Monday, 5 November 2012

Facebook groups

I thought i would make a blog on this instead of a Facebook thread because in many ways people do not understand how to run or basically, think its a good idea then realised is takes up too much time

With a group, which is not an artists page or an account page, people can join. There are many forms of groups, to buy and sell, music of many kinds, could be about anything.

Yes, no one likes them but to be fair if you have say 5 admin on one group, and you disgus things and when the group starts growing you realise you need something in place.

You need people to control a group, there is no two ways about it.  Also, you have to be able to take negative and positives from people aka Feedback. Depends also, how far reaching your group is, it for everyone or just the local community?

People joining

Before people join, is it best to send them the guidelines of the group. Explaining what the group is about.  I know from experience, many do not send out, they just accept people to ave large number. The trouble is, then you run into trouble with various issues. The main one is many people that join do not read and care and just put whatever they like.  Some people do this and after while when a group grows in numbers, its starts taking up time
Everyone is different. If you have problem with someone, tell him in a private message, do not be a loudmouth and broadcast it to the nation, unless its a group topic thats very important.
Otherwise, keep it off the wall

My experience

Sometimes, it amazes me how sensitive people are.  This is the World Wide Wed, you are going to get many people from all walks off life giving opinions or someone tanked up and give off abuse for 5 minutes then vanish.
I have two experiences of being kicked off groups, where i was giving my experience and advice to group admin and then they just shut me out.
When your admin of a group, do not abuse your power. This is easier than you think.  If you setting up a group in say, a local centre, you could not just lock the door could you?  Because its Facebook people think its easier and just hide.  This is the problem with vertial groups.
I have had many experiences and i had been asked to join admin on a few groups. These people know how i talk on Facebook have talked to, agree with what i do and based on my experience.

I am admin of a buy and sell group and i took the idea from when i suggested this is a few other groups that always send out the rules before you accept someone into a group. Other than knowing you have done this, it covers you when someone says' I have not and you are lying' as an example'  Many people do not look, read, especially on mobile devices, where this is always an ongoing issue, which to be fair is no ones fault, but a fault of Facebook for not giving full access by the app, which is really enoying.

Facebook wall

For some reason, many people agree this is the best thing on a group. In fact it is not.  The major downside of a wall, is that its easy to lose your thread in a wall.  If you have many people on a group, walls can move fast.  Walls are very irritating, again not the fault of the public, but Facebook.


This is the best idea anyone come up.  This is the only way to keep things in one area. The only major downside is many mobile devices, can't get into the albums.    If you have buy and sell group, the obviously thing to do is to create albums. This is per catagory, like one for electricals, one for books, like an online carboot.   This obviously creates more admin work, but if you are adimant about being in control of a group and keeping things in order, thats cool :) just do not go over the top

Creating a group, very exciting.....until

This is just amazed me :) Many times people open groups, to start if they have a hobbie or a band they like.  People start to join, fantastic, then, after a while you realise, er, ah, i need help.  There comes a point where groups becomes too much work. The only way around this problem is to pay someone to do this. The only way this way works is if a group in some way shape or form its financially rewording or you are promoting via social media, then you can get paid help. With volunteers, its not so easy. unless there is a great insentive for that person, or they have free time for whatever reason, its going to hard work

This is a few groups that are doing well
Banbury Business Network
Bar Brazil Appreciation Society
New Music Connection
Mute Records
Grab Yourself a Bargin Likeforlike Just a couple of groups i am on and run well Just be warey when opening up a group, its fun, but after a while, it gets too much to handle, unless there are few of you right from the start :)


  1. That pretty much captures it for me Paul.

    Good post Sir

    1. Thankyou Ian. I am now getting the hang of putting up blogs rather than mutli paragraphs in a threads. If you have more to add, more the merrier as a quote, and i will update the blog :)