Sunday, 26 January 2014

Strummer Room Project evening at the Castle House

Yes a fine evenings entertianment from all acts
Friday 24th January, was the start of the monthly band events put on by, Chris Oakes, of the Strummer Room Project.
I was down there, broadcasting and filming. I did manage to interview one of the bands, Eagle and Weeks, but i didn't realise there was going to be a DJ playing inbetween bands, otherwise i would have inbetween bands interviews on the broadcast

The Castle House is run by Suzette Nepture and Jake Pell, who refurbished and opened, what used to be TJ's for 15 years. They opened the "Hub" in August 2013

This was a great night with three Acoustic and one Punk/Psychedelic act on for a few hours

Bradly Taylor

First on was front man and guitarist of, Punch Drunk Monkey Club, with a solo performance. Combination, of his solo and band songs and covers. I have to say, he was very impressive on his own. I like the original song after, what i believed he said was a cover of a, John Mayer, cover?
Aside from the acts i had not seen yet, i wanted to see, Simon Dwight, live with an Audience. He paid a visit last year on my radio show, with a 30 minute performance.

First time i had seen Simon at an event, just fantastic performance. I liked the way he uses his guitar to emphasis various sounds like echo and lead, very nice indeed.

He played some new material, from his new album, and a song from this album, Across the Atlantic, Salt and Light and a great rendition of, That Entertianment, by the Jam, on his very nice 12 stringed guitar
I managed to get different positions while filming as there was some great light

This next duo. Eagle and Weeks, travelled all the way from Southampton for this event. I had never seen these guys before or heard of them until this night. Many people, including me, were blown away by their performance and great humour inbetween songs.  

Sam's drumming "Indian style" solo on his Cajoun, was like wuuuuuuuuuw, the speed. 
They have great songs, combining the Acoustic and the Cajoun, with great singing by Daniel. I love renditions of classic songs in different styles. The guys did, Black Sabbaths, Paranoid and Guns in Roses, Sweet Child of mine.  Daniel, got into the crowd, and they both colapsed into a heep after,lol, not suprising.
I did managed to talk to the pair on camera before the evening began

From Acoustic acts, to, well, what i call, Psychedelic Punk
Spinner Fall,  are from, Oxford.
 I was expecting a Punk band, but got a lot more than that. The guitarists work reminded me of earlier Floyd,  vocalist, Tim Darch, with political, everyday lyrics and a great drumming to combine more of Psychedlic Punk feel. Whatever label you want to tag these guys, i loved the lead guitars work and the nice way the songs used bass with the lead. Not very often you see a front man on the mic with a bass.  Another great performance this band on the night. There where many punk fans in attendence and we got treated to an extra song :)

SRP's Chris Oakes said "What a brilliant night of live music, kicking off with the talented local boy Bradley Taylor, followed by Simon Dwight from Milton Keynes. The evening stepped up a gear with the marvellous cajon, guitar and vocals of Eagle & Weeks who travelled up from Southampton and the evening was capped off with some excellent post-punk from Oxford's Spinner Fall. We also had the wonderful Screamin' Jack Hawkins spinning the decks. Thanks to Steve Robinson for PA and sound and thanks to Paul Readman for broadcasting the show live on MusicWorldRadio. I am really looking forward to next month event"

All the evening was broadcast live. The sound was pretty good, all playback it is pretty much solid. The only replacement is the last band, Spinner Fall, whos sound was being frozen  by a warm laptop. Thats performance is from the audio from the video.
Bonus: Two interviews: with Eagles and Weeks and the second is with Jake Pell, who is part owner of Castle House

There are only minor cuts, about 30 seconds in all. I had a chat on camera with Eagle and Weeks and the day after, i had an on camera chat with Jake Pell, part own of the Castle House and one member of I Cried Wolf, who are a resident Rock band
All performance were recorded and will be up on Youtube

Thanks to Chris Oakes for inviting us down
Also thanks to Suzette and Jake, who are the Liencees of the Castle House to allow us to broadcast and film

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Strummer Room Project events( Live Broadcast)

This January, Chris Oakes has begun a series of end of month events at the local venue, Castle House.
This is nicely laid out Pub in Banbury, who are doing many things for local talent.
I have been invited down by, Chris, to broadcast live and film the performance( If i have a hand free), I will be interviewing the band, depends what happens on the night

One of the guests of the evening, Simon Dwight, i already had the pleasure in having as guest in August 2013. A fine, Acoustic artist from, Milton Keynes. We always said we would do a sequal
Headlining, all the way from Southampton is Eagle and Weeks
Depends what happens with the first one and if the owners want me down for more,this will be monthly
To watch. Simon Dwight, he performed in August a few weeks after Bodfest , go to this page on my website
Bradly Taylor, is a member of local Indie band, Punk Drunk Monkey Club and Spinner Falls is the Punk band for the evening
Aside from Bradly and Simon, have not met the other acts yet, so great to meet musicians, i have not met
Will be streaming live on Music World Radio
Thankyou for reading
Dj Readman


When i first saw them on a net poster i thought, great another act i have not seen. I find it amusing that a lot of electro acts, either i have met or just got music from are duos. Spacebuoy are, yes a duo. Jez and Howard.
Before you see an act, you do not know what their like. I had heard, Breathe, which the duo sent me to play on the radio. Damn good, Space Pop, kind of the only tag i could put on them at the time.
First time seeing them live was at the, Actress and Bishop, venue in Birmingham. You first thought is, being a duo with synths, not much is going to happen, but i was wrong. Howard is one of the most energetic performers on stage and really gets the crowd going and great sense of humour to go with it. He is the singer of the duo, great voice and he goes with music. Hes dances like he's 15 at a rave

That was the first time and managed to have chat with Howard after. He was pouring with sweat.
The second time, was at the London gig in December. I wanted to see them again, as they were so good the last time. Again, they do not disappoint. They have an image, mainly oranage, combined with Black and white. Howard is wearing white specs on stage, although he can't see anything out of them,lol, apparently.
One thing i noticed from the gig in December, how the music sounds so good through a P.A. Oblivion especially, sound fantastic. The song is on the studio ep, Fashionish, isn't as fast? Howard mentioned that they are more of a live act. The Breathe ep is great ep on anything you play it on. I think its just, Oblivion, for some reason, sounds very different live. At this gig they did have Sebastian from Shiny Darkness on guests vocals for the performance, so perhaps they expanded the tune, for the purpose, who knows.
I call, Spacebuoy, the "Modern Pet Shop Boys" their sound is what the PSB should have done in their disco era, but couldn't manage.

Go and see them live. They get you dancing, the ladies will like, Howard( There is always one) great sounds on a good rigg, the will blow you away.
When i come away from the London gig, i feel that, especially with the tune, Oblivion, it could be a fine instrumental. One of my favourite live songs

Facebook  Website

Thankyou for reading and feel free to live comments
Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

The Noir Trilogy - Podcast collection series

Since i have interviewed one artist more than once in my radio life, i thought i put a number podcasts from one artist, together

The first in the series

Others to Follow: Lee Negin, Cult with no Name and Maini Sorri, More to come

Friday, 17 January 2014

Shiny Darkness album launch weekend

The Journey

Train, coach and Taxi and we got to our hotel. Saturday morning, all fresh, ready to see four great electro bands.
First piece of advice, only take the train straight to London. Coach in Oxford, although it is a good service, has way too many stops. There is no such thing as NEXT DAY RETURN to Oxford from Banbury,

Anyway, got on the Oxford Tube coach, After loads of stops and loads of people, we made to Marble Arch.  We got some food from Sainsburys and by chance, outside, was a cab. We were going to take the Tube, but it's not as simple as hoping on a train. It's very confusing, if you are not used to it. We decided to take a cab to the hotel. This was not cheap, but, direct, took about 40 minutes. Roughly £1 a mile. The hotel is on the London Docks, which is nice, the area is half under construction. The room was nice and great of Lee Sargent (SDs manager) to reserve a room for us. The next mission was getting to the venue which  was as far as Marble Arch to the hotel. We went to the Tube and found it was automated. I think about 12 machines with ques 20 foot deep, it was crazy.  We looked at each other and thought, no way. I said, I don't care, take a cab. Its expensive, but we will get there.
Got to the pre gig pub, turned out it was an Irish pub and no one had showed (That we knew of) that was going to the venue. We was in the pub for about an hour. We then wondered over to the venue, which was open. The bands were sound checking, Various partners of musicians were there. Some had travelled or had come to see from France and Finland

Here We go

Johnny Normal was on first and played many new songs, Their new material is outstanding live. As usual, Pete gets the crowd going. Miss Razorblade is my favourite of the new music,
 i love the song Time, Save me, their new single, also sounds great and of course their rendition of 20th Centry Boy, which goes down well with the crowd. The J No supporters were out in force( Fine marketing there) although, some of the power was cuts in that song, leaving Pete to play the rest of it. What is up with sound at venues?
Next up was, Among the Echoes. Aside from the Flapper, this was one of their best performances i have seen. The first song, which i had not really noticed before, Cities,  really stood, out. It sounded different and very 80s, Smiths in sound.
Considering Ian, the singer, had a soar throat for the last week, he did very well.
Ian, as usual, whooing the ladies, including my wife( Funny). He had a guest on the night, who i had not recognise until she walked from the crowd., but i have on my friends list, Kira Gemini. Great singer and was a pleasure to meet her
Then come Howard and Jez, Spacebuoy.

I like the way they do the songs and arrangements here. I see them as the modern Pet Shop Boy. Spacebuoy do what the Pet Shopboy should have done in their "Disco" faze. Howard is a really good singer and showman and is really down to earth as well. Great songs, including some new songs, including Shine. Spacebuoy had remixed a song on the album by Shiny Darkness. The last song, Howard invited, Sebastien,  of Shiny Darkness. Great colaboration song, Oblivion. They ought to do more together on stage as it was very well.
Footage will be here when uploaded

We then had the headline act, Shiny Darkness. This gig is their album launch, New Substance. They played several songs from all three albums, including, Highs and Lows, Mother, and Dolphine. Sebastien has a really powerful voice that really does project.  In the video i took, his voice is more apparant than anyone elses. They have set design of synth lights, drum machine and smoke, which creates a good atmoshere. Very tight act, great singer, music and gets the crowd going, including setting the smoke alarm ( I believe is was the smoke machine that did that) I thought their set was short. Turns out it was 50 minutes.
There will be no footage of their set as permission was not given

Bring the Power Back
I was told that the sound engineer thought there was only one band coming. The sound gave out more than once though several songs, not really noticable and believable enough to sound like the song had pauses.  No matter what venue, they should check their equipment.  Other than that, a great night. We met. Phil Marsh and his wife, Zosia had a chat with them. I could not believe how tired i was, even just there stood filming. I was not dancing much, just bobbing to the music.  I was just whiped after filming the acts.

The cab adventures
One thing i learned from Saturday night, is try and flag a cab driver down, the right ones ( I was told later) who knows where he was going. Although it was a far distance, drivers are trained to know London. Its about 40 minutes drive to the hotel, yes that is far out. I was facing the other direction in the cab, but Phil Marsh said that he had looped round twice as he was getting lost. The cab driver, obviously had no idea, and stopped at a closed road. The driver who took us to the hotel from Marble Arche, did get us there,( Should have took his number) This guy, didn't We were tired and it was early in the morning. When we got out the cab and started walking, we were not next door the hotel at all.  If we weren't as tired, we would have reported him

The same day but the morning after
We had about 5 hours sleep and i was just aching all over. We packed and headed out. Again, we tried the Tube. The stations close to the hotel are new and all automated. People like us who do not know London that well, easy confusing by the stupid circuit map design of the underground system, Its not like taking a train, which is far easier to read and understand. Its not the same at all. In my opinion, way too many stations. Although, London is a big city, why are there so many?.
We again took a cab, this time we went to the nearest landmark. We got a cab and went to Tower Bridge. We have been there before but this time, walked the other side of the Thames and did a bit of sight seeing.
We spent a good two hours walking back to Marble Arch, I love walking and it was fine weather. After going through Oxford Street, we go to Marble Arch and got on the coach......sigh of relief. The rest was, Oxford, then train, then home

The main reason for all the travelling was due to the gig being moved. The original venue was a lot closer to the hotel. The Archway Tavern was a plan b essentially

The footage is from Youtube. Spacebuoy is still to be uploaded and Among the Echoes footage is one track at a time ( Requested)

Many thanks for reading
DJ Readman
Radio Variety Show

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Chart Show Future on Music World Radio

It appears, after 3 years, the chart show on Music World Radio, has ground to a holt.
2013 saw the demise, mainly due to lack of interest in the running of the show. The show has become popular with listeners, but not with presenters. You need people to work behind the scenes and a presenter or three overlaping each other or guest presenters to make it work

The chart has is a fine promotion. Got a lot of bands involved, some more that others.  This chart is run down every week from 20 - 1, which not many do with a chart. The advantage here, is you can listen to music from all over the world and some in non English speak  The idea of having an internal voting system was a great idea, rather than an open Facebook voting, which has it's own problems. The chart is not direct sales, although people viewing and listening via links and when show is broadcast, could generate sales, it is possible

The chart has two pages, one for displaying the top 20 and the nominations, with links to sites to where the songs can be listen to.  The other page is the front of voting system. Having one person working on just the pages is not the problem, having help, incase one person can not to a certain task, has been the main problem overall.
It's not perfect, there has been breaches in security, but that was resolved. The other issue is people wanting to playing the songs in the chart.  The chart is the easiest show to present.
The chart is a public voting system, your vote counts for one week. You then vote again and every week after that, as long as the song stays in.  Great concept, well executed, great idea, great chart, but no one has any interest in it any longer, which is a shame
I personal would like to see it keep going. I have less time, than before. I have my own show and was presenting the chart once a month. I did have a go at doing the pages section,, but just did not have the time. You need at least 4 people to run the chart show in general. I have no problem presenting it, i can only so much.

The chart is a great promotion for bands to get noticed. Some bands did a great job with promoting it themselves and got the station got noticed with articles on various online websites. This was in part thanks to the Pondhawks who were at number one for about 10 weeks.  I remember Bigtalkaah, redesigned their profiles with the mention of the chart. Many got involved in some way, which was the social media side

There could be a version of the chart or something completely different. The one thing that was never done as many people did not like the idea and neither did i ,although its a good alternative, is a registration system. Many like me, unless you write the information down forget log information. The whole idea was to make it simple as possible, which in turn means more work in the background

Thankyou to everyone that contributed, helped with the chart and nominated songs. There will be something in its place. There are always ideas floating about, but it is just the matter of working on idea and executing them and keeping the idea and plan going

Many thanks
DJ Readman
Radio Variety Show

Saturday, 4 January 2014

National Chart music campaign

Based on what I have seem with two major " Getting this song to number one for Christmas to beat the X Factor" campaigns on Facebook, i thought, wouldn't it be great for this was a general promotion, not just Christmas?

There are only so many sites that register their mp3
sales for national chart count.
The last campaign in Christmas 2013, was for the dance tune, Activ8 by rave legends, Altern8. It got to number 33 after a long campaign. They generated 9.000 sales

 It takes over 100,000  sales to get into the top 10 from what i was reading on their Facebook.

As far as i am aware, the main sites are Amazon, Itunes, Digital7 and Google Play. 

Mp3 are tagged with information, thats how the sales count.  CD and Vinyl new release sales i am not too sure on, although they are both usually barcoded. Wav files, can't be tagged, which is a real shame, as like vinyl, their uncompressed sound and would be good for more numbers


This gave me the idea. Their release spawned 9 other remixes that were produced for the campaign from 9 major producers, including DJ Phantasy, are still available. Why not buy them and keep it in the chart. All versions count
Facebook of Campaign

This is just the start
Art below have their music on Amazon. As always, you can listen to a clip first, the decide to buy. It does take a lot buys to get into the chart. but if enough people buy the song and if there are remixes as well, all count. Don't just buy the song for the sake of it, buy because you like it

National Chart
The nation chart in the U.K has been going ever since Radio one began. The top 40 runs down every Sunday on Radio one. Yes, this is not, Music World Radio, but the national top 40 covers a lot of ground. As above, this means large numbers

Many people now agree that there is too much entertianment domination from TV shows in the chart. Music has to fight back, to what the charts used to have in them, pop, rock, indie, music music, not stuff that has been squeezed to death sound like game arcade effects

Billboard, is the American top 40 essentially. Its is not the same thing, but every country has their own system of registering chart sales.  Now as far as my knowledge goes, anyone from outside the country, can buy mp3s from English artists, but whether the sale counts for the U.K top, i have am unaware of. I see on the Altern8 Campaign, people asking about it in Austria. The internet is different system and of course, you are got to get people from many countries buying the same.
Campaign geared towards this is going to help the band and the song. Many people will care about the chart positition, many will not.

The whole point of this campaign is getting quality recognised again, by the masses and their mp3 players

Mark Hof (Synth artist from Germany
Listen and buy

Adrian Cross( Band member of the Bacillas)
Listen and buy

Since these website do to have mp3 music sales count for national chart, why not help the artist that are on this site and have mp3s on the sites, get into the top 40 national chart. Yes, there is a lot of talent out there

More to come.
DJ Readman

Friday, 3 January 2014

Radio Variety Show in 2014

Its strange what can happen in one day


Local film maker Simon Bastock, who i got to know as i used to garden for and his wife, came round on New Years Day, to talk about working together on music.
I had no idea what he had done or what he could do. From the meeting,  he has filmed a documentry for British Gas and about to film a multi camera Indian Wedding ion a few months
His three avenues are Corporate, weddings and music

He was very impressed with the footage i took in 2013, after a mentioned it some time ago. Even more suprised how stable videos were and thought i had taken the music from a mixing deck
We are teaming up on various projects. Guests who come down for radio shows, and going to gigs. He is going to Birmingham in March when we see 4 electro bands strutting their stuff

After all the trouble with laptop and driver issues, my broadcasts are now back to normal.  The main issue was my Toshiba laptop not accepting the stereo driver not windows 8. I went out and got another Acer with Windows 7. Everything now works like it did before. The players also now work on the software i use, and the songs i play live, appear on the "Now PLaying box" on Music World Radio website

The Projectiles

Continuing from 2013, the cover band i joined, in November. We perform near direct or our renditions of  some 60s and mainly rock classics.  We start gigging in February and we also practing locally.

Monthly gigs
Starting in month ( January) we team up with The Strummer Room Project. Chris Oakes hosting band nights at the Castle House, in Banbury, at the end of each month. Has asked me if i want to broadcast. We are doing the one as an experiment to see if works and hopefull interview bands. Its all about timing.
The first event is Friday, January 24th, with Acoustic acts, Simon Dwight, Eagles and weeks and two more great acts

Continuing from 2013, i created a free website for Radio Variety Show. I got responses very quickly through it and this year, hoping to build on it.
More to come no doubt