Sunday, 23 September 2012

New facebook, well oldest Account

Many artists and radio presenter have Facebooks.  The only problem i found through someone that told me is that with an artist page, people can like the page, subscribe ( Whatever that means) and put photos up, but you can send out an event, which is a little stupid on part of Facebook.

Then i thought, hold on, i have an ' Older' account, which used to be for Demand Records. I then remembered i had an old group, which i forgot i renamed.  I knew the logging in information for the account, but took me a while to find the group.

The whole plan now and getting underway, is to make this page for Radio Show content through the galleries and the music i am recording with friend and poet from America, Gary Cornman

I started this week, sorting the name out, which is a right pain. I found out you can't change the url of the account only the ' Name' so i am stuck with Demand Records in the title.   I could have scrapped it and started again, but i like the fact i am ' Recycling' Facebook pages,lol

I am utilising the picture gallery a lot on this account.  I opened a ' Radio Variety Show gallery' this is where i put up the 'Posters', i mentioned on the other blog and i can put this up before the show.  It looks a lot better than just every podcast showing me laying on the grass with a union jack ;)

I also opened a gallery for my the music i am recording.  So far, Pirates in My Sink and Motorcycle Man

This means that the artists page for radio show i have will be removed soon as the new recycled page you can add people rather than like.  also over time, when i crossover accounts i can send events through this as well, which is what i have been wanting to do for a long time

I still have my Music Revolution Promotion page for likes, which i will proabably keep as its a Facebook extention of the website


Want radio play, want to be featured and put artwork on a show poster and possible nominations into the Music World Radio top 20 chart

Thankyou for reading and add yourself to the page ;)

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