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The Vinyls interview- Monday 26th November

Yes, we have another LIVE band interview. This time via Skype,
                                                                     The Vinyls
This was set up for broadcast on Thursday ( November 22nd) But the stream did not like us on that day and decided to throw are a reschedule was in order

The band

Discovered by Stephanie Wright of,New Music Connection, after her live interview on the same week.  The Vinyl are a 4 piece band from Brighton / London,  England have got a great, English sound
Their Facebook

The Show
As advertised the first time, this will be broadcast through Music World Radio, then, Channeled though New Usb radio, DJ Hankypark Radio, Dm radio and Gr Broadcasting.
This an Independent Show with the first 30 minutes of the show, with various artists all Independent.
The 8.30pm til10pm we will have chatting to two members of the band, play music from their stunning album, The Catch and running a competition

The Competition

4 people have the chance for 4 spaces on the guest list of the gig The Vinyl are performing at.
This gig is organised and hosted by Tune breaker and New Music Connection. The gig is in London on 27th November 2012

                                                                  The radio poster

The Show is now available to listen to here
You can also download the mixcloud app, via google play here, to listen to the show on the go

                                   New Usb                                                 Music World Radio

The Show

Buena Vista

This was a company, which is the side name for a disney distribute film company
I was watching a channel i am subscibed to, The Multimedia Chronicles, the other night and Sean, he that run the channel bought this company name up.
Aparantly, Mill Creek, which is a dvd distribution company who are well know for releasing low budget Public domain films, main Speghetti Westerns have now touched on films by Buena Vista, which are copy righted films
Usually, Mill Creak release really cheap DVDs and as you are going to expect with cheap sets, the quality is not top notch.

New releases

The new string of releases is from Buena Vista and includes a mixture of b moveies and some other movies that had theatrical releases, but not as well known and released them. This because Buena Vista are no longer bothered with the films
Mill Creek have released 4 movies on 2 DVD sets and 2 films on blueray.  I did wonder,why they only released two films on the Blue Ray, when the discs have more space on them??

You have Hollywood Homicide( Harrison Ford and fine film) and Hudson Hawk( Bruce Willis, not the best film, but still a major release), which may not be the most popular films, but well known all the same on the same DVD and many other on Blueray

Mill Creek site

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Actors Studio Tom Criuse

I have seen many of these on Youtube a its the right place to see actors, not acting.  Last night i saw the one with Tom Cruise.
One thing i learned from watching this, is that his name is not fake, its his own.  He has got four birth names, but Tom Cruise is his first and second name. I always thought Cruise was odd and always thought he changed it for acting, like any actors and musicians do, but on this occasion their real.
I have not seen all of Toms films, although i have seen Top Gun. Jerry Maguire, and all the Mission Impossible films.  I always wondered how in the hell Tom Cruise got into film because he started in his early 20s

He bought a lot out here, i did not know what to expect. I was very impressed by what he was saying and had no idea he was that involved in making films. I knew he makes money every time he released a picture and knew he has got total control over the MI films, but i wanted to find out more.
This was filmed round about the same time. The Samurai was released and they talked about his earlier work a great deal.
Tom Cruise, may have a peter pan complex as he seems to not age even though its nearly 50 now and he has an ego, well who doesn't, but i was very impressed.
The one thing i noticed and not many actors do in this series is talk to the audence and John lipton like it was a huge family.  Cruise likes being around people and he said that with his films, bh makes way for other actors in his films. He make get top billing as he has been producing every film he has been in practically for over 10 years. but he did say, you have got to communicate with everyone and let everyone breath.

His favourite thing is laughter and he was doing that a lot. I know that he threw everyone which is antics with is last wife, but in film he is 3000% commited and does a lot of research before every film.

Interview with a vampire was mentioned, not much, which was amusing and John said, Ann Rise did not like the idea either.  He said it was fun to play...who wouldn't want to play a vampire.

The other point that struke me is that he said he is rich, like its a joke, but does not take a fee immediately, depends on how the films does.  Obviously he strikes deals and people know who he is, but he does put a lot of work into films

I like the fact that the company hired a local threatre for the studients to watch, The last Samuria
The actors studio interview

New submission Nick Edward Harris

First submission through a Twitter message i released earlier today
Great guitarist and recordings from Nick Edward Harris based in London.
I like Acoustic stuff, but it has to be different or just sound nice, this does
We have got songs, Flood and Trap door from his new album Folie A Deux released on December 15th

We will be playing Nicks music from Monday 18th November

The Chart Show

Why the chart exists

For you the musician and its fun to broadcast.
I have been wanting to broadcast a chart show for years, but i can't broadcast it all the time. It reminds me of Top of the Pops where you get different presenter on occasion, this is the same here.

Why nominate and why get people to vote

It is a big promotion and shows members of the public are voting and perhaps buying your songs as well.  Reason a profile is connected to the chart list under ' Visit' and the station gets a lot of traffic.
Created well over 2 years ago and one of the most popular shows on Music World Radio.
When people want to contribute and help in part see you succeed and yes there are good people out there, other than the jealous buggers out there, they want to help and this is one of those ways.

Number one

Like all charts, there is a number one placing.  Like any other chart this is the highest place in the chart and means the public really like what you are doing.  The prize for being at the top, is nowing that people are bothering and knowing your song is there and are perhaps buying your song. There are many reasons why people are voting and the station makes it easier for everyone how to vote

How it works

The background work is not easy, but it makes life a lot easier up front. If you have voted, you will notice, you do not have to login or register, just go to the page and click to vote.  The entire chart system is also within the website.  Many times i have seen register voting systems on website and it is very irritating.  I have seen musicians complain about lack of votes and i have told them because of the system the site has got.  Who really knows their login information for a website? 9 time out of 10. not many.  Reason it is set up this way, because people just do not want the hassle and neither do we as time is stretched enough a it is


Amazingly, this confuses a lot of people.  The reason i say that it because so many people ask. This is not reading whats on the website.  Also different words are interpreted differently in other languages

A song that is nominated /submitted ( Same thing), you goto the form that is built for this on the website.  You type in the band name, title of the song, a link to a music profile site that has your basic musician information on and that has the song you submitted to the chart. You also and this in important, which 95% of artists miss, you send the mp3 for us to download so it can be played
Alternatively you use this e-mail chart@musicworldradio, if you have trouble uploading your song to the form


Not everything is chart worthy. We do get bad music.  It is an Alternative chart, not a X factor contest.  We do not exept recording of people bagging cuts instruments, anything related to DJ hero, or just anything, crap.  Not many songs get rejected but it does happen.

Bubbly Upcomers

This is section under the top 20, with all the song that have been newly submitted to the chart. There is no deadline for submitting, but the list for that week is arranged Thursday night for the list on Friday night for when the chart is broadcast. This section is freshed every Friday night after the chart is broadcast around 11pm English time for YOU the good public to vote

Top 20 chart

Every song on in this chart started with zero votes in the Bubbly Upcomers list. They then get voted in throughout the week after the chart. The deadline is the Thursday after and then all songs that have enough votes, break through into the chart as a new entry
There is no fixing, rigging or anything else going on.  The votes are cast by the public, one vote per person, per Ip address, thats the maximum.  And when the chart is broadcast, thats how the system works, simple as that.
There have been shocks oh yet, but the simple fact remains if a song stays in the chart for more than 30 weeks, it is very popular

Who submits

Anyone can submit a song, as long as they tell the artists they are submitting it. Many a time a fan submits a song, yet the song goes nowhere. It is ok to submit a song, but its good for the fan to mention it to the artist they like that they have submitted that song to the chart.  All musician are notified when they are nominated and in the chart by the presenter of the show a few hours before the chart broadcast, but when a fan submits a song for the chart, it would be good to have contact that they know the musician regularly checks, otherwise there is no movement

The voting system

Promoting your song?  You have to plug every week.  People do forget to vote or like to be reminded of it. I have experienced this with my own music and you have to keep reminding people. The voting system is week by week. If you think voting one week and thats it, nope, your going to see you song drop like a fly.
The chart system holds the votes for one week, then after the broadcast, everything goes back to  zero.

Voting starts @ 11pm Friday evening

Even though i have spelt this out on e-mail and in general, we still get asked. or we get ' I can't see the song'  Please read the webpages provided for the chart. Magick, the station boss, recently revised the instructions on the topchoons pages as people we getting confused
After every live chart show broadcast people can start voting again on the chart and the new songs submitted that week on the ' Bubbly upcomers ( Mentioned above)

Seriously if you still have questions, you are not reading the webpage

We are all volunteers

Although the chart is a success, it takes time and man hours to put into place.  Many people to not release the time is does take.  Everyone involved in the chart one way or another volunteers their time to do background work or present, no one gets paid.  you can donate, but no idea if anyone does, or they might put i do not know

To vote for any songs in the chart   here
The top 20 and Bubbly Upcomer chart ( View version)  This is where all songs have profile links here

Promote Your song

I expect some musicians expect the station to do all the promotional work, but we do not. If you do, pay us and we will. Many band are really good at promoting the chart. Andy Heard is an English musicians been in the chart over 20 week and has a Facebook group up for is and has good following
American Rockers, Bigtalkahh also do great promotion on the Facebook and have fantastic artwork for it

Band radio features

Ever since i started doing live radio broadcast you highlight a band. Something stands out or you get a good submission in or you come across a good live set
This can be any style and sound, but the sound at is chosen, is because we like or or we know both i and the audience will like

Main feature

Its a good idea to have an album release or lengthy ep.  We also ask for any live song as its good idea to mix up the audio so that people get an idea what you sound like in the studio and on stage.  This can be upto 4 songs, every half hour or so, depends how long the song are. We leave it open to so that people can request songs they like of the artist

Independent Show

On Thursday nights we have colaborated with New Usb, who promote the Independent scene. We choose an act or two for the show. When more than one act is chosen for a main feature we play the songs back to back. This show is broadcast as normal to the station i am actually with, Music World Radio, the Raymond, head of New Usb, pipes it through his stations, which is another four.

For more information
Contact me, DJ Readman
Or Raymond Rowe

Thankyou for reading

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Social Media Update

Over the last week i have been changing things around due to website problems.
I finally got a domain to work for the website, the trouble is i can't edit the website for some reason.  For the moment, everything goes on Facebook and these blogs

Facebook Group

This is the Facebook version of the website for the moment. My page is fine, but i wanted to a group to put music review and many other documents
i have been transfering music reviews from my website, which i can still access, to my Facebook group. There link this blog to the documents section so as not to over crowd the group


Facebook page

I have mentioned this before, but this is where all the radio content, as in show posters, news on the wall, promotions, and links with posters on the Radio Variety Show album to mixcloud shows. This is used for my own recording links as well.  Although i am keeping a few things for the group above

Facebook Page


As i said above, i finally got a domain address to work. The first one i went for at, which is a free domain service, disappeared, or more to the point was not activated, but no communication on that either. So i did not bother with them and went with .tk, which i had heard of for the last couple of years
This is the link, here

That is all for now

Dj Readman :)

( Album Review ) Greta's Bakeryy - Edge of Everything

Album Review
Greta's Bakery
Edge of Everything
Jazz/ Pop
Itian/ American

The style of the 80s Swing out Sister crossed with Sade pop, brought to the modern audience with a slice of Latino.'

That sums up this album. I thought i would never hear this sound again after Swing Out SIster began the trend back in the 80s.  After a spate of Pop acts recently from Synth to bubblgum pop, the threesome, Italian beauty with a voice to match, Greta Panettieri,
Andrea Sammartino and on the keys and Mike LaValle on the bass and guitar really bring the sprit of Jazz Pop into the modern times.
Starting with, Give up the Ghost, is the most commercia of the albums song, which is very reminscent of Swing out Sister and the opening of the album, just cries out Sade.
Aurora, which is actually sung in Greta's native language, which is Italian.  There are covers on this album ,which are produced to a degree, you wouldn't recognise them, which is a challange in itself. From Prototype( Black Eyes Peas) to Se Telefonando originally co-written by legendary soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone.
You like Pop, like Swing out Sister and sade tyle, this is perfect  Seriously, you can't get any better than this
Signed to Decca U.S currently, but are looking for gig and promotion in the U.K

(Album Review) Clockwise- Faders on Stun

Album Review
Faders on Stun

Opens with Opposite Attack, like a blur/ Oasis 90s feel with the vocals and nice guitar solo. A lot of English sounds to the song, simple and nice harmony throughout.
This sets the tone with punk, rock styles with the pop overlay.  The band travelling to Liverpool has definitely had an impact on Claudes songwriting, who is also the lead vocalist.  You hear a lot of influences from Aztec Camera and nice touch with the stranglers style keyboard sounds on Boom Town
This is their Third album from the band, flows very well from one pop song to the next.  For a modern album.  it's like a capsule back in time. The guitar riffs, with the basslines and the drum loops really makes you feel like you are listening to an Aztec Camera style pop music for the 00s

( Album review) Rattlin Bone - Life and Death of

Album review
Rattlin Bone
Swamp Blues

This is a music project from three people: Wily Bo Walker, Karena K and Lil Neill

Want to sum up this album up in one line?
Like Tom Waits with a Blues Orchestra......

General review

The scene is set...Rain pouring down outside and your sat lounging in a smokey bar while the band is playing.  This will remind you of Tom Waits, especially with the husky voice and the style of music.
The Life and Death of is an old style Blues for the next generation.  Harking back to the 40s-50s, in a solo performing way not big band and nice steady basslines.  The male singer, Wily, does sound like a drunken Tom Waits, husky voice, like he's being held up by a piano in a bar. With Karena on the backing vocals and Lil on the Trombone
The album introduces the husky voice with Shoot me Down and the backing singer (Only studio one), Karena K.
Great arrangement, from trombones to triangles.  In places, sounds like segment from a 60's spy thriller.  From Shoot me Down to I'm Going Home, the same style all the way through and by the time the last song ends, you would have finished drinking you beer and to go home, but the music will never leave you, neither will the bar

(Album review) The Cherry Bluestorms - Transit of Venus

The Cherry Bluestorms
Transit of Venus
Rock Pop

Not many albums come your way that honestly grab your attention very quickly.  Transfit of Venus, has a great title,  which, for a change is not taken from an album track title.   This is one of the best albums in this style i have heard in some time.
Bringing an energy and warmth and atmosphere, which honestly you don't get much from a lot of modern music.
The one part of the album i think stands out is the harmony sang on several songs.  This works very well between Deborah and Glen as they sing in two different tones.  This also works as it is not over used and only on particular songs. Daisy Chain is one and Fear of Gravity where the  harmony is only on the chorus.  There are slow ballads and more faster passed songs, like, The Mirror Cracked.
Songs intros are a running theme thoughout the album. The song, Here, has Glen going through a guitar effects peddle of the first minute of the song, with Deborah singing, then the drums kick in and the song opens.

You have several songs with a simular idea, like, Awakening. 
This opens with, what i call, a baby chime for the first 30 seconds, very different.  All the songs have catchy riffs that pull you in, which is apparent in every song.  The band have a Pop Rock style, but it could be Acoustic Electric Rock, but it doesn't matter. The music glides along very nicely. Glen recorded the album in his studio and then took it to someone to mix down.  
The one suprise is Baby, Your a Rich Man, which opens the album and one of a couple of faster passed songs.  This is actually a Beatles cover, which i never noticed, but its not a carbon copy of the original, which is always refreshing.   The song has got a very catchy opening, which might be recognisable, but the rest of the song makes you think ' Have i heard this before'?
From Baby Your a Rich man, the only cover, to the apt, Departure, as its the last song on the album, fantastic album, ment to be played as a whole album.  In terms of comparisons i would say is The Pretenders, if you have never heard the music before.  Kind of the same style, but i will everyone else to decide...

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Independent Variety Show, yes or no?

For a very long time, a well as other ideas, i have been wanting to do just an Independent show. I get submissions all the time and i always leave the gate open for listeners request, which could mean anything.
I don't mind doing that, but i know from feedback from Thursday show, people like the Independent stuff more than say Depeche Mode or the Pet Shop Boys.
Because i do two shows a week, one can be left open and the other can be Independent only

Whats Independent

This is small record labels seperate from independent corporations and musicians going it alone. Many are going it alone though donation sights which is beginning to become a trend and very successful from what i have seen.
Many musicians to not like the strangehold of a big record label, but then again record labels are there for a reason as some musicians just do not know how to promote themselves

The Show

Other than changing my show name and adding film and other content along the way, my shows have stayed the same. The only difference is more Independent music has been coming through. This is mainly through social media networking.
It is possible to broadcast a two hour show with just Independent music as many i have are of a good standard.  The other reason i mix up the content is so that listeners have a choice of requesting as many independent acts are less well know, unless they have a fanbase
The Independent show will be the dualcast with New Usb as that was the idea in the first place

I put it to the listeners

Yes =  For one mixed content show and one Independent show
No =  Leave shows as they are

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Music i like

I love music, Rock, pop, soul, drum & bass, god know how many other style and sounds.   One of the best albums i have heard in the past year has been Rattlin Bone, great swamp Blues. Another artists is Vinnie Zummo from American, and probably one of the very people that got me to like Country, as in the old fashioned country. These sound make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I like music from the 30s right through to now, some awsome music around and i am hearing new stuff every time.
Over the past 10 years, music and musicians has seen a vast change in the industry, not all through lack of sales either, which i think the press would make you believe

Its not the making money that ruins music or various formats,  its what ruins, creativity, imagination just plan great sounds buy producing utter crap music.
Sometimes, i wonder, is it because i am 20 years older then when i listened to the top 40 back in the early 90s. I then go to youtube, listen to music or what i have in my collection and the answer is no, my taste is still as broad as it every was,  Its the utter mindless crap that gets produced that squashes the real musicians who are trying to earn a living...yes, thats right, their crafts people like carpenters

There are a few things that matter with music, a good recordings, an original idea,  good writing and just musicians that communicate with fans and that whats grabs my attention and why a like a lot of independent music

I got into radio to listen to all kind of music, meet other musicians and promote any way i can with a zero budget and i have a real nack of interviewing, which i have great feedback from, from musicians and listeners who have been suprised.  I buy music and get music to promote, which i have :)

In the early days i listened to my parients collection which was, The Beatles on one side and The Rolling stones on the other, which i thought later on was amusing.
Later on, i got hooked onto the drug induced music geniuses of their time. The Doors, Floyd, Hendrix, the stuff that i always thought my parients missed out on, which i found strange, i don't know why as they lived through the era.
Later on, i found out about radio presenter, John Peel on radio one, one of the most famous for playing just about any type of music that as not factory pressed. I thought  my music taste was broad, but,  no that opened the floadgates.   That was it, thats what kicked my music into 5th gear in, seriously

Eclectic music, is the art form of music, no two ways about it.  I like pop music, always have done, always will, but the bone structure of music is the artist.

Over the last few years, music has really gone through a mindbending change and the tape has been rewind 60 years.

Before Rock n Roll, there was Classical and Opera, where all the whitecoats controled the music. That is until Radio Caroline hit and transformed the world, well at least, England.  That being the said, the music from the early 50s right thought to i would says the mid 70s i all studio thats used to record Classic and Opera music, reason for much of the music from the period being so well recorded.  Radio Caroline,  transformed the the lives of mainly people in England, because at the time, we only heard what they wanted you to hear .  RC, may have lost the battle in the 60's by the goverments stupidity, but music lives on.  Today we are going through kind of thing, gain, only this time its the battle the underground against, lets face it utter crap pop though TV music and contests.
A musician said to me recently, its the underground stations that keeps music going.

What has shocked me over the past year is the shear incompetence of huge record labels that have gone burning down. This is not through sales but constant buyouts of other companies. More  recently was a label / distributer, were stupid enough to not pay a huge bill and again, not due to lack of sales.  When i was reading up about EMI for example, seriously, the most well known music company everyones heard, crashed and burned, what a bunch of idiots, i couldn't believe it i was pretty shocked

X factor.
The Kyptonite of music

I saw that typed on Facebook, thought was funny,lol

My assumption for the creation of the X factor was a new form of music contest. The term X factor was not just created for the show, its an actual term. You can have a band that are good, but for some reason, there is something missing, get another and they get a reaction out of you within seconds, thats the X factor, of many people liking the same band, who feel something. Not because a woman fancies the lead singer or lead women in the band is hot( That goes on way too much), but they like the song.  Now, this is a great TV, for a while, not saying its not a bad idea,  the only problem here is not many are talented people that go on there and really makes bad TV and must embarrass many people.  Yes, if you can get on stage and don't muck up, thats good, but then you are only on stage 2 minutes and sing a cover you have been practising in the bathroom, thats not talent.  If you were performing at a concert it would be reaching two hours and if you can handle that, thats a talent in itself.  Not many people can take the stress of being thrown around like a rag doll, and yes you are.  Its emense hard work and i would asume that they record covers is far less risky than someone singing their own song on stage. What would happen if that actually happened, would the label contracted to sign the winner be too scared to have sales, probably as many can't write. Also great classics are ruined by being recycled by wannabes who have not got a single note in their body, its scandlous in many cases.
There have been many talent contests over the years, trouble is many people like seeing an underdog win and of course the show has done deals with labels, reason why labels are struggling in the first place.
One of the labels that i respect and never got involved with this rubbish, is Mute Records. Been going for many years and many signed and do well, so whats the idea with rubbish talent on TV winning contracts. Many might say, oh look at her shes famous, well yes, but she was a major undergod, who had to recorded two albums of covers before she began to record her own material, that of course is with writers.  Could she actually write her own music to start with?. I can understand why many complain about the X factor, is just TV plastic, nothing more.

The musician show battle against the tide of crap

In terms of modern music, i have heard far superior recordings. from musicians, solo artists song writers in the past 6 years from Independent and underground than anything the X factor has produced. I am not just talking about Dark music, like Drum and bass, happy Hardcore and rap, i am talking about many different sounds from many countries, which, until the internet came along, you never really got a chance to hear.  X factors consists of pop music, which is turned into a Karaoke contest for TV.  I love pop music, which is short for popular, then listen to the music on the internet, which is where the talent is
The other side of the coin with TV music, its making money,....well, that not true either
Many people say, its what sells, Well about 95% of artists that win or come second or 3rd place on contacts,  get signed, disappear in the first 6 months to a year, i don't call that success, its a big con.  I feel sorry for some people with talent who go on there to win a contract.  I don't blame people for trying but many want a quick fix and its not going to happen.
The other reason for not liking this contest, is no original material is used or a mixture of people coming along with their own song and the odd cover.   If you have good voice, can play an instrument well, yes someone at some point is going to pick up a cover, but create your own.  Yes, your going be influenced, but create your own from that. Don't ripp the artists who spent years creating something thats just gold.
I love music, i do not like recycled rubbish

Crap quality music

I like quality recordings, but i am not a huge fan of digital music.  Different formats come and go and some stay.  I don't mind any format music comes in as long as it doe not ruined the music  
Since the human race found a way to record music onto something, digital music is the most recent.  The only major problem is compression and tampering.
I know music is on CDs are compressed, but at least you have an album on CD that can't be altered. A vinyl is on a 12" piece of plastic and music on a CD is a 5" in piece of plastic. Cds may sound clean, but the second most compressed format in history.
A song in mp3 is like chopping a widescreen film to pan and scan, then again, your not getting the sound that was recorded into the studio.  Wav, which most, if not all musicians use to record their music in, where in the studio is the closest to what you want to hear. Wav is uncompressed, you get the quality of all the instruments, you favourite singer, in that song.  Wav is the closest to live in a studio
Mp3s have their place, go to promote and distribute but not to sell if you want to give fans the sound they want to hear.  I know musicans create music they want to listen to but many like it as well. In general the mp3 format is the worst in history.  Also, digital music will not gain value either, its is worth nothing. Other than merchanside, vinyl and CDS which will gain value, they always will.


I like to have choice. I prefer to buy a CD or a vinyl, than an mp3, because i am fan of real music. I sometimes buy the t- shirt or hoody if i like the band that much and support them and on occasion see live.  I have noticed ever since mp3 got popular, the choice you can choose to hear music have been reduced, Not many bands, unless their on label like music have their songs on CD, vinyl and mp3s.  Yes it costs money to press, but yet if you want the fans, like me to have more choice, then you give them what they want.  After all, their ones buying your music

Usually, if i can't buy a vinyl, i get a CD and if i can't get the CD i usually wait.  I don't like being forced to only buy an mp3 from a band, because they say it cheaper.  Music, like i  said above is a craft, and at some point it turns into a business, that means, you have to put money into it and get it back

Your favourite bands are crafts people

Say, you have just discovered a band, i do all the time, and  you think, oh i can get that for free off a torrent.  Why would you do that to someone who has created something?  a musicians has a tool, called an instrument, like tool a carpenter has or a mechanic fixing your car, they are on this planet to make a living.  Musicians are no different.  Many people have been on about this, especially on social media.  I like many bands, i went to see American Rock band Soil last year, we got vip tickets, but we paid for train and the hotel to stay overnight and we would have bought a hoody, but there were not online and did not have the money at the gig, otherwise i would have Soil hoody :)
Also the band are always online because without fans they would not be around. That being said they have made an effort and have been on the scene 17 years
The internet is always going to be good and bad for music. I don't like it when i can't find a CD from a band or clothes that i want to buy. I do get free music from bands because i promote them on radio, but i do buy as well

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


At the very start of radio broadcasting i wanted to put the shows somewhere after i had broadcast, uncut. This is not edited, just as the show as was broadcast, unless the net goes down, which we cut out, aside from that, as is

It took us some time to find somewhere that had no limit( When free) and had a play capability through an app.

Why not downloadable
Also, i never have my podcasts for download due to my mixture of Independent and big names on my playlists and listeners like requesting and so fourth.   when i have a guest there can be a special downloadable version made available, but that takes time( Don't get paid for this)

Where we have been and still are
With these facts in mind, we found Podomatic first, which takes 5 two hour shows for free as long as the shows are uploaded from the original recorded file.(We have recorded interviews still on this) Then we discovered the mighty Soundcloud. This is great place, but you have to replace the show week by week and they have a two hour limit(Still use it for uploading submissions).
We were honestly getting fed up of uploading and replacing when the limit was maxed out, that is until we come across, MIXCLOUD


I found this through a drum & bass dj, then as you might expect, i thought hmm, are there limitations, and do fourth.  Mixcloud might not be perfect but its the first site for uploading shows i have come across, that is free. no limit to time, or number of shows. You have to put up a playlist, which is fine. Finally, ,they have an app you can listen to them on. great

What we do with podcasts

First we upload the show, then we upload the post which consists of various artists images they have sent us and they use for promoting an album, a single, or just general images.
We have a title, which has changes as recently MC updates prevent putting up the same title twice, which is fine.  We then upload the embed player to a blog and website( When we have hours back) the link goes to all main featured artists and poster and link to the photo album on your Facebook and group

Artists versions

When we have guests on and uploaded the full version of mixcloud, it is possible to re-edit the show for just the artist and fans.  We have have done this just for uploaded purposes, but this was stopped to save time.  Edited audio does take longer then people think Its not just cutting out non artist music, its making is smooth and editing down their songs as well, which is usually half the length( Depends on the artist)
We charge for this as we do not have the time to do it.  Everything else is free
Its only £10 for a reedit and the artist can decide what they want left in and out
This process can take a couple of ours maximum and some of this is donated to the radio station as well
Our mixcloud



At the moment you can only download mixcloud app through Google Play. The full version is not out for the app store yet
                                                For iphone ( Beta)  

To submit music

Any style, any sound, On the subject bar, but submitted via blog( depends where you saw it)

Thankyou for reading

DJ readman

Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday Radio Variety Show: Vegas with Randolph and more

First radio show plug on a blog( Facebook giving me problems)

Below are the artists featured tonight as well as sounds from the strange and wonderful, yes its that diverse
As always at the top of the show, after the jingle, the Open Show album Promotion artist is played. At the moment, its, Against. All Will. 3rd song from the album, Rhyme or Reason will be played tonight

On the Radio Variety Show tonight, broadcast every week and for the past 4 years on

Altetnatives - Autoplayer Topchoons  myspace

Tonight show we feature the new album, Above the Blue, Rock pop band from V.A, America.


We will be playing at 9pm the new
Rock Mix of Please Go Away
Maini Sorri


Regular, loyal listeners and producer
Chris Saffle
Will be playing some songs of is tonight
which are electro, pop, whatever you like

We will be playing two songs from Helen tonight
The musician from, Aylesbury, U.K


We will also playing many other artists and taking requests
You can request any artist featured

Want to submit music for radioplay?
Late submission
Two songs from Oxford Punk label
Rivet Gun Records

Welcome to my blog

Just realised i had not done an introduction

At the moment i am using this more as i have no website with a domain address. For some reason that has got lost in the mists of the net.

This blog is a great way to type about films music and also music reviews, and things that i want to talk about in those areas.   It has been pretty popular so far and i have linked people to this and linked the blog to Facebook

Many people do this, so i thought why not???

I am going to put up more music submissions up, which go on my Facebook anyway. As i said above, i will be using this for music review, which have images, and links to various artists sites

My website will be back up this week at some point, but here i can read the numbers, which is pretty cool

You can leave comments below and there will be blogs on are regular basis.

My Facebook  E-mail Fb group  Radio station

Sunday, 11 November 2012

House(TV series)

Utilise the blog, why not

We found the 8th series of House last night on a third party channel since the boxset is too much at the moment
Hugh Laurie plays Greggory House. I like the fact charactors have more than one name, give them depth.  Yes, suprise, suprise, Hugh is not American, he even fooled the producers, which includes film maker Bryan Singer ( First X Men)
Anyone who has read his  information on the net. knows that he is an English actor. One of his first screen apearances was with actor and on screen partner( acting capacity) Stephen Fry, yes that Stephen Fry, who worked on and was in, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, which was comedy and series sketchies. The next time they were onscreen together was, Jeeves and Worcester, which is a period drama comedy. Fry, played a genuis bulter and Laurie, played a rich twit, getting into trouble.  Fantastic series.

I did not see anything of the pair on TV for ages, then my wife introduced me to House, i thought, not another hospital drama, which i was fed up of.  I thought, hmm, Hugh Laurie, thats different and i did not recognise anyone else, except, Omar epps, who has been in a few gangster/ hood style related films, which i thought, that was also different

It does not take you long to get hooked to House. I am picky what a watch as its not the only hosptial drivel on TV on either side of the Atlantic, but this was different

After a few epsides, the way the charactor moves and acts it reminded my of Sherlock Holmes.  Even in the behind the scene and making of they realised it was kind of happy accident the relation to both charactors was realised.
The other thing i like about house is how all the charactors interplay and every time there is a guest star, you hardly noticed.  It took me a few minutes to realise Meat Loaf popped up in it even though this name was on the screen.  Some crafty bugger decided to give him three on screen names.  The other suprise was Jennifer Warnes from Dirty Dancing fame, which my wife noticed before i did. Also James Earl Jones and a few others.
I love the sutleness of the series, there is a lot going on,  there are loads of unexpected' What the heck' does, in fact, keep you on the edge of your seat

Hospital drama, you say, really??

Hugh Laurie is a straight actor, in fact he always been a straight play actor.  He not like Lee Evans or stand up comedian. He has dry sense of humour, which is right for the part

Not seen any of what i have just bee talking about, now you can...streamed.
Yes, these all work, yes that is series 8 up there and yes, this is how we are watching it

Watch House

Red Dwarf( Tv Series)

If anyone does not know. Dave, the digital channel, financed the tenth 6 episode series of Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf is a comedy series created by Doug Naylor and Rob Grant, back in the late 80s. Its a mixture of  comedy and Scifi, which upto that point was frowned upon at the time
Seriously, you can not get a better cast
Chris Barrie plays Arnold Rimmer, one of the best impressionists, England has produced. Chris before this was involved in Spiting image. Craig Charles, who i had no idea who he was. found out he was a poet and stand up comedian and plays, Lister, the last human being Alive. One of my favourite and a wicked creation, Cat, played by writer, actor ( In many films as well) Danny don Jules, was formed after millions of year(Right at the beginning in the plot) from Listers pet cat. Last but no means least Robert Llewellyn, writer and actor ,playing Kryton.....yes the guy wears a suit, all the time, in the series

Now for some unknown reason, when series 8 ended, the writers tried their best to finance a film, by remastering the first three seasons(The BBC asked them to do this). This was for foreign markets like Japan, where the quality had to be better( For some reason). There were rumours for years and nothing.  What i can never, for the life of me understand, with the popularity of the series, why on earth could they not fund the movie???

Then, the pain was relieved by ,Back to Earth, being finances, partly by BBC Worldwide and another party( I asuming this was Dave), I like the fact Dave knew they could get an audience, This was the first time Red Dwarf was on screen in ten years, without a live audience. The last time that happened was series 7, other than that, a live audience

After that, preperation were under way for a series X, 9 was a running joke as in technically it was Back to Earth.
I see some trailers on Youtube of the new series and people were commenting on the actors age. Now the charactor, Rimmer, is hologram. Yes Chris Barrie is older, but to be honest, not much you can do about it unless you plaster him with laters of makeup.  But he looks better than  Kryton to be honest.  Danny looks unbelievable as always and Crag Charlies, who i am suprised is still on TV after his, quite frankly, fucking stupid antics that were in the press.  I am glad he was able to do it though, but next time, for god sake, have some bloody sense.

I love the fact, its no different. I love the series, awsome, nothing against it.  Its like The writter had all 6 episode repared, and the actor knew eactly what to do.  If there we any mistakes, i would be stunned. Well saying thats, they just probably added them for fun.

I love the fact, Red Dwarf is back on TV Even 10 years on ,its popular

The only thing i do not like, the fact BBC did not air it.  Uptil, Back to Earth the BBC aired all Red Dwarf productions, whats the problem this time.... Yes Dave is a popular digital channel, but not everyone can get it, which is a little silly. Yes we are not stuck with 5 channels anymore, but why just stick it on Dave?  strange

I am just glad its back, one of the best and i still one of the best comedies every written acted and filmed

Bravo :)

Ali Ingle review

Ali Ingle new ep, The Man and the Monster

This is a nice ep, but not what i was expecting.
Very well recorded songs and ep with a homemade design sleeve.  Great songs, very professional quality and writing. You have a fantastic song, with Ali's main instrument, the Ukulele, Tornado, then the rest of the ep, you do not hear it, unless its wat in the background, which i found a little disappointing.  Maybe that was the idea, to make every song different, which is great for a musician to be diverse and guests vocals.  But what would have been really great is to have more Ukulele up front.  Before i heard the ep, i saw the live version of rubcage, which is what i was expecting in a recorded form, but in stead you have one song and the rest in fuller band recordings, which is fine.  I gather Ali's main instrument is the Ukuele and really it would been a good idea to have more of the instrument more up front so people actually realise thats what he plays
There is slight R.E.M influence in the music, which might come from Ali's voice or the fuller band songs. One of the happy accidents :)


Views from the Outer RIm - New Lee Negin album( Review)

Welcome to the  Lee Negin Experience

Ladies and Gentles we welcome you to View the Outer Rim for you to experience. Hear, colours and sounds put together by Lee.  This entire experience pulls you in to hear ambient works, with many varieties of sounds. This is a brand new work, like being transfixed to something floating in space and time
Pioneer of electro music, Lee knows how to pull you in.  Always recording with many natural sounds mixed with synthetic and real instruments, with all this together is no easy task.
From, The Floating World, to, The Ebb and Flow, it is journey like no other. This is not the first ambient release Lee has composed, but this is one his finest

To buy  Site Facebook

Performers need more room

Ever since i began broadcasting radio it has always been in the back of my mind to find more room for guests and bands who want to perform.  This when 3 or more people attend, which is not easy in a small room

With the invention of wifi in many places and when Dog Food performed in my parients living room in September, it got me thinking about space again.

I went to see the people up at the local youth center last month, which is called, The Hub.  I had no idea what to expect as i had not been up there since the hold center got demolished. The old building had a recording studio before the new building got built.

The Hub is one option. The other option is going down to a pub, buying a pint and using their Wifi and recording a band that performs down there, either that or i have arranged band ttp perform
As people may or may not know, there is no money running  my radio shows as they are non profit, Music World Radio... However, that  is part of the promotion i do more music, under Music Revolution Promotion. If you feel that i am doing a good job or want to pay for me to promote a band or your band online, through various media if you have no idea, then i can do that.
Donate what you feel like


First time I have ever mentioned this and now I write blogs, why not
Right, getting down to business,
When this country was going through ww2 you had no choice but to fight.  Many went abroad and many stayed at home and many were in concentration camps(Clive Dunn for one who passed away this week)
Yes it was a world war, because many parts of the world were at war.  Ww1 and Ww2 were the two larger battles this planet has every seen this side of 1900 in the modern world.  If we had lost, the world would not be the same.
Thank god for many real heros on land, air, foot, sea, we were saved from, let's face it a real threat of the Germans and their allies.  Yes, don't forget Germans had friends in the war, they certainly could not have done it alone.
Many lives were lost, in fact many thousands upon thousands were lost and some we do not even know about, which is very sad.
I am not going to make this a huge blog as there are many documentaries and colour footage of the war which you can find on of the...dare I say it the wonders of the modern world, lol
Learn from these events and to be honest in the current climate, think yourself lucky we are not in ww3, in fact I am amazed we are not....but no one in their right mind, wants they?
Remember the fallen, the reason we are here today

Saturday, 10 November 2012

DJ Readman review : Jet Noir - Emotion Chess - Trance album 2012

DJ Readman review of......

Jet Noir - Emotion Chess
All original material by Jet Noir

This is an album thats really a crossover release.  This time is slightly different with more commercial trance sounds, which has been more well received.  Deep Dark Place, is perfect example, reminds me of the C J Bolland classic, ' It ain't Gonna Be, with a nice rolling beat and drops.
When i first heard the album, i thought oh my, an album of singles and very enjoyable.  Inhale ,Exale, goes to the dark side and really is club thrasher and builds up. Just Press play, keeps with the more atmosphere style and another build up song. One thing this album has got, is well written trance tunes and great drops on every single track.
Emotional Chess, title of the album and what the album is ment to do, throw your emotions scattered into the darkness and to search for them with a torch light
The prrvious release was more a mixture of dubstep and darker trance and said she felt the next release would be more trance.. how right she was 

Music Reviews

Since it looked like i am having website problems this week i am going to blog music reviews. There are a few i can rescue from my website as its the domain that expired.  I did go for a free domain, but that is taking a long time which is too longer as they said 12 hours....that was Thursday.
Reviews of
Jet Noir - Emotion Chess and a few other reviews i have and have not done......yet

Independent Special Dualcast with NEWUSB

The idea
The idea of doing more radio shows is not possible unless i am paid and i have been wanting to do more on NEW USB because they are doing a lot of Independent musicians, in a slightly different way. No way am i going to leave Music World Radio as i have there over 4 a solution has been found

The Plan

Though the wonders of technology, the broadcast stream i use on Music World Radio is being piped through the GRBTV arm of NEW USB for the first time. This is not two seperate streams, due to the bandwidth, this is them listening to the stream and channeling that through their channel.
The reason this has not been done before is that NEW USB only broadcast Independent and unsigned acts, where as i play both classics and independent. But the fact that i have many Independent acts i have been submitted and been playing, so have NEW USB, that one two hour playlist is not that difficult
It has been decided to do a one off, to see how things go

Thursday, 15th November i am broadcasting 8-10pm as normal though Music World Radio and NEW USB though GRBTV will be catching the stream, hence, Dual Broadcasting


As above, this is only for Independent and non signed acts.  Me and Ray(Owner of New Usb) have been disgusing a main feature act and as it happens we have both been contacted by one act, so thats possible
You can submit for this special, if you want upto two songs showcased which is one an hour( Two hour show)


Both USB and i will be plugging this through this blog, Facebook and any other means. Facebook event plugs people like and live being invited and getting involved and as usually people that look, don't like the event, but still show up anyway, which is good as well

As above, this is an Independent special, so you can be on a small labels, which some bands are i and New Usb play. The quality has got to be reasonable for radio broadcast and well as recorded. It can be studio, live, demo, can be any style or sound but as got to be good quality. We do not mind comicy songs, and punk songs, more the merrier and eclectic Aphex twin style and ambient masterpieces...we just don't want sounds that sound like they have been recorded with a mic over a demo button on a casio keyboard

To submit to this show

Thankyou for reading

Two main featured acts, Classic Rock from Dream Aria and electro act, Prometheus Burning

We played 4 song each from each act, then also played, Blackdoghat, Silverspark, Maini Sorri. Chris Saffle and many others

New Usb    Music World Radio   DJ Readman

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Laptops, tablets and Smartphones

Ooooooooooooh no, their taking over the woooooooooooorld
Not really, but it sometimes feels like it ;)


Recently, Google have decided to branch out and really has given us more choice. The first created a search engine that everyone says and uses, then they branched out into hardware, which was in partnership with Samsung. This is where they introduced the operating system Android, which like Windows is open source.
Now, they have released, netbooks, with Samsung.  I saw a review on one by American, Chris Parilo, yesterday and i must say, its good to see a laptop design, for once, without Windows or iOs running it. This one has, Android on it.

I got sucked in

I have been amused myself how many smartphones i have had in under a year.  Smartphones are larger than non internet phones. I think thats the reason why many might have trouble.
The reason why they are big, is one, they have a larger screen and two. you can access the net.
The one thing i discovered this week that i did not really think about... why touch screen.
Well older smartphones, like Blackberry have physical keyboard, which now i do not like.  Partly the reason for the onscreen keyboard is that they can be updated, added to or changed, as its software not a plastic object on the phone

Over a year ago i said to my wife' Why do i need a smartphone....which is true, why did i need one.? Before that, i had a non net phone and to be honest, i did not know what the fuss was about.
That is until i got my hands on an 3gs iphone.

Yes, i did have an iphone to start with, but it amazing how practical they are.  The one app that really is outstanding is the Google Map.  This app is the one great reason for getting a smartphone. If you get lost( And there is a signal * Cough*) you can find out where you are
It works wonders and a lot better that the dire satnavs that are supposed to get you from a-b, but instead, land you in the F puddle

The reason i did not have my iphone for very long, its not open source phone. This is where i do not like Apple in general. They stay in their own courner release products you have to rob a bank to buy and through their toys out of the pram against Samsung,  really, geeez, get a flamin grip

The PHONE, that i will keep.....until the ......*Cough* the next one comes along * Cough*

I then went through a few phones and finally, am settled with a Samsung Galaxy s2, with the Android operating system. Light, smart, new enough to get updated( Waaahooo) and you can expand the memory, which i like doing. Yes you have dropbox and icloud, but what you have you have no connect to retreave it......think about that....did ya???? ;)

Yes it is a mindfield

Do....your...research.  i remember when i got my most recent laptop, going through Facebok and website, my head started to spin....STOOOOOOOP. I then went for a laptop through Ebay, which i have am using now.
I advice anyone wanting to get a smartphone, netbook, laptop or anything that started with the word smart, device or tablet, phone or laptop related... ask yourself, what are you going to use it for????
Also, youtube is an amazing tool for looking around and especially unboxing videos, these are great for knowing what you are getting with them and most people on vlogs turn them on
If you can, and you have enough confidence, go second hand or part exchange for something.  If you do not want to go on contract and Pay as go go phones outright your talking £300 upwards, go for a second hand or referbished one.  But whatever you do, do not go for a fake. fakes are half the price because they are half the power and a different operating system

Thats my take on the smartphone world. It seems like a mindblowing experience. But, there is information out there to help you and just will not feel stupid asking simple questions because like you, your not the only person with a smartphone

Thanks for reading

Music submissions

As a radio presenter, i receive music to play. Always nice to get music. I don't play everything and depends whos paying attention and main thing what i can listen to.
I like the fact people see posts and email music, which they have seen on a group thread or on my page.
My shows have a variety of music, depends on my mood, whos around and listeners pop up and i remember what they like.
Playing new music on a live show you get an instant reaction from listeners. This is reason i do live radio, so i see all the interactions

This is a lot easier for artists to float their music around and for radioplay and during broadcasts i can receive music...The wonders of technology
                                                               ( The latest album on mp3)

Sending songs is easy and for radio mp3 are what i play, well, the software only allows Mp3s
With my e-mail i store songs in files, so i know where things are.

Physical formats

I do get sent CDs, which is good for showing on video reviews i do from time to time. They are also go for backups if you loose the mp3s.  It also shows that bands are prepared to do this

Promotional use only
I rarely get asked this but i will mention it here. All music is promotional i receive. It goes nowhere else unless its a free download.  All music i receive gets played on live radio shows and that show when recorded( Software does it automatically) then that goes up without any editing to mixcloud, which is one of the best companies for podcasts i have come across

Does not bother me, what style.  I am pretty open, but at the same time very picky on quality, well depends on the song, but 9 time out of 10, quality is key
The only music i will not play is X factor music, which personally i can't stand. I don't mind playing chart music as in the top 40, but again, most of that is loaded with contest music these days, like Lady Ga Ga is a perfect example
More of the music i have heard and received since i started broadcast are from independent labels, promoters, musicians, like a new world underground.  From Jazz to Rock, heard some albums that will play your mind and heard some right trash

To send

Monday, 5 November 2012

Facebook groups

I thought i would make a blog on this instead of a Facebook thread because in many ways people do not understand how to run or basically, think its a good idea then realised is takes up too much time

With a group, which is not an artists page or an account page, people can join. There are many forms of groups, to buy and sell, music of many kinds, could be about anything.

Yes, no one likes them but to be fair if you have say 5 admin on one group, and you disgus things and when the group starts growing you realise you need something in place.

You need people to control a group, there is no two ways about it.  Also, you have to be able to take negative and positives from people aka Feedback. Depends also, how far reaching your group is, it for everyone or just the local community?

People joining

Before people join, is it best to send them the guidelines of the group. Explaining what the group is about.  I know from experience, many do not send out, they just accept people to ave large number. The trouble is, then you run into trouble with various issues. The main one is many people that join do not read and care and just put whatever they like.  Some people do this and after while when a group grows in numbers, its starts taking up time
Everyone is different. If you have problem with someone, tell him in a private message, do not be a loudmouth and broadcast it to the nation, unless its a group topic thats very important.
Otherwise, keep it off the wall

My experience

Sometimes, it amazes me how sensitive people are.  This is the World Wide Wed, you are going to get many people from all walks off life giving opinions or someone tanked up and give off abuse for 5 minutes then vanish.
I have two experiences of being kicked off groups, where i was giving my experience and advice to group admin and then they just shut me out.
When your admin of a group, do not abuse your power. This is easier than you think.  If you setting up a group in say, a local centre, you could not just lock the door could you?  Because its Facebook people think its easier and just hide.  This is the problem with vertial groups.
I have had many experiences and i had been asked to join admin on a few groups. These people know how i talk on Facebook have talked to, agree with what i do and based on my experience.

I am admin of a buy and sell group and i took the idea from when i suggested this is a few other groups that always send out the rules before you accept someone into a group. Other than knowing you have done this, it covers you when someone says' I have not and you are lying' as an example'  Many people do not look, read, especially on mobile devices, where this is always an ongoing issue, which to be fair is no ones fault, but a fault of Facebook for not giving full access by the app, which is really enoying.

Facebook wall

For some reason, many people agree this is the best thing on a group. In fact it is not.  The major downside of a wall, is that its easy to lose your thread in a wall.  If you have many people on a group, walls can move fast.  Walls are very irritating, again not the fault of the public, but Facebook.


This is the best idea anyone come up.  This is the only way to keep things in one area. The only major downside is many mobile devices, can't get into the albums.    If you have buy and sell group, the obviously thing to do is to create albums. This is per catagory, like one for electricals, one for books, like an online carboot.   This obviously creates more admin work, but if you are adimant about being in control of a group and keeping things in order, thats cool :) just do not go over the top

Creating a group, very exciting.....until

This is just amazed me :) Many times people open groups, to start if they have a hobbie or a band they like.  People start to join, fantastic, then, after a while you realise, er, ah, i need help.  There comes a point where groups becomes too much work. The only way around this problem is to pay someone to do this. The only way this way works is if a group in some way shape or form its financially rewording or you are promoting via social media, then you can get paid help. With volunteers, its not so easy. unless there is a great insentive for that person, or they have free time for whatever reason, its going to hard work

This is a few groups that are doing well
Banbury Business Network
Bar Brazil Appreciation Society
New Music Connection
Mute Records
Grab Yourself a Bargin Likeforlike Just a couple of groups i am on and run well Just be warey when opening up a group, its fun, but after a while, it gets too much to handle, unless there are few of you right from the start :)