Saturday, 3 November 2012

The wonders of Pixar

I have always been a big fan of animation, puppetry or animatronics of some description and I love creative work.  My and my wife watched The Incredibles last night, which i have not seen for a number of years
This is really like a bond style film, in superheros form.
This is a Disney and Pixar colaboration from 2004, which is 8 years ago and its still looks fantastic now. When executed right, animination does not age.  
I can't believe how good the film is, especially the powers they have. I know you can do loads of thing with animation, well the possiblities are endless, but its good when its concentrated in film form, with an idea, a plan and a script and of courses, voices.
It took me half the film to realise the wife is played by Holly Hunter. It was driving me made, its that accent, i thought, who on earth is it.....then, of course, DOH, looked at the cover, lol.
Aside from Ice man,voiced by, Samuel Jackson, whos voice you could recognise in a crowded football stadium, its that distinctive, he was great :)

The story, is that loads of superheros get sent to court for creating so much damage, well not their fault, when your, SAVING PEOPLES LIVES, *Rolls eyes* Mr Incredible ends up working for an insurance company and his wife who was/ is veeeery flexible, is a house wife with two growing children and an young baby. Of course, if you had been saving people for many years, its not easy to shrug, its in your blood.  Then he gets fired for throwing his boss out of the window, which, he deserved ;)

He then gets a call to stop a robot monster from going haywire on a remote island, then finds out that his biggest fan, who he shrugged off earlier, has turned bad (I like this part of the plot, which you do not see very often) and then thats most of them film. His wife finds out whats going on and she goes to get him.
This may see an average plot, but superbly executed

I love animations, always will and Pixar, Disney, 20th Century Fox( Ice Age), and Aadman,( Wallice and Gromit ) do an incredible job

Thanks for reading
Paul Dj Readman

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