Friday, 29 March 2013

( Ep Review) Among the Echoes - Freak ep

4 songs of industrial sounding 80s vibe, with a Rock/Techno sound.
We start with Freak, which has changed from the original demo to the rerecording for the ep. There was raw and haunting opening to the demo version. The new ep version has just a fade in synth opening. I assume the idea was to keep it closer to how, Pure, was recorded
Pure, not too disimular from the demo version, that has been floating around. It has just been given a polish for the ep.  Talk Talk, goes in slamin', with a very electro rock vocal style and faster pace.  Feels like Heaven is a cover, and very nicely done. Very nice open with overlays coming in and lovely harmony of Ian and Rachel, with a nice bass in the background

Overall a fine ep and the band have done a fine job.  Great vocals on all the songs and you can hear everything, well recorded.  In my opinion, the band should have kept with the first version of, Freak, and just polished it for the ep. It has great haunting sounds, which keeps with the bands sound. Other than that, recommended ( Do a special edition of the ep, adding Freak(Demo version)


Review written by Dj Readman

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

April edition of the Radio Variety Show compilation

This April show, to win the compilation below. hits the radio stream on April 15th 2013
There is a gallery on my Facebook page, which includes the artists who have submitted to the April edition

The compilation

I introduced this and began in March.  This all began as another way of promoting bands and giving something back to the listeners.  The compilation is made up of upto 20 songs( Depends per month), and all songs are played as an entire playlist on a one off show for someone to win.


Apologies for the very late update. Here are the artists that are on this months compilation
on this compilation we have two artists with two songs each. How lucky you are :)

South Carolina, U.S.A
Little Stevie and Paul Wiley
A celestial moment in time
Ambient piece

Atlantic, Georgia
Funk Rock
I Got Nothing

England, U.K
Andy Pickford
Blue World


Jet Noir
Beautiful Losers
This is her new release, now available to buy through
Black Flag

Lincoln U.K
Honesty Guy
Soft to have heavier PopRock

Oxford, U.K

Jet Noir
Under the Moon (Skape Remix)

Bowles, U.K

BB Blackdog
No One
Funk Rock
Buy the album Here

England, U.K

Helder Rock aka The Misfit
Tammy Girl
Synth, Electro
Buy the album

Modesto, U.S.A
Kreative Soulz
Sleepwalking and
I still Stand
Acoustic/ Rap

Bee Keeper

Set My Total to Zero
Electric Acoustic

Deborah Bed
England, U.K

Virginia Slim
Malibu. U.S.A
So Punk Rock

The Look
Made It all

Oxfordshire. U.K
Jozzie Ostler 
Make Your Day
Acoustic Rap

Compilation content

This is not just about music.  Many artists submit music for radio play, but you can submit any audio you like. This compilation reflects the show content.  Anyone can submit a poetry reading, a spoken work, comedy sketch and accapella or movies score.  I never but barriers on audio, because there are none. The only rule is the audio you are submitting has been created by you


The reaction and feedback has been very positive
The interaction was great on the live radio station shoutbox. The artists that had first place on the station receieved good feedback from listeners
Its fun to do and you hear a lot of new audio

If you want to promote it along side a gig you are doing or a new release or any outside promotion, then by all means.

To submit put on subject bar for April competition compilation to......

More updates fourthcoming and we get nearly the show
Thankyou for reading and feel free to leave a comment

Sunday, 24 March 2013

(Live Radio show) Punk/ New Wave week

I love Punk music and New Wave and like music, it comes around like fashion

Monday, March 25th we start with Punk and  New Wave new music and classics on the Radio Variety Show
We are playing those with music from the, Madchester Music scene. This was mainly created by bands from, Factory Records. This included. The Charlatans, Happy Monday and New Order
They were chosen by Listener and singer of Rock band ,68-75, Suzy

March 28th, The Return of Sean Burke
No sooner had we had a special on the man and a chat about his new song, Perfect Fit and the bands he was in, now he wants to come back.
The last interview was so popular, this time going to have an Acoustic performance and music from his back catalogue


The Show

Donating to the cause

Over time i have never liked asking for anything in regard to this subject. I am not a charity, but on occasion when i push myself I mention or suggest
Playing music is fun on net radio, but not everyone can do it, i just found i have the voice for it, which is cool and my approach to interviews, which many like..  With this of course, comes wit some promotion you do for artists. I also like promoting as much as i can with a zero budget as i have no money coming in for my hobbie as it were

Today( Sunday) I had a bit of shock, when someone actually donated to the cause.  I do mentioned sometimes, if anyone wants to and they are free to donation whatever they want

I love what i do, the only downside with promoting is that it takes man hours.  Being on the net and playing music is fun, but you have to do a certain amount of promotion and time into it

When i began net radio, Facebook did not exist but Myspace did. I promoted when i could, but it was a different broadcasting approach.  That was Dj work on two record decks and i did get some digital music to mix with.  After 4 years from 2008 - present,, things seem a bit more solid with the name i use and regular listeners. My show now called, The Radio Variety Show, you are dealing with a lot more sounds and really a lot more work

I am not the only one play music on net stations, although i have been on the station broadcasting, with the odd break, for 4 years

I have got the musical freedom to broadcast the music and there is always a theme, an artists feature and interview. performace. that i recieve through submissions and i like to think i am doing a good job with the resources and time i have.

It is a dream as they say, although i don't know how far reality is with radio broadcasting for a wage? For the moment i broadcast and promote for nothing.
I have been offered to admin groups and become a band manager, but paid work takes presidents over anything else when music is not bringing in the living expenses.  You can only do so much and with " I want to move into a flat" banging in the head, there is only so much time you can give

Support what you have, as one day, it might now be there
I have been asked about going on other radio stations over time. Well, if you want me, your going to have to pay me, its as simple as that :)

Thankyou for reading

Dj Readman

Friday, 22 March 2013

Net Radio Stations

Music World Radio was created 5 years ago, yes 5 years ago, though the gaming world initially to play music to the masses.  Now it stands on its own, gaining popularity with his hippie commune, friendly enviroment and bands gaining a lot of interaction with fans.
There are rules, but for the benefit of all. A year later, a change of management with an 18+ station ruling, really for music playing.

3 years ago Mortan, who was part of the admin at the time, created what was to become one of the most popular shows on the station, the Top 20, 100% Listener Alternative chart show

The station in general is getting a homepage makeover very soon, but another important area is we need more admin.

The closing of New Usb this week, run by Raymond Rowe, (Not related), bring the point to the fact that music websites that are radio based, make no money and have no money coming in.  Mwr station has survived, mainy due to the size of the website.  The station has never gone and spread itself further outside to currently homepage and chart show pages, due to the fact it takes to do and more pages and large website is just not possible because it takes time.
The station is on Facebook and other areas to promote and bands do help out as well as they like the fact people are voting on their songs and its visible and good promotion
Like New Usb,  Music World Radio does not rely on advertising, no adds on shows, no jingles, unless it is a show introduction, there is no advertising at all.  Many have donated over time, which is mainly due to the chart, which does get a lot of attention, which we thank them for :).

The increasing problem is help on the admin side.  The chart is growing in popularity, yes it gets hardly any help .  It is not difficult, its just nice to have a few more people helping out.

Everyone on the station is a volunteer and people do shows as a hobbie. Over time you do get perks and you have to build up your audience.  Obviously we all want to be as broadcastable as possible, we all behave ourselves, at the same time, we have a lot of freedom

There are many presenters, although when paid work comes up, their either takes breaks or holidays and come back.

Another station that changed their business model recently is konflict Radio.  I see on Facebook they were going to close down, due to other commitments.  They decided to go the record podcast direction, rather than a live stream as non paid work is more important and saves time.  Many in the net world, just do not understand, that even a net station that is free, costs money. 99% of net stations that i are not tied to commercially run stations, are run by a core people who pay the bills themselves

I always say to people who sometimes do not believe what you are saying and think they know what they are doing in regards to radio or building one, think that buidling a website and getting massive listener count is easy, its not.  I joined Music World Radio 4 years ago and with Facebook and a few other mediums i have build up what someone called " A Cult following".  Its suprising who turns up, what turns up and when

Just bear in mind, when you see a donation sign, that its there for a reason, not just for a quick buck

Thankyou for reading

Dj Readman

New Usb

Thursday, Midday, English time, the music site, New USB closed its doors for the second time.

Raymond Rowe, first closed the site a few months ago.  The website was 100% free site for unsigned/artists, which was commendable.  He then late 2012, he had to close down due limitations on finances.

He sat down with everyone, remodeled New USB to take in some much need revenue, which is needed as its a business.  The trouble was when he reopened, many just wanted the free option and never come back.

The sad thing about this, its a really fine site, a great job by everyone involved.  The problem is many people think many thingx are free on the net and they do not realise, nothing is free.  The people behind the scenes pay the bills out of their own pocket.
There was a donations button on the website, but as usual, no one wants to know.

Now Raymond, has had to close it for a second time due to lack of support and many really not believing in him enough to put content on New USB and pay for space.

From what I know and the people that do support him, including me, is that he knows what he is doing, he is not ripping anyone off with hidden fees and one of the very few guys genuine promoters in this form who is doing what he says.

The other problem of course is people think they will not make any money from their sales because New USB is not well known enough.  With other profile sales sites, you have to pay monthly fees and so on. With New USB, they only take an uploading fee and that is it.  The only other cut is what PayPal take ( Trying reading through iTunes 200 page terms and conditions)

If you go to to and see its down, there was not enough financial support.  Raymond has said more than once and when I interviews him.  If he had his way, he would not be charging anything and the entire site would be free.  But bills have to be paid. 
Nothing runs on steam, ladies and Gentleman

To contact raymond

Hope you enoyed reading

DJ Readman

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

(Live Radio Show) Lee Negin Radio Special

Lee Negin, American born electronic pioneer began his career in the late 70s and released Nothing goes Right in the early 80s.  He has been on my radio shows before, talking about his electro music. I first talked to him about this, Hungry Ghosts, album in the release week of 2011.  It was the first time i had talked the Lee and we reflected on the revived interes in his 80s hit, which was remastered and re released before Hungry Ghosts

Thursday, 21st, March, we are going to be talking about his new ambient works, The Lunar Collection, which, with this releasem he has kept with his ambient composing.  Previous releases have kept with that journey of sound and more of mix of  experimental sounds and breakbrat/ pop beats, which was aparantly in Techmodelic Transmissions

To those of you that are new to Lee Negins work, we will be mentioning and playing tracks from album releases going back to 2011.

Have any questions you can ask in the shoutbox on the station, on Facebook chat, text 447810518778  You can for the first time, call in on the same number you text on. Outside the U.K is is other 011 or 00144, depending on the country you are calling from

                                                             To the station   Lee Negin Website

Sunday, 17 March 2013

( Album Review) Lee Negin - The Lunar Collection

Lee Negin - The Lunar Collection

As M/A/R/R/S once sampled " This is a journey into sound"
Imagine being in a capsule, floating in space, a window open, hearing a variety of sounds from Earth.
Lee Negin is a master of capturing elements from the air and composing a number of song and shaping them in a electro orchestra ambient collection
This is not a compilation or a collection of singles, this is full original ambient album by composer, Lee Negin
Just listen to the first composition, Commute and then you will just float away.

If you are into the sounds of, Future Sounds of London, The Orb, Glowpeople, anything act with an ambient/ experiment sounds, then you will love this

Spare the Rod, which is the second song on the album, is in video form to accompany the album
Another, Lee Negin, experience

                                Facebook       Website

(Album Review) Norman Kelsey - On the Rebound

Norman Kelsey - On the Rebound   - Album Review

I was seriously not expecting this music.

Combine the early years of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince and a slice of the Blues Brothers in a simple formular and you have some class songs on a great album by Norman Kelsey

I find this album, very refreshing for the fact that it has a great retro feel, while keeping the style modern. Opens up with So Sophisticated, just goes in at the deep and and instantly reminds you of the 70s and 80s era of R&B.
In general, Norman, is very creative in the way has just has the right elements of the old R&B style, with pop, lounge and Soul, keeping it simple as well and great voice.  In this genre, it stands out.
I am a fan of the artists above, not huge but the earlier work is the best and Norman captures the sound in his own original works

On the Rebound, very reminiscent of Prince, probably a tip to the hat to the artist.  From that Supermodel with Gatling Guns, very tongue and cheek and a great pop song. The last song, A Miracle is on the way, very nice guitar work.  This really is harking back to the great R&B days and very well recorded.
Anyone a fan of Prince, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and number of artists in this genre, this is worth buying


Friday, 15 March 2013

(Radio Shows) Live radio phone calls

Before the net and Skype, there was live radio phone calls from listeners . This was the traditional way to take live phone calls calls a show. Since i began radio i have always wanted to do this
Looking into it, i thought how do you connect a phone? Not everyone has heard of Skype and

Now i can
With a smartphone i can now take calls live on air.  This is via mobile, not landline
Outside uk 001447810518778
This might different per country. The more information we find, the more there will be

This is for listeners and musicians if someone is around and wants to introduce their song live on air or their at a gig and want to call in.  Calling by phone as its advantages

Anyone who knows of country numbers so i can start list.on this blog.  I know that calling from outside England means adding more numbers

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 14 March 2013

(Competition)Sponsering for CD prize?

Sponsering for a hard copy version of the competition compilation

From feedback since i introduced the Monthly Playlist prize, is it on CD? as well as download
The answer is, only for download.....


Reality check

I know the CDs cost money to produce, reason i did not have the option for the prize. A download is a lot easier, does not cost anything to mail off
I actually forgot to mention it was only a download and some thought it was both.

I physical copy would be great with a booklet of some kind, but of course this costs money.
Of course, there us always sponsering, with links and logo on the CD.  This does not over complicate things.  I am think if it was possible, 3 copies a month for three winners to give away.

The only other way to do it hardcopy is not a printed high polished CD, just burn 10 songs on each disc a playable and a slip with the songs on

If you want to get involved

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

(Radio Show) Lee Negin Lunar Collection interview

Once again, we are going to be talking to electro pioneer, Lee Negin.
I have interviewed this man a few times before from 2011 when he began releasing brand new material, due to public demand and re released his 80's hit, Nothing Goes Right.

Now, we bring you his new album, The Lunar Collection. As M/A./R/Rs once put it " This is Journey into Sound". quite right

We will be talking to Lee, live, from Korea on Thursday 21st March

A little bit of history

This man is not a monk, but a pioneer of electro music from the very early days.  His first shot at success was with the single, Nothing Goes Right, which was played by everyone you can think of in 1981 and yes, the list does include John Peel.
Like many artists, he did want to be force into a hole by labels, who wanted a string of hits. At the time, electric was on top of label agenders and everyone who was recording, they wanted to know.

Lee did not want this, so, moved around, began working as a teacher of music. After moving round part of the world, for the last 18 years he has been living in Asia, 15 of those in Korea.

We will be touching on this once again on 21st March, when we will be talking to Lee

                  Website    Facebook  Music

(Radio Show) Sean Burke interview ( Formerly of Tubeway Army)

When you get certain messages, its like won of them struck music gold moments.

Last night, i had a message from none other that, Sean Bruke, who is the former guitarist from The Tubeway Army ( The band, Gary Numan, started with) and Tubeway Petrol.

I had a great talk with Sean on Skype yesterday evening, filled me on a few details, about what was going on
The new song (Image left) he produced and  arranged with John Watt. The song as you would probably expect is a mixture of Punk ad electro, The Prefect Fit. In the first 10 seconds, you know whats coming ;)

On 18th March from 8.30pm, we will be talking to him about the new single, a bit about the past, who wouldn't and playing songs that he has sent as well as the new song

                                          Seans Facebook

The live show

We talked with extra time. Many people partisipated on and off the shoutbox and everyone loved it
Many thanks to Michelle Giffin, who put Sean onto me in the first place

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

(Competition) April compilation competition

The Debut

( Poster is the March edition compilation) March 11th was the debut of the monthly compilation competition.  This is to give away an entire playlist i play on the night of the show.
This is to showcase talent, who have been played on the radio shows or new submissions. Many people like the idea and so the once a month competition was born
The winner last night, Lisa Ann, from, Massechusettes. She won the 22 songs ( 20 plus two bonus) which will be sent to her in due course

Update ( 27th March)

New blog coming up the week before the April show.  This will include, images of artists, the song and link to artist profile

Update ( 23rd March)
Song on Soundcloud

An option for artists.  When you send or have already sent a song for the monthly compilation and you want people to listen to it.   We can upload it to our MusicSubmission Soundcloud profile.
The song will be linked to the Gallery and when they April edition comes near the show, we will link the song to the image

Update (16th March)

Since we opened for the April competition, we had recieved 9 songs. There are two more to come, in the coming days

I am now taking submissions for April edition.

Already had some submissions based on the first edition.   The number of songs per compilation is 20. I play all songs on the show. An artist can send more than one songs for the compilation if he, she or they wish.

Can be a demo, work in process, live song or studio song, accapella, spoken word, comedy sketchm anything. The track can either be in wav or highest as possible in mp3
As always with all shows, the entire show is uploaded to mixcloud

The March edition of the show was a success, with a lot of listeners and musicians tuning in

Again, 20 songs are for each compilation

From the artist
One song or more, any links and credits to the song, such as profile and video links( Has to be an official video link).  All bands are in seperate folders with all information that is provided

Podcast or no podcast

The compilation show will be uploaded as a podcast the day after, as i do with all my shows. If you submit an unreleased track say yes or no to the podcast.  If yes it will go on the post, when no, i will play live, put it will be edit out of the podcast

The compilation is available no where else. This is not for resale.

Want to submit for April

Thankyou for reading

Saturday, 9 March 2013

(Radio Competition) Radio Variety Show competition compilation monthly series

Great response

The first compilation has had a great response and this is going to be a monthly.
Remember the days when you had a free compilations on the front of a magazine? This is kind of the same principle, but in radio competition format.

First compilation

The first edition, which is March( This month) has more than 20. This is for the first one only as a introduction. There are sounds from Acoustic to Trance, a varied assortment

Why should i submit

This is a promotion for musicians. I can ask as many musicians as i can find or i have contact details for. Some can say no, which is fine to do so. No one is forcing any musicians to contribute. This first compilation gathering has been received with a lot of enthusiasm and great feed back. One musician said it was a great idea and another said, i would be honoured


How many songs?
20 songs to a compilation.

High quality mp3 320k
The song can be a demo, live recording or studio/ album song

As the radio show slogan says, Many Sounds, Many Styles, which is the same with the compilations.

A band image or if a single, the image for that.

A lot of music out there

I have played a lot of music and interviewed many bands. I have messaged bands individually and some people have heard the show and sent me e-mails with music on
You can be a musicians i have not played. The submission are not limited to the music i have played. All music gets radioplay as well as being on the compilation

Type of sounds
Demo, live song, studio song, spoken word, comedy sketch, pretty much anything goes. Reason its called Variety

Why i am doing this

Being cheeky, i put one of my own songs on the compilation, but only after someone suggested it,lol. Its fun to do, i like recieving new music and i can play it as well.  Many musicians love the idea and so far, i love the response

Thanks to all

To submit a song

( Non Radio)Finding a place to live

Didn't get the job at PC world. We not selling enough aparantly.
When i was training, they say, there is no such thing as a hard sell...what a load of rubbish, its just switched round. To get sales, its not the products that makes them money, its the added packes on top you have to sell. If you don't sell enough, you are out, basically.  I have nothing again the people i were working with and there was a rather nice look woman there as well.  The trouble is, they want more and more and more. There are always turning over staff, i wonder why. i had no issues working, its just you supposed to work like a robot, which i am not. No problem taking orders, part of the job, i can talk to people, part of retail and i can stuff, dont it many times and have and still have plenty of experience...They want you to do everrything in a short space of time.. can't be done

Back to square one, although i have had gardening work. I keep searching for work from admin, letting agents, to retail or....gets harder and harder.  Yes, i like hard work, reason why i garden, Its hard work and i get paid with good results. I can work under people, i have volunteered for many years.  Too many people for one job. Something has to be done

Original Blog

At least the wheels start to move on finding a place to live. There was no point until i found a job. Now that has been sorted out, i can not plan the rest.
I have been living with my parents and i have been making money. The money has not been stable enough and every day to live on.

I am not after a huge space, although space is nice.  After some thought, depends on the propertly.
As i disovered today, some charge on your first month and some do not even mention.
Everyone wants somewhere to chill, place to cook and sleep.  So thats living room, kitchen, bathoom and good size bedroom

As many people know by now, i broadcast on radio.  We will have guests round, which will make things easy on that front, Its nice entertainment for an evening as well :)

I work at Curries/ pc world in Oxford, so i communute every day. Living in Oxford is possible but prefer Banbury
£550 a month is the maximum and ha to included bills and will not have funds until mid May, due to waiting for wages and overlap as it cost to travel every day. I found the traveling not a problem, but its cuts into your pocket a lot, depends on how early you go.


This is my first place moving from parents and i don't mind what state its in. Yes, is has to ba habbitable as many landlord do decorate and things.  I obviously can clean, paint and garden. I am looking into the possibility, if it excists of factoring some maintences work so the rent can be reasonable.  I don't care if walk in and there is no paint on the walls or the place is completely bare.  I can get furniture, have a small kitchen unit, bed and laptop. To start with i do not need much at all. There has to be running watch for show or just a bath. Can get a shower from somewhere

At one point i was thinking of a canal boat or a caravan, but to be honest, that way too much hassle. It would be nice to be on water, but at the moment, its a flat.

I am not going through an estate agent. Although they are nice, there are unexpected fees involved, which suprised me, as i did not think they charged the tenent, but did not suprise me as i new someone would. In my mind, their ripping people off

The first step. you have to find the first months rent and deposit. which is £1,000 or just over, This is because the deposit is the same as the first months rent

In the next few months, it will be moving time....If anyone can help with somewhere, or know of somwhere we can do up, by all means

Thankyou for reading
Dj Readman

Monday, 4 March 2013

(Demo Review) Jet Noir - Beautiful losers

This will be played on my Radio Variety Show on Monday 25th March. Will be right after the Open Show Promotion artist, Wily Bo Walker Dj Readman Music review of Breautful Losers

From the Trance sounds of Emotional Chess to the 80s vibe of Beautiful Losers.
This tune is currently in demo form, but already you can tell the sound direction
This has a very big 80s influence. Since the colaboration with Tony Mayo of Naked Lunch it would not suprise me that its rubbed off a little.  I love this song, the energy it has. I love the style, and its great to keep music diverse in this way. She will get a lot of head bangers, maybe punks listening to this..
Its loud, fast paced synth, strong beats, all round go 80s industrial synth sound


Sunday, 3 March 2013

( Live Radio shows) Radio Variety Shows continue

I have a new job, which is building upto 30-39 hours a week, at Curries/ Pc World in Oxford.
This is paid work and radio is not.  This does not mean my radio broadcasts will stop, far from it. Every now and again the days  i broadcast may change due to the schedule i work. but my passion for radio broadcasting and hearing fine quality music,  will never let up.  I have been doing this for too long to give it up. As it happens i met my wife through radio and she likes what i do.   I have building it up with regular listeners, which was the idea. When you move to a new station( Music World Radio in 2008) i knew i would be starting from scratch. People think you get instant listeners, but you don't, you have to build.

In an ideal world, radio would be my full time career. Unfortunately,  it has never gone past, HOBBIE stage, but passion for a hobbie, does not mean work.  The problem with radio you have to qualifications to broadcast( Whatever they are) call it amature if you like, but every DJ starts somewhere. Do you remember the boats in the 60s?

Music World Radio is my radio home. Its the longest i have stayed with any station because i have stuck to the rules and in effect, can to whatever i want.  There is always a plan for a show,  but i always leave space for improvisation. People listen in as they do not know what is coming next.. leave em guessing ;)

If you see this , go here to my recorded shows
I have never been one to blow my own trumpet, but i am good at what i do, otherwise, i would seriously not be doing it at all


Thankyou for reading

Saturday, 2 March 2013

(Non Radio) New direction

Recent events

When you are looking for work, its not easy and i am not the only one.
Many people have got the wrong perception of people finding work.  Finding work is not the problem, actually getting one is

You can do as much preparation as you like and sending hundreds of C.Vs out, but just got be taken notice of and keep going

I am a private person by nature and people like to know what you are doing, reason their on your friends list on Facebook.  When people start to nag you and think you are lazy, thats when i switch off.  Many people do not understand when they have job what its like
Moaning to someone on social media is not the answer and the person is obviously not a fiend. A friend likes you not matter what you doing and supports you.
I had some help, got my C.V reworked and i was hunting like a hound and i thank people for helping me out.  Help is good, but moaning at someone for asuming their not doing shit and not listening is bang out of order

This is the problem

My handyman work, people liked and i have had recommendations many times. i have cleanined, painted and done gardening and will continue to do so on an odd job basis. As a general business, it become aparant that it was not enough.  The business i set up 2 years ago, Demand Cleaners, after a while, having transport was hampering income, so that ment finding work.  I find it increasing frustraiting that you have to have a car for a lot of things.  To me, a car it costs to much to run. I have people say, its an ongoing costs. These day when you start up, its just not worth it.

I can do this

I know i have skills, people know that, have seen me working. This is either in a charity shop, market stall, record fairs or my own record business.  99% of my work has been face to face, even handyman work is.  Going for work is by no means and easy task and every company is different. When you get the to light, its a relief
If i could do it financially i would be a radio presenter, but as it stands getting a job in radio is like getting blood from a vampire.  All my radio work has been like work for a charity, its a hobbie, unpaid. I know from people i have talked to and on the net, hobbies is one of the things employees look at

Although i have been looking for working for a while i only hit it hard before Christmas 2012 as things had to change.

I went for everything and i knew the job was out there somewhere

The future
The best way in my opinion is what Curries/ Pc work and i commend them for this, you first get a phone interview( Which i got past) and then i went for a face to face interview. You are asked to demonstrate a product and i was only there for 15 minutes.
Thats how, in my opinion its supposed to be done.  When you applying for a retail positions, the job is face to face, so why isn't the interview process the same? The interview process should reflect the job

I have had a lot of information from Curries and how they are turning the business round.  They like people who want to build a career and not just a fly by night.  Not wanting to build a career is fine by them as well, but they are plenty of opportunities to do so if you want

3 hours after the face to face i got a phone call to say i got the job...yes i was shocked.  99% of job hunting is blind and most of the time, is a wall of silence. There is always period of applying, being process, which average is 2 weeks in retail

I just competed a two day course in London, very nice it was.  nerveracking as i had never taken the train to London before, but Marylebone is the smallest station i have come across.  If you have never been to London on a train, its far smaller than the airport sized Birmingham one. and Birmingham is not even the capital.
 It was customer service exercises, many vocal and a lot of remembering and writing.
I did learn a lot, you never stop learning/ Some stuff i already knew. One thing i did learn is more about approaching the public and let them speak.  Very refreshing

So, heres to the future and the reason for move, into a house or flat
Anyone that sees this and knows any private landlords let us know on the e-mail before
Has to be in the Banbury area due to work or in Oxford


Gradual building up from training hours i am doing at the moment. This means i can do odd gardening jobs inbetween