Saturday, 10 November 2012

DJ Readman review : Jet Noir - Emotion Chess - Trance album 2012

DJ Readman review of......

Jet Noir - Emotion Chess
All original material by Jet Noir

This is an album thats really a crossover release.  This time is slightly different with more commercial trance sounds, which has been more well received.  Deep Dark Place, is perfect example, reminds me of the C J Bolland classic, ' It ain't Gonna Be, with a nice rolling beat and drops.
When i first heard the album, i thought oh my, an album of singles and very enjoyable.  Inhale ,Exale, goes to the dark side and really is club thrasher and builds up. Just Press play, keeps with the more atmosphere style and another build up song. One thing this album has got, is well written trance tunes and great drops on every single track.
Emotional Chess, title of the album and what the album is ment to do, throw your emotions scattered into the darkness and to search for them with a torch light
The prrvious release was more a mixture of dubstep and darker trance and said she felt the next release would be more trance.. how right she was 

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