Friday, 29 March 2013

( Ep Review) Among the Echoes - Freak ep

4 songs of industrial sounding 80s vibe, with a Rock/Techno sound.
We start with Freak, which has changed from the original demo to the rerecording for the ep. There was raw and haunting opening to the demo version. The new ep version has just a fade in synth opening. I assume the idea was to keep it closer to how, Pure, was recorded
Pure, not too disimular from the demo version, that has been floating around. It has just been given a polish for the ep.  Talk Talk, goes in slamin', with a very electro rock vocal style and faster pace.  Feels like Heaven is a cover, and very nicely done. Very nice open with overlays coming in and lovely harmony of Ian and Rachel, with a nice bass in the background

Overall a fine ep and the band have done a fine job.  Great vocals on all the songs and you can hear everything, well recorded.  In my opinion, the band should have kept with the first version of, Freak, and just polished it for the ep. It has great haunting sounds, which keeps with the bands sound. Other than that, recommended ( Do a special edition of the ep, adding Freak(Demo version)


Review written by Dj Readman

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