Sunday, 11 November 2012

Performers need more room

Ever since i began broadcasting radio it has always been in the back of my mind to find more room for guests and bands who want to perform.  This when 3 or more people attend, which is not easy in a small room

With the invention of wifi in many places and when Dog Food performed in my parients living room in September, it got me thinking about space again.

I went to see the people up at the local youth center last month, which is called, The Hub.  I had no idea what to expect as i had not been up there since the hold center got demolished. The old building had a recording studio before the new building got built.

The Hub is one option. The other option is going down to a pub, buying a pint and using their Wifi and recording a band that performs down there, either that or i have arranged band ttp perform
As people may or may not know, there is no money running  my radio shows as they are non profit, Music World Radio... However, that  is part of the promotion i do more music, under Music Revolution Promotion. If you feel that i am doing a good job or want to pay for me to promote a band or your band online, through various media if you have no idea, then i can do that.
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