, awsome) At the time, called, The Growlers, yes, i didn't know where the name come from until i asked ;) )
My first interview was with a band on Sugarshack Records ( Bristol), can never remember their name( Typical) but it was a duo from a 5 piece band and that was awsome.
The radio shows were recorded and i listened to them back. Many have said i am good on radio, which is party the reason i carried on, aside from interviewing bands, which i had done, but not live

11 years on and time gentlemen please, yes the shop had to close.   Big huge chainstores can take a quack, but i could not. There was loads of roadwork before the near enough death of business,   I actually clawed back a little, but not enough.  11 years, is a long time and unlike some businesses, i did not go to online afterwards.  I did experiment and try mail order, but it was a whole different ball game and my mind was just not on it.   I still loved working in a shop, which is why i went along the volunteering route. I also sold at carboots, which is how i started in the first place.

The broadcasting and magazine idea were still floating around my head, its just the matter of executing these things. Even in 2005, the net was around but still was in its earlier stages and was not really using it for this type of thing

I then got it into my thick skull, that i could use my Pc to radio broadcasts, so i had my decks at home and started that way. It did interviews and DJs performend,. Mattix and Futile( Dnb) Hiedi Ice ( London).My only regret was losing heidi's Show, i didn't find out until the day after, i could have screamed the place down,lol

We move on

Also inbetween that was on random occasions, producing music on my own and with someone else, which was electronic music.

Since 2005, is it been mainly radio broadcasting on the internet. did so a stint on FM, cool to hit car radios( With audio) but since then its been net radio and over the last 4 years with Music World Radio and that was the best move.

Since i started, interviews galore, performances galore, VIP tickets, live in the house performances.

The only problem is with radio shows, it does not bring in money,lol, which has always been the downside

One consideration is working my head round joining a pledge site. This incorporating the promotion and the music i do

Over time i have wanted to move the radio shows to a studio, but because the shows do not bring in money, no can do

Dj Readman
from Demand Records to net broadcasting

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

True Blood

My and my wife both love this TV series.

The story at the beginning or the outline is that vampires are now able to come out of the dark due to the Chinese inventing synthetic blood.  This is bottled and sold in bars and allows them to drink in public. Buuuut as everyone knows from other vampire stories, many still want the taste of human blood.

I don't like much TV, there is so much rubbish, its like, why bother.  Every now and again something comes along and you think wow, do they seriously make them like this anymore?

True Blood is like the mature version of Buffy the vampire slayer( She gets mentioned in the series)  but instead of a vampire slayer, there is soockie( Anna Paquin( Xmen) as a waitress in a local bar with telepathic powers.( Read people)  This may sound a little cheese perhaps, but the location and the way things just come out of the screen and just shock you, it pretty unqiue and what drew me in

I love vampirism, but the one thing that always flaws me is things like Twiglight and the Vampire Diaries. Vampire Daries was written from the same people who bought you Dawsons Creek, in the senses its so watered down i wouldn't even bother.

Twilight is the move verions of Buffy the Vampire slayer just weeker and near enough exactly the same plot, only difference is, the lead woman is just normal, no powers. Although Twitlight is actually from a series of books, if you like a good vampire theme and stories , stick with True Blood.

I have seen comments refering to the fact that there is too much sex and what do you thiink vampire do ' Shimmer'? no, thats what their like. Their creatures of the night who hunt at night for human blood and turn many ' victims' into their own kind

You see this in True blood when you see Bill, due to a punishment of killing a vampire, he has to turn a stunning young woman into a vampire. I find it curious they cover themselves with soil to turn them, other than the fact daylight is coming.

One other reason i like True Blood, is the Charactors and its intense  like nothing i have seen on TV in years. Its taken from a serious of books, which for some reason really stray from the book. Some charactor in the book are barely mentioned, yet are more up front in the series. True blood TV series is branch of the franchise, just like the comics of True Blood.

From someone who loves realism when it comes to vampirism and stores, really likes gore and what vampire are then watch True Blood... Nothing else compares
HBO are to comended to show what they show on broadcast time. They episodes are around 11 minutes short of an hour long, which i would say, is rare for TV broadcast as you have to put advertisments in

This is a link to all 5 seasons so far of True Blood
Some are DVD ripps, most are  TV broadcast recordings. Watch out for the huge 5 minute, 'previous episides intros, they do get tedious after a while

Dj Readman  - On True Blood :)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

4 years on Music World Radio..what a trip

Music World Radio i found, purely by chance via another station as i was just coming from.  At the time i had left a deck DJing station and i wanted to do more in broadcasting, others than mixing dance or drum & bass

There is always a plan, a small outlined plan to every show.   I have two shows in one week and amazingly, looking back i have kept that up.  There is a feature or theme off some kind, but you always leave it open for more.  One of the major parts of the show is introducing bands, solo artists to listeners live on air, either through Skype or in the same room.
People like hearing me on the radio, i love broadcasting on radio. I sort of do it my own way and bringing different content to the audio stream.  You mind starts turning and i see at as TV without pictures.

Music World Radio opened up many options. There are rules, thats understandable and you need them in some cases, but they never get in the way of a crazy shows and yes they have been some crazy shows.

My favourites have always been the live performance, two of which have been recorded on film.  The first one and a first for me, was local band, Red myst, which was filmed by Mark Adam at the time. This was in  2009( If memory serves me correctly.  Next up and without a shadow of doubt me personally favourite was, Dog Food, performing live for their 25th Anniversary in this hoval of a room in March 2010.

The one thing i have always dreamed of is making a liking out of broadcasting. It has never happened, but in all truth, never gave up either.  This is also the place i can take advantage of the music i am also involved in.

I am in a band, The Doolallays, really a studio band at the moment. There is also my Solo performance work, which is creative colaboration with American Poem, Gary Cornman.  With the band i hooked up with Chris Oakes, who took over on bass of the band and who also goes under The Strummer Room Project. I am always play the songs from any of the projects and you see people instant reactions.

Since 2010 i have been married and the first time me and wife went out to a gig via the station, is when i talked live to Adam Zadel, the guitarist of the American Rock band, Soil.  I got VIP passes to see the band in Coventry on their U.K tour and got to meet the band as well...One of the best nights ever.

But it does not stop there...September 2012. Dog Food Return......A possible live performance special from Blackdoghat and there is always something on the horison.....thats what gives you a kick out of radio.

I thank every single artist for submitting music to me direct or when i raid the station cabinet for some ;) At the start i was on decks, but gradually as you put the feelers out and set up e-mails,  you get music from all over.  You can't play it all at once, where the plans come in.  Many a time you let the artists know when you are going to play, but other times you make the playlist as you go, depends how buy i am and of course, this is not paid work.
I broadcast from where i live and it would be nice to broadcast from a seperate location, but, again, costs money. I have thought about moving it more than once to an office space or something like that, but at the end of the day, revenue as to channel through the shows or the website, but obviously thats not happened.  If i won the lottery, then yes, otherwise, probably not :)

As someone said on Facebook' Here is to another 4 years....RIGHT ON! :)