Saturday, 10 November 2012

Independent Special Dualcast with NEWUSB

The idea
The idea of doing more radio shows is not possible unless i am paid and i have been wanting to do more on NEW USB because they are doing a lot of Independent musicians, in a slightly different way. No way am i going to leave Music World Radio as i have there over 4 a solution has been found

The Plan

Though the wonders of technology, the broadcast stream i use on Music World Radio is being piped through the GRBTV arm of NEW USB for the first time. This is not two seperate streams, due to the bandwidth, this is them listening to the stream and channeling that through their channel.
The reason this has not been done before is that NEW USB only broadcast Independent and unsigned acts, where as i play both classics and independent. But the fact that i have many Independent acts i have been submitted and been playing, so have NEW USB, that one two hour playlist is not that difficult
It has been decided to do a one off, to see how things go

Thursday, 15th November i am broadcasting 8-10pm as normal though Music World Radio and NEW USB though GRBTV will be catching the stream, hence, Dual Broadcasting


As above, this is only for Independent and non signed acts.  Me and Ray(Owner of New Usb) have been disgusing a main feature act and as it happens we have both been contacted by one act, so thats possible
You can submit for this special, if you want upto two songs showcased which is one an hour( Two hour show)


Both USB and i will be plugging this through this blog, Facebook and any other means. Facebook event plugs people like and live being invited and getting involved and as usually people that look, don't like the event, but still show up anyway, which is good as well

As above, this is an Independent special, so you can be on a small labels, which some bands are i and New Usb play. The quality has got to be reasonable for radio broadcast and well as recorded. It can be studio, live, demo, can be any style or sound but as got to be good quality. We do not mind comicy songs, and punk songs, more the merrier and eclectic Aphex twin style and ambient masterpieces...we just don't want sounds that sound like they have been recorded with a mic over a demo button on a casio keyboard

To submit to this show

Thankyou for reading

Two main featured acts, Classic Rock from Dream Aria and electro act, Prometheus Burning

We played 4 song each from each act, then also played, Blackdoghat, Silverspark, Maini Sorri. Chris Saffle and many others

New Usb    Music World Radio   DJ Readman

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