Tuesday, 5 February 2013

(Radio Variety Show) 68-75. Giskard(Featured) Jet Noir, Silverspark

Oh yes, it was packed February evening on the Radio Variety Show

We had some treats from some talented artists from U.K, and American
We also had a busy night listener wise from Europe, Canada, American and England

Played a brand new tune fro, Jet Noir. This was an exclusive, of the press from the Gothic godess of Trance. You can hear the song 30 minutes in

Silverspark heard everyone and recorded a video. This is actually on Youtube and Facebook, but managed to get the audio. This is a new song, which is 45 minutes into the show

Featured band- Giskard

From England, and a really nice suprise with the electro cross rock style and the front female singer.  i have mentioned on several interviews recently and it now seems we are getting submission in this vein. 5 piece band from Lincolnshire, U.K with a new album released either for free or to donate what you can afford via bandcamp

68-75 - Open Show Promotion

We continue opening the show with a song by theese fine American funk rockers. Suzy, is always around in the crowd, enjoying the songs played. We played some of the long playlist she sent us from the interview last week, so we included a few.
Talking of Bandcamp from last Thursday( When i interviewed the band) the also have a 4 track ep on Bandcamp ,go check it out

Now.....for the show......

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