Thursday, 14 March 2013

(Competition)Sponsering for CD prize?

Sponsering for a hard copy version of the competition compilation

From feedback since i introduced the Monthly Playlist prize, is it on CD? as well as download
The answer is, only for download.....


Reality check

I know the CDs cost money to produce, reason i did not have the option for the prize. A download is a lot easier, does not cost anything to mail off
I actually forgot to mention it was only a download and some thought it was both.

I physical copy would be great with a booklet of some kind, but of course this costs money.
Of course, there us always sponsering, with links and logo on the CD.  This does not over complicate things.  I am think if it was possible, 3 copies a month for three winners to give away.

The only other way to do it hardcopy is not a printed high polished CD, just burn 10 songs on each disc a playable and a slip with the songs on

If you want to get involved

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