Saturday, 17 November 2012

Social Media Update

Over the last week i have been changing things around due to website problems.
I finally got a domain to work for the website, the trouble is i can't edit the website for some reason.  For the moment, everything goes on Facebook and these blogs

Facebook Group

This is the Facebook version of the website for the moment. My page is fine, but i wanted to a group to put music review and many other documents
i have been transfering music reviews from my website, which i can still access, to my Facebook group. There link this blog to the documents section so as not to over crowd the group


Facebook page

I have mentioned this before, but this is where all the radio content, as in show posters, news on the wall, promotions, and links with posters on the Radio Variety Show album to mixcloud shows. This is used for my own recording links as well.  Although i am keeping a few things for the group above

Facebook Page


As i said above, i finally got a domain address to work. The first one i went for at, which is a free domain service, disappeared, or more to the point was not activated, but no communication on that either. So i did not bother with them and went with .tk, which i had heard of for the last couple of years
This is the link, here

That is all for now

Dj Readman :)

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