Sunday, 11 November 2012

Red Dwarf( Tv Series)

If anyone does not know. Dave, the digital channel, financed the tenth 6 episode series of Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf is a comedy series created by Doug Naylor and Rob Grant, back in the late 80s. Its a mixture of  comedy and Scifi, which upto that point was frowned upon at the time
Seriously, you can not get a better cast
Chris Barrie plays Arnold Rimmer, one of the best impressionists, England has produced. Chris before this was involved in Spiting image. Craig Charles, who i had no idea who he was. found out he was a poet and stand up comedian and plays, Lister, the last human being Alive. One of my favourite and a wicked creation, Cat, played by writer, actor ( In many films as well) Danny don Jules, was formed after millions of year(Right at the beginning in the plot) from Listers pet cat. Last but no means least Robert Llewellyn, writer and actor ,playing Kryton.....yes the guy wears a suit, all the time, in the series

Now for some unknown reason, when series 8 ended, the writers tried their best to finance a film, by remastering the first three seasons(The BBC asked them to do this). This was for foreign markets like Japan, where the quality had to be better( For some reason). There were rumours for years and nothing.  What i can never, for the life of me understand, with the popularity of the series, why on earth could they not fund the movie???

Then, the pain was relieved by ,Back to Earth, being finances, partly by BBC Worldwide and another party( I asuming this was Dave), I like the fact Dave knew they could get an audience, This was the first time Red Dwarf was on screen in ten years, without a live audience. The last time that happened was series 7, other than that, a live audience

After that, preperation were under way for a series X, 9 was a running joke as in technically it was Back to Earth.
I see some trailers on Youtube of the new series and people were commenting on the actors age. Now the charactor, Rimmer, is hologram. Yes Chris Barrie is older, but to be honest, not much you can do about it unless you plaster him with laters of makeup.  But he looks better than  Kryton to be honest.  Danny looks unbelievable as always and Crag Charlies, who i am suprised is still on TV after his, quite frankly, fucking stupid antics that were in the press.  I am glad he was able to do it though, but next time, for god sake, have some bloody sense.

I love the fact, its no different. I love the series, awsome, nothing against it.  Its like The writter had all 6 episode repared, and the actor knew eactly what to do.  If there we any mistakes, i would be stunned. Well saying thats, they just probably added them for fun.

I love the fact, Red Dwarf is back on TV Even 10 years on ,its popular

The only thing i do not like, the fact BBC did not air it.  Uptil, Back to Earth the BBC aired all Red Dwarf productions, whats the problem this time.... Yes Dave is a popular digital channel, but not everyone can get it, which is a little silly. Yes we are not stuck with 5 channels anymore, but why just stick it on Dave?  strange

I am just glad its back, one of the best and i still one of the best comedies every written acted and filmed

Bravo :)

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