Sunday, 24 March 2013

(Live Radio show) Punk/ New Wave week

I love Punk music and New Wave and like music, it comes around like fashion

Monday, March 25th we start with Punk and  New Wave new music and classics on the Radio Variety Show
We are playing those with music from the, Madchester Music scene. This was mainly created by bands from, Factory Records. This included. The Charlatans, Happy Monday and New Order
They were chosen by Listener and singer of Rock band ,68-75, Suzy

March 28th, The Return of Sean Burke
No sooner had we had a special on the man and a chat about his new song, Perfect Fit and the bands he was in, now he wants to come back.
The last interview was so popular, this time going to have an Acoustic performance and music from his back catalogue


The Show

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