Sunday, 11 November 2012

House(TV series)

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We found the 8th series of House last night on a third party channel since the boxset is too much at the moment
Hugh Laurie plays Greggory House. I like the fact charactors have more than one name, give them depth.  Yes, suprise, suprise, Hugh is not American, he even fooled the producers, which includes film maker Bryan Singer ( First X Men)
Anyone who has read his  information on the net. knows that he is an English actor. One of his first screen apearances was with actor and on screen partner( acting capacity) Stephen Fry, yes that Stephen Fry, who worked on and was in, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, which was comedy and series sketchies. The next time they were onscreen together was, Jeeves and Worcester, which is a period drama comedy. Fry, played a genuis bulter and Laurie, played a rich twit, getting into trouble.  Fantastic series.

I did not see anything of the pair on TV for ages, then my wife introduced me to House, i thought, not another hospital drama, which i was fed up of.  I thought, hmm, Hugh Laurie, thats different and i did not recognise anyone else, except, Omar epps, who has been in a few gangster/ hood style related films, which i thought, that was also different

It does not take you long to get hooked to House. I am picky what a watch as its not the only hosptial drivel on TV on either side of the Atlantic, but this was different

After a few epsides, the way the charactor moves and acts it reminded my of Sherlock Holmes.  Even in the behind the scene and making of they realised it was kind of happy accident the relation to both charactors was realised.
The other thing i like about house is how all the charactors interplay and every time there is a guest star, you hardly noticed.  It took me a few minutes to realise Meat Loaf popped up in it even though this name was on the screen.  Some crafty bugger decided to give him three on screen names.  The other suprise was Jennifer Warnes from Dirty Dancing fame, which my wife noticed before i did. Also James Earl Jones and a few others.
I love the sutleness of the series, there is a lot going on,  there are loads of unexpected' What the heck' does, in fact, keep you on the edge of your seat

Hospital drama, you say, really??

Hugh Laurie is a straight actor, in fact he always been a straight play actor.  He not like Lee Evans or stand up comedian. He has dry sense of humour, which is right for the part

Not seen any of what i have just bee talking about, now you can...streamed.
Yes, these all work, yes that is series 8 up there and yes, this is how we are watching it

Watch House

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