Monday, 20 June 2016

Familuar Strange - Maths and the Moon- Album Review

One of those moments in music where a new album takes you back to gothic darkwave indie bands of the late 80s. 90s of a high standard with catchy songs, which is a rare feet and nice skill set for a musician to have.  
When i first heard futurist, from Andy Fielder
Luke Taplin, Matt Hirst, within the first 30 seconds my ears picked up like spock from Star Trek
You have, Boomerang, moody guitars, haunting vocals, grinding bass lines. It's all there, like Psych-Seeing, which gets deep down and dirty.  You get nice Acoustics like, The Collector and on the other side of the spectrum,  an epic ten minute vocal /instrumental  in the form of, The Eclipse, 
This album reminded me of one band in particular,  Jesus in Mary Chain. I had not listened to them in some time. As soon as i heard the songs  they reflect them very well. Probably was not the intention, lucky accident perhaps. 
I honestly was not expecting to that. Independent band going through promotion company, Manilla Pr, which i am not a suprise and they should be picked up if they have not already. Thats how good this album is. 
It kind of reminds me of the last time i had this kick, which was from band, Bad Boy Eddy. The sound encompasses every 80s rock band sound and landing on one album, What one band should have done in the 80s.  Maths and Moon have accomplished the same thing, only, with the indie sound

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