Wednesday, 13 March 2013

(Radio Show) Sean Burke interview ( Formerly of Tubeway Army)

When you get certain messages, its like won of them struck music gold moments.

Last night, i had a message from none other that, Sean Bruke, who is the former guitarist from The Tubeway Army ( The band, Gary Numan, started with) and Tubeway Petrol.

I had a great talk with Sean on Skype yesterday evening, filled me on a few details, about what was going on
The new song (Image left) he produced and  arranged with John Watt. The song as you would probably expect is a mixture of Punk ad electro, The Prefect Fit. In the first 10 seconds, you know whats coming ;)

On 18th March from 8.30pm, we will be talking to him about the new single, a bit about the past, who wouldn't and playing songs that he has sent as well as the new song

                                          Seans Facebook

The live show

We talked with extra time. Many people partisipated on and off the shoutbox and everyone loved it
Many thanks to Michelle Giffin, who put Sean onto me in the first place

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