Sunday, 24 March 2013

Donating to the cause

Over time i have never liked asking for anything in regard to this subject. I am not a charity, but on occasion when i push myself I mention or suggest
Playing music is fun on net radio, but not everyone can do it, i just found i have the voice for it, which is cool and my approach to interviews, which many like..  With this of course, comes wit some promotion you do for artists. I also like promoting as much as i can with a zero budget as i have no money coming in for my hobbie as it were

Today( Sunday) I had a bit of shock, when someone actually donated to the cause.  I do mentioned sometimes, if anyone wants to and they are free to donation whatever they want

I love what i do, the only downside with promoting is that it takes man hours.  Being on the net and playing music is fun, but you have to do a certain amount of promotion and time into it

When i began net radio, Facebook did not exist but Myspace did. I promoted when i could, but it was a different broadcasting approach.  That was Dj work on two record decks and i did get some digital music to mix with.  After 4 years from 2008 - present,, things seem a bit more solid with the name i use and regular listeners. My show now called, The Radio Variety Show, you are dealing with a lot more sounds and really a lot more work

I am not the only one play music on net stations, although i have been on the station broadcasting, with the odd break, for 4 years

I have got the musical freedom to broadcast the music and there is always a theme, an artists feature and interview. performace. that i recieve through submissions and i like to think i am doing a good job with the resources and time i have.

It is a dream as they say, although i don't know how far reality is with radio broadcasting for a wage? For the moment i broadcast and promote for nothing.
I have been offered to admin groups and become a band manager, but paid work takes presidents over anything else when music is not bringing in the living expenses.  You can only do so much and with " I want to move into a flat" banging in the head, there is only so much time you can give

Support what you have, as one day, it might now be there
I have been asked about going on other radio stations over time. Well, if you want me, your going to have to pay me, its as simple as that :)

Thankyou for reading

Dj Readman

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