Friday, 22 March 2013

Net Radio Stations

Music World Radio was created 5 years ago, yes 5 years ago, though the gaming world initially to play music to the masses.  Now it stands on its own, gaining popularity with his hippie commune, friendly enviroment and bands gaining a lot of interaction with fans.
There are rules, but for the benefit of all. A year later, a change of management with an 18+ station ruling, really for music playing.

3 years ago Mortan, who was part of the admin at the time, created what was to become one of the most popular shows on the station, the Top 20, 100% Listener Alternative chart show

The station in general is getting a homepage makeover very soon, but another important area is we need more admin.

The closing of New Usb this week, run by Raymond Rowe, (Not related), bring the point to the fact that music websites that are radio based, make no money and have no money coming in.  Mwr station has survived, mainy due to the size of the website.  The station has never gone and spread itself further outside to currently homepage and chart show pages, due to the fact it takes to do and more pages and large website is just not possible because it takes time.
The station is on Facebook and other areas to promote and bands do help out as well as they like the fact people are voting on their songs and its visible and good promotion
Like New Usb,  Music World Radio does not rely on advertising, no adds on shows, no jingles, unless it is a show introduction, there is no advertising at all.  Many have donated over time, which is mainly due to the chart, which does get a lot of attention, which we thank them for :).

The increasing problem is help on the admin side.  The chart is growing in popularity, yes it gets hardly any help .  It is not difficult, its just nice to have a few more people helping out.

Everyone on the station is a volunteer and people do shows as a hobbie. Over time you do get perks and you have to build up your audience.  Obviously we all want to be as broadcastable as possible, we all behave ourselves, at the same time, we have a lot of freedom

There are many presenters, although when paid work comes up, their either takes breaks or holidays and come back.

Another station that changed their business model recently is konflict Radio.  I see on Facebook they were going to close down, due to other commitments.  They decided to go the record podcast direction, rather than a live stream as non paid work is more important and saves time.  Many in the net world, just do not understand, that even a net station that is free, costs money. 99% of net stations that i are not tied to commercially run stations, are run by a core people who pay the bills themselves

I always say to people who sometimes do not believe what you are saying and think they know what they are doing in regards to radio or building one, think that buidling a website and getting massive listener count is easy, its not.  I joined Music World Radio 4 years ago and with Facebook and a few other mediums i have build up what someone called " A Cult following".  Its suprising who turns up, what turns up and when

Just bear in mind, when you see a donation sign, that its there for a reason, not just for a quick buck

Thankyou for reading

Dj Readman

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