Saturday, 16 February 2013

(Non Radio)(Article) E.R

For anyone in England who does not know about this, or at least heard about it but not seen it. E.R or Emergency was created by Michael Crichton. Yes the guy who wrote, Jurassic Park. Until i saw the first season and the documentry, i had no idea why it was so successful and why it lasted 15 seasons.  This is one of the longest running serials i know of on U.S TV and English TV for that matter( It was imported to Channel 4)
The one main reason, why this series got popular so quick, was the pace.  The idea was to have the camera move from room to room, with split seconds of storyline, like you were switching TV channels.  It worked, thats the basic idea behind ER.
In reality, it is also this exhausting and you do get sucked in,....yes, i got sucked in.

 E.R can be compared to the England TV series, casualty.  Casualty has a slower pace than E.R.  Its also very interesting is that E.R has a striking resemblance to
American TV series from the 70s, M.A.S.H.  Its not the setting, but the storylines and many situations. ER was written back in the 70s and at the start it was when Crichton drew experience from his time as a medic. The original script for a film of E.R was written before Jurassic park.  When Jurassic come along, E.R was halted. After the success of the film, everyone went back to what would turn out to be the pilot of a series of E.R.

E.R is one of the best examples i know of where film makers and producers come together to make what was gong to be an unlikely hit. At the time series pace was the decising factor as many year of TV, no one had filmed a series with such pace.  In fact it was a lost art for many years due to script speed and the number of page read out on sets.

The first season won 8 Emmys, thats unheard of.  I now understand how ER made so many movie stars out of people.  The only person i knew of before i come to see E.R and i knew who made his name, was George Clooney. What i didn't know is Ving Rhames was cast in this,  He plays a mechnic and a family member of Benton, series surgeon for few seasons.

The one big suprise so far as i am only into the 4th season on writing this, two main actors from House have appeared.  I will not suprise me if House concept come from E.R, it would make a lot of sense.

Seeing many actors go through the doors, it makes you realise how influential E.R is. Also House  took idea the of sneeking well known actors in for bit roles, story lines and cameos. E.R does this on a regular basis

As E.R unfolds, it makes it very clear the power the series holds.  E.R holds the bar for many medical dramas to come

Thursday, 14 February 2013

( New Release review) Jet Noir - Signs

The Gothic Queen keeps on belting out the Trance beats
This is a fresh cut, solo release, non album, which has been released today, on Valentines Day

Not reserving any punches, deep gritty, Trance magnificence, coming from the darkness of her soul.  Considering many tunes you here these days seem flat and souless, Jet Noir comes from another direction and place and delivers in Trance form.
Builds slowly, drawing you in with a nice rolling thumping beat and well timmed and crafted synths. This tune has a 90s feel to it, reminds you of the dance act Capella. As always, great vocals from Jet Angelic cords

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(Digital release) Silverspark Live ep release

You have 4 wonderfully crafted songs by. Matt Phillips, with great guitar riffs and the angelic tones of Carley Phillips.
This is all Acoustic and great quality for you to enjoy
The songs are:

Something About You, Dangerous Game, Don't Bring Me Down and Light the Fuse

The first 10 sales (When we get the e-,mail through) you will receive a 3 song video segment of the performance
The songs are a mixture of non ep track and acoustic versions of the songs from the ep, Light the Fuse

Sunday, 10 February 2013

(Live Radio Show) Chris Saffle live chat special

To the STAAATION........Music!

Saturday night ( February 9th) We had special guest/ co host, from Texas Prahjektz aka, Chris Saffle

After a 15 year hiatus, Chris returned to music by takling reason.  He likes colaborating with others as he has done with Rachel O' Hara from Among the Echos and on several songs with Chris Oakes of the Strummer Room Project

The one suprise i discovered when i was looking through his Soundclouds, that he has done a lot of covers. I discovered that all his covers he singer them, no samping...yes he can sing
It was a busy night on the Radio Variety Show, with many listeners, including, Ian, from, Among the Echos, asking questions. A few Independent acts were played on the request of Chris, who chose most of the playlist
including, Silverspark, 68-75 and Among the Echos.
He he a big Nick Cave fan, so we played a film clip and a song from, The Proposition
Here is the full uncut show

This was prior to the show, about 2 hours before to test the skype quality. On the spur of the moment i recorded a clip. This is the video introduction of Chris Saffle

Chris is now looking for more colaborations, planning another ep, which is totally different from his current work. They guy works like a slot machine on speed with song...i kid you not ;)

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

(Competition)Radio Variety Show compilation competition

The Radio Variety Show compilation is a prize which will be given away on a radio show once a month

This compilation is not for resale or on any profile sites. The compilation is for a competition prize for someone to win on the Radio Variety Show

In general, the songs can be anything, from a demo, an accapella, spoken word, a score to a film, live song, studio track or an unreleased demo, old or new,anything
You can send it in Wav or the highest quality possible

The compilation can be linked to an album launch a gig, there are many possibilities.
This was never about just pulling loads of songs together, this is music promotion and giving something back to fans

Since we started and aired the March edition on 11th, we have had great feedback from the live show and on Facebook. Thanks to Lisa Ann for the poster

The March compilation

These are the artists on the March compilation. You can also buy from many artists as well

Deborah Bed

Suicyanide ( John Mc Aleese) 
Acoustic/ Punk

Naked Lunch -

Blackdoghat -
Drown in Me

Among the Echos -
Alternative ambient pop rock

Silverspark - Pop Rock band
Don't Bring me Down

Jet Noir.
Trance queen of Oxfordshire
Like a Circle

Paul Dj Readman
Acoustic Comedy
Pirates in My Sink ( Original)

Maini Sorri
Swedish pop queen,
Please go Away ( Rock Mix)

American Funk Rockers
I Got a Feeling

After the Pageant
English experimental electrico
Pain of Reason

American Electro producer, website
Gonna Be a Hangin

Beachy Head Music Club
Funk pop loungers from Brighton.
All Women a Beautiful

Kreative Souls
Acoustic vocal rap
Fly Away

Jake Ozzie 
Trending Topic

Little Stevie
Acoustic Rock
Standing ontop of Light Years
The Strummer Room Project
Rap, Rock, experiental
Puskar Strum
Rattlin Bone
Swamp Blue
Buzzy Heavy
Your Miserable
Better than Ever

20 artists contributed to this first March edition of the compilation compeition. Many thanks to everyone who submitted a song
American music fan, Lisa Ann, won the March compilation

To submit to Aprils compilation

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

(Radio Variety Show) 68-75. Giskard(Featured) Jet Noir, Silverspark

Oh yes, it was packed February evening on the Radio Variety Show

We had some treats from some talented artists from U.K, and American
We also had a busy night listener wise from Europe, Canada, American and England

Played a brand new tune fro, Jet Noir. This was an exclusive, of the press from the Gothic godess of Trance. You can hear the song 30 minutes in

Silverspark heard everyone and recorded a video. This is actually on Youtube and Facebook, but managed to get the audio. This is a new song, which is 45 minutes into the show

Featured band- Giskard

From England, and a really nice suprise with the electro cross rock style and the front female singer.  i have mentioned on several interviews recently and it now seems we are getting submission in this vein. 5 piece band from Lincolnshire, U.K with a new album released either for free or to donate what you can afford via bandcamp

68-75 - Open Show Promotion

We continue opening the show with a song by theese fine American funk rockers. Suzy, is always around in the crowd, enjoying the songs played. We played some of the long playlist she sent us from the interview last week, so we included a few.
Talking of Bandcamp from last Thursday( When i interviewed the band) the also have a 4 track ep on Bandcamp ,go check it out

Now.....for the show......

Sunday, 3 February 2013

( Non Radio) (Article) X factor style Wrestling

I have recently been watching, The legends of wrestling on Youtube. This is a panel of wrestlers young and old, talking on various wrestling subjects, like the Canadian effect and families

In this modern age, wrestling has got really weak, in terms of content and i often wondered why. Have the companies had to calm things down on screen due to their audience getting younger?

I went to Youtube and watched some documentries and i found a few things that changed wrestling attitudes. The real wresting as in chain wrestling, or mat wrestling as its called, is the original wrestling.  This dates back to when wrestling first started and circus acts, upto the 1920s.  The first turning point and death of actual wrestling, was when someone printed the ' All will tell' of wrestling.
Over the next few years, wrestling went back to territories, but something else was changing.. Wrestlers we becoming actors.  From real wrestling to performance wrestling
At the start, matches were very long, upto a few hours.  This put audiences off and attendences decreased.
After the war, attendences picked up again, with wrestling gimics. Then wrestling slowed down again, as people got tired of it. Wrestling has also never been classed as a sport, which is what i thought it was, but not. I sport is classed as a sport, when there is competition to win.  With wrestling people do win belts and matches, but its more scripted.

The turning point for wrestling and has stayed to this day was TV. Because of pervious failing to hold audience, wrestling, combined with acting and the wrestlers own personality was the thinking of all company from the last 70s onwatds  People say 'fake wrestling'..well you still get wrestling, but its more on performance than win.  Its planned out to a degree but like a football match, you can't predict what is going to happen 100%, it would take the fun out of it.

The main audience don't know what they are talking about and only register what they see on screen.  I am always fasinated with history with subject i am interested in. I have loved wrestling since the late 80s when English wrestling was very popular. When that was axed, i found out American wrestling and at first, i did not like it as its was not what i was used to.  Maybe the English wrestling was not all that different to what i thought it was, but english wrestling was  and looked more undergroun.

There is more than one wrestling business, but because of TV, they mostly relied on the performance side of the business. With the exceptions of ECW, which bought back the real wrestling and went extreme, but due to bad management at the end, it closed down, which was really unfortunate.

I agree with what Jerry' The king' Lawer, who mentioned in a recent interview about people wanting the return of the attitude era. He said( Something like) 'People want the attutide ara back. But when they see someone get hurt, they get upset. You can't have it both ways.
 You have to put bums on seats, sell tickets and sell to networks...thats the way it goes

Dj Readman....wrestling fan

Website now Facebook

Well its seems i spoke to soon.
The website i have for music, which went down due to the domain expiring.. well.
I got a new domain to work a few weeks ago, only trouble is i can only access the homepage to edit and thats it.

Although a website, is supposed to be the central point of website, for the moment i am using Facebook and these blogs

This is the new logo( Right) i created. I love using brick wall backgrounds

This is on the facebook and i will use this to introduce any new friends i get on Facebook

The picture on Facebook as n the description, all the links to the other albums. These albums contain the live radio show and recorded radio show news and link, music review, radio promotions as so on

To the Faaaacebook......Music!

Friday, 1 February 2013

68 -75 Radio Special and music

To the!

Thursday night was 70s rock night, which was carried in style by American Funk Rocker  from Atlanta, Georgia

We had a chat with Andrew ( Guitar) and Suzanne (Singer) of the band, talking about their music, writing and favourite bands.
We played some of their own music, including fan favourites, Trail of the Dead and Playing with Fire.

Was a very successful evening

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