Thursday, 7 February 2013

(Competition)Radio Variety Show compilation competition

The Radio Variety Show compilation is a prize which will be given away on a radio show once a month

This compilation is not for resale or on any profile sites. The compilation is for a competition prize for someone to win on the Radio Variety Show

In general, the songs can be anything, from a demo, an accapella, spoken word, a score to a film, live song, studio track or an unreleased demo, old or new,anything
You can send it in Wav or the highest quality possible

The compilation can be linked to an album launch a gig, there are many possibilities.
This was never about just pulling loads of songs together, this is music promotion and giving something back to fans

Since we started and aired the March edition on 11th, we have had great feedback from the live show and on Facebook. Thanks to Lisa Ann for the poster

The March compilation

These are the artists on the March compilation. You can also buy from many artists as well

Deborah Bed

Suicyanide ( John Mc Aleese) 
Acoustic/ Punk

Naked Lunch -

Blackdoghat -
Drown in Me

Among the Echos -
Alternative ambient pop rock

Silverspark - Pop Rock band
Don't Bring me Down

Jet Noir.
Trance queen of Oxfordshire
Like a Circle

Paul Dj Readman
Acoustic Comedy
Pirates in My Sink ( Original)

Maini Sorri
Swedish pop queen,
Please go Away ( Rock Mix)

American Funk Rockers
I Got a Feeling

After the Pageant
English experimental electrico
Pain of Reason

American Electro producer, website
Gonna Be a Hangin

Beachy Head Music Club
Funk pop loungers from Brighton.
All Women a Beautiful

Kreative Souls
Acoustic vocal rap
Fly Away

Jake Ozzie 
Trending Topic

Little Stevie
Acoustic Rock
Standing ontop of Light Years
The Strummer Room Project
Rap, Rock, experiental
Puskar Strum
Rattlin Bone
Swamp Blue
Buzzy Heavy
Your Miserable
Better than Ever

20 artists contributed to this first March edition of the compilation compeition. Many thanks to everyone who submitted a song
American music fan, Lisa Ann, won the March compilation

To submit to Aprils compilation

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  1. Awesome i might enter the competition meself having heard just some of the artists featured on here on Thursday :-)