Monday, 20 January 2014

The Strummer Room Project events( Live Broadcast)

This January, Chris Oakes has begun a series of end of month events at the local venue, Castle House.
This is nicely laid out Pub in Banbury, who are doing many things for local talent.
I have been invited down by, Chris, to broadcast live and film the performance( If i have a hand free), I will be interviewing the band, depends what happens on the night

One of the guests of the evening, Simon Dwight, i already had the pleasure in having as guest in August 2013. A fine, Acoustic artist from, Milton Keynes. We always said we would do a sequal
Headlining, all the way from Southampton is Eagle and Weeks
Depends what happens with the first one and if the owners want me down for more,this will be monthly
To watch. Simon Dwight, he performed in August a few weeks after Bodfest , go to this page on my website
Bradly Taylor, is a member of local Indie band, Punk Drunk Monkey Club and Spinner Falls is the Punk band for the evening
Aside from Bradly and Simon, have not met the other acts yet, so great to meet musicians, i have not met
Will be streaming live on Music World Radio
Thankyou for reading
Dj Readman

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