Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Music submissions

As a radio presenter, i receive music to play. Always nice to get music. I don't play everything and depends whos paying attention and main thing what i can listen to.
I like the fact people see posts and email music, which they have seen on a group thread or on my page.
My shows have a variety of music, depends on my mood, whos around and listeners pop up and i remember what they like.
Playing new music on a live show you get an instant reaction from listeners. This is reason i do live radio, so i see all the interactions

This is a lot easier for artists to float their music around and for radioplay and during broadcasts i can receive music...The wonders of technology
                                                               ( The latest album on mp3)

Sending songs is easy and for radio mp3 are what i play, well, the software only allows Mp3s
With my e-mail i store songs in files, so i know where things are.

Physical formats

I do get sent CDs, which is good for showing on video reviews i do from time to time. They are also go for backups if you loose the mp3s.  It also shows that bands are prepared to do this

Promotional use only
I rarely get asked this but i will mention it here. All music is promotional i receive. It goes nowhere else unless its a free download.  All music i receive gets played on live radio shows and that show when recorded( Software does it automatically) then that goes up without any editing to mixcloud, which is one of the best companies for podcasts i have come across

Does not bother me, what style.  I am pretty open, but at the same time very picky on quality, well depends on the song, but 9 time out of 10, quality is key
The only music i will not play is X factor music, which personally i can't stand. I don't mind playing chart music as in the top 40, but again, most of that is loaded with contest music these days, like Lady Ga Ga is a perfect example
More of the music i have heard and received since i started broadcast are from independent labels, promoters, musicians, like a new world underground.  From Jazz to Rock, heard some albums that will play your mind and heard some right trash

To send

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