Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Independent picks for 2014

Thought i would extend this into a blog
Welcome to my first top picks of a year. Never done this before. Making up catagories up as go along ;)
Top Rock album 68-75 - Stay on the Ride, 
Fav pop live act, Sinestar
Dark live /Camelon  act, Among The Echoes
top electro act, NakedLunch Original
Top dance release CLOAK - Dance ep, 
Top Acoustic/release/harmony act - Blackdoghat
top Punk act, DRAG,, 
Alternative rock act, Bella Figura
top Comeback Johnny Normal,
Top music personality Ian Wall , Rock God as he calls himself ;)
top music duo, Johnny Normal and Pete Walsh,
 top Alternative synth artist, Alex Paulee Juno
 top rock singer,Suzanne Sledge
top male singer, Iian Brownie,
Top pop singer Carley Phillips ( Silverspark)
American Alternative rock personality  Yvonne Lauglin
Top Pop Rock live and album act  Sliverspark
Rock band to look out for in 2015 68 75
Live pop band in 2015. Sinestar

Who impressed me the most
Although i like Among the Echoes a lot, live, with vocal range and outstanding drumming, it has to be Sinestar. Sinestar below a lot of people away, in 2014. I know i am not the only one

Among the Echoes
Going to gigs, is where this all began. Great live and always experimenting with different musicians and sounds. Since i have heard them, they have changed their act twice and released a great studio album

Singing wise, like above, for rock power, Suzanne from 68 75 and for pop power, Carley. I just could not split the ladies appart. They have two different vocal styles, to billing

Music Persinality
Top music personality was the easiest. Ian Wall ( Singer of Among the Echoes) 
Since i have seen the band i have noticed, hes a talker, always talkative before and after the his band finishes. he approaches you, even its a hello,which not everyone does, unless they know you or you them. Not everyone does that in general

Johnny Normal
This guy should be zombie, but he is far from that. Most of 2014, he was on the brink of death. unable to speak or walk. He fought, like a gladiator to recover, return to form, and release music more. The comeback king of the year
This follow nicely, with Pete Walsh. Their a music duo, also doing their own seperate project. Pete Walsh, is one of the best live guitarists i have seen in some while. I have dubbed him "The Birmingham Hendrix

68 75
I was the first to play these guys on U.K radio. They just jumped out at me with some of the best rock i have heard in years. Led Zepplin for the next generation. Just pure power. Their not heavy, just great, catchy, outstanding, rock music.They are coming over in to England 2015 , and they are going to blow this country apart

Yvonne Laughlin

She seems to have the midus touch when it comes to finding bands, that have great sounds. Recently, Voodoo Sex Cult ( Hard Rock) and Dauzet St Marie ( Acoustic) Rock . To completely ended of the spectrum, yet, quality music. she also communicates for well with whoever she sends music to and very much loved with a fan base of her own

There is whole universe out there

As always, there is a lot more music then i have put above, there always is.  Most of this was pretty easy,. Musicians who i have seen live, music i have recieved. Above, who have hit the spot, where music is supposed to it. 
A video will be coming regarding this, which may extended further. But for now, the above is for reading

Thanks to everyone for the music, happy new year and see you in 2015 :)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Air drumming at its finest

I have been air drumming a lot, recently.  The band i am in, The Projectiles, needed a second drumming, so i stepped upto the plate. I have no drum kit, no room, for one, reason i never took up as an instrument.

What is air drumming
No different to playing air guitar, although with air drumming, it helps you practising for when you have real kit in front you. Its hitting air and sitting in the position, you would do, if you were in front of kit.
I found talking with drummers, who i have seen live and they recommended, Aerodrums

What is Aerodrums?
Good question, i went to find out......

This is essentially, taking air drumming to the next level for practising. May sound daft, but it helps out more with adding sounds.  This kit is software that connects to your webcam on your desktop/ laptop., comes with special sticks and together they create the drum sounds, without it physically being there. You position yourself, as if you were playing a real kit
I thought, ah, £50, but no, £100, so i have got to wait.  I have drum sticks and do air drumming against songs. Of course, its not like the real thing. Buying a kit would be the solution, but no funds for that.
I like drumming and am the bass player i have the band. I have bass guitar, which is easier to plug in and practice

Paul Readman
Bass player,/ drummer
The Projectiles

Friday, 26 December 2014

Dauzat Saint Marie - Falling Again ep ( Review)

Dauzet St Marie
Falling Again ep

1. Falling Again ( Piano)
2. Time Slips Away
3. Watch Me Go
4. Sinking Down
5.Falling Again ( Acoustic)

This was a suprise
Both Dauzet and St Marie are from a Metal band, which is literally the complete opposite to this recording.

The first thing that hit you is the great harmony, which is on all their songs, mainly on the choruses. This is an Acoustic ep, aside from track one, which is the piano version of, "Falling Again"

St Marie has a fabulous, powerful voice. From, Time Slips Away through to Sinking down, you are pulled in with just lovely harmony work with
Dauzats guitar work and loop skills,  these are great together.

This should have been an album and in my opinion, more piano work. Having two versions of one song is fine, but i think, they definitely should have included more piano, in fact, they could have done more songs, with both instruments
The only suggestion i have when ,you run out of songs to play, have it on loop and then see them live. If you want to hear their heavier side,? Go and see or their metal band, Hydrovibe. Reason i was taken back with this material

Dauzat St Marie Fb  Website  Hyrdovibe FB   Website


Killer inside video, which is seen on the SAWIII directors cut DVD 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Paid video promo work

This started after being asked by a band, The Shapes, to put a video together in November 2014
I completed another video, for a, Punk Rock, in style, The band is, Last of the Dogs, which is now flying around, Facebook and Youtube

I love video editing and putting together, with ideas from lyrics and the pace of the song.  Not everyone can do this, or wants to do it. I will take on any type of work on. I don't mind the style,  It does not have to be music related.  I love video editing, piecing together, When a project comes along that needs fresh footage, or someone sends me footage to work with, i can do that. Its like a dance and make it run smoothly

The videos
                                            The two videos i produced for the bands are on this playlist
                                                  This is playlist of the video i have produced so far

Editing video is normally charged at £40-£50 an hour.
I go buy video length, reason for lower cost

Messing around with video editing myself. for some time. I love video editing and seeing something flow. You either like it and can do it, or you don't. I like doing, reason why i take on clients.

The videos
Public domain footage used. Both have recieved with success and feedback i have had from the bands

One promo video, estimate of upto 6 minutes £50

Why charge
 I was approached after bands seeing my own montage work. I have day job, but video editing does take time and the finances is needs. Equipment is uses for bring the videos to live, the wear down

Alternative fees
If you prefer to be charged by the hour, i can do this.  Video music promo average 10 hours, £10 an hour. £100
I am a fair person. Equipment is always needed. I can do part money part, equipment

For no extra cost ( Unless you want to pay for this, you can, i have been in the past), i play music on net radio. I broadcast once a week. I plug music, gigs, shout outs. This has no budget, its a hobbie, although, i have fans in Europe and the Americas that tune in and it has happened where i sell artists music via playing on radio. Handy portal :)
The filming fees coming in handy to keep this running

My working schedule
I have a day job, 11am - 5pm, which pays for the roof over my head, The video editing is in the evenings and weekends

The way i work
When i was approached i always do a rough draft first with no money up front.  I get sent material and lyrics( When its a song) I then competely a rough cut, and then sent to the client

How long does a 3-5 minutes promo take
I estimate, based on the videos i have done so far. one week. It could take less, depends on the work involved per one video.
Contact information

The year that was 2014

Many people put down their favourite music and lists. I would have gone into that direction, but to be honest, there are too many. Its not the matter of saying, that bands is better than another, because, thats not the way i see it or it works either.

Instead, i reflect on the year and the big changes that took place. As i have mentioned in previous blogs, i moved, finally, for the first time in my 40 years. I have a paid job, which helped me do this. Radio broadcasting does not bring in the rent, nor did gardening and cleaning, well not enough. this year was about moving to a flat, well twice, enojing that and going to a couple of gig, which i enjoyed. The radio side, had a few breaks with moving, still doing shows, thoughout the year. I went to local and national gigs, recorded them on camera, which is always fun. Met people off, Facebook, which is always a good thing, face to face.

When i went to gigs, there is nothing like a live drummer. Seeing bands live, i love doing, although that is about to slow down, a lot  The year went fairly quickly. Moving to another flat in November, due to paying less and slightly better area of town

Not many major changes, aside from moving. The radio shows i have not changed dramatically, although my streaming has improved

I have been with the band, The Projectiles. We play renditions of classic song. We are going out to gigs in the new year

About it really, more changes in 2015. in another blog

Dj Readman
Radio, podcast presenter, video editor./ producer

Top 10 independent songs on Watchmojo

I thought i would make up an Independent song list.

I put up 10 songs, from bands i have and seen live. This then goes into the watchmojo system. If accepted, the list goes live in 24 hours.
This is not a chart, like was on Music World Radio. The WM is enough votes cast, the coimpany create a top 10 video on it
You need to register to Watchmojo before you vote.

The links when, live will go on here

The list i put up is

Spacebouy - Oblivion
Shiny Darkness - Mother
Naked Lunch - Alone
Cloak - Sunshine
Sinestar - I am the Rain
Johnny Normal - Miss Razorblade
Blackdoghat - Electric
Among the Echoes - Hate
The best idea is one song a band. When the list goes live people can add their own.
To register, vote. You can also add a song, if you wish 

Dj Readman
Radio, podcast presenter and video editor/ producer

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cloak - Dance ep ( Review)

I like dance music, always have, but something that actually hits the right spot, is not easy either
In walks

I review, what i like listening to.,  but sometimes, there are certain levels that some acts can just produce in a various style of dance music
The new ep by Cloak, it just awsome from start to finish. I am a big fan of 90s dance music, which you do not hear very often now, or replicated.
I am loving the beat, sounds a like a fat click, coming together with the right production work.  Not every dance act i have come across uses this kind of style. Its normally reflecting the 80s, blending past and future.
Most of this ep, reminds me of one of my all time favourite dance tunes, Rui Da Silva - Touch Me ft. Cassandra and Chicane, come to mind. Great build up, great beats and mainly synth, which many 90s acts use
Just like striking a match, opens with Dance and just get hotter. Blood and Pain, Sunshine are just incredible tunes, with an outstanding summer vibe, no matter what season you are in at the time.  I would say the only thing that might get irriating to a degree, is the vocals. Some times in places sounds  like someone is singing in a cardboard box.  The vocals are well produced, they just sound a bit squeezed. Nothing else to fault about this ep, just, i suppose, some longer tunes.  am believer in letting high quality production breath
Also, i can listen to this on repeat without even releasing its gone back to the beginning,
You don;t have to buy this on pain of death. It will not take you long to hit the buy button
This is one ep i would buy on vinyl amd mix with, if i was still Djing

Facebook             Website             Shop

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show
Radio presenter, reviewing, video producer

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Top 10 Drum and bass tunes to vote on

I found about about Watchmojo on Youtube a few months ago. I like top 10s, got addicted to them.. I registered to the site, thinking nothing really of it. That is until a few days ago, when i discovered you can create in a top 10 of your own. So, just for a bit of fun, a top 10 drum & bass tunes. This is now live on Watchmojo website and you can vote for it
As i understand it, given enough votes, they do a video counting down.

Just a reminder, here are Youtube links to all but one of the tunes ( Couldn't find Kill Bill
The Prodigy - Smack my Bitch up ( Hype remix)

Adam F  - Metropolis 

Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag

Goldie - Inner City Life

Noisia - Block Control VIP

Bad Company U.K  - Bullet Time

Grooverider-  Rainbows of Colour

Ram Trilogy - Beastman

Aphrodite - Stalker

Music Video promos ( The Shapes) Project

/Over the past few years, i have grown to like video editing. I record a lot of video, mainly vlogs, reviews and a weekly preview for my live radio shows.
I recently changed the format of the weekly episode to a "montage" of music video clips.
Based on my first omontage, which features a segment of the band, The Shapes, i got asked by the lead singer to produce a music video promo
Its called, Tom Petty 1980. This is the one

                                                        Below the video the singer saw.
I thought, Youtube is visual, It would be better to see more bands, in represented visually

This took around 8 hours to complete. This includes finding the footage. The footage was public domain and use of one of the bands live segments

Not long after this i was talking to another band about video promos. From this i got another paid project. i just finished. The band is, Last of the Dogs, The song and video will be released by the band in January. You can hear me play the song, Bones on my radio show

I charge £50 a video. I have been told this is very reasonable. So far both videos have been edited and produced in around 8-10 hours.  This is working in the evenings after my day job, mainly
In the new years i might revise the fee structure, depends how much works comes in.

How i work.
I am happy if you are happy.

Dj Readman
Thanks for reading

Contact me about a project?
Text/ call 07810518778 ( Please text first)

Another Dimension from Naked Lunch ( Remix album review)

As the Prodigy once sampled" Going to take your Brain to Another Dimension"

Yes they did, and yes theses guys have.  This could have gone in any direction, well you have many direction, in this sound scape
This is the extention to the original album. you could say or a stand alone album by Naked Lunch.  Another Dimension are selected songs taken from the, Beyond Planets classic, given to various artists and their stems treated with acid

The quality is there, the beat are there and Tonys vocals are sharp as a tac
A few stand out.; Technomancer, who did, Glow, one of the best remixes i have heard and slipping Again, Again.  Then there is Saint(ED) remix, from Jeremiah Saint, who takes you somewhere else entirely or should i say, sounds like a rerecording,. Same guy who " rerecorded" Alone for the Alone2 ep/ ( For seperate review i think)
I like Ruinzer remix of, Fade Away, like someone put extra juice in the car and put it on turbo
We Are, Glow, Alone, Emotional Termoil, Slipping Again, Again and Weekend Behaviour, have had their stems carved up and replanted, some more than once, in some cases. From the minimalistic, do the darn right, animalistic, you have one side of the insanity spectrum to the other.
If you like the original versions, with an extra industrial edge and electric shock and them some or more stripped back, then this is the album for you.
The only downside to this album is not all the songs were remixed. There are few of Glow versions which is cool but it would have been good to hear the remixes  of the all the album tracks, especially Rabies. You never know with Naked Lunch, anything could happen

To buy the album and all the Naked Lunch Material currently on release
                                    Their shop

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Monthly Radio Variety Strummer Room Show

In November, i invited, Chris Oakes down to be a guest on the show.
He was going a show on local charity station, Horton Radio, which is in the local hospital.  He had to stop his shows as the Bicester gig he now organises was on the same night.
He organised night at the Jericho Tavern, Wheatsheaf, (Oxford),
The Bell ( Bicester) and anywhere else he lands

He popped up on Facebook one day and i happen to say " Why don't you join me?" And then, that was it

After the first one, which i was pretty fun. We did one two weeks later, once a month.
Chris is now joining me, once a month live on Music World Radio

Chris has had many guests down on his show, although there was not much room, but managed. I also have had guests down, and hired places to for more room. Would you like to perform?? send us some music and will take it from there, or if Chris wants to bring you down, why not

November show
This is the podcast for the first monthly and full playlist

This is the podcast and playlist included

The lights go on every night
This, of course, takes funds.  Over time, there have been donations, not of a bank busting kind, but we survive, I work and so does Chris. Neither of us are under charity banners and we love music, but, at the end of the days, it costs money to do this

To donate, does not matter how much click here


DJ Readman
Radio broadcaster and Music video promo producer

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Return of the Weekly Preview and new format

The "Weekly Preview" was designed to preview music that i have been sent by labels, promoters, artists before the live radio stream on the same week.  Being video, i wanted it to be a visual presentation of the music. Only two ways you can be "Visual", be on screen, reading and showing images, or  clips of videos from artists, or footage, representing their sound.

From November, i returned after having a break, with a "Montage" format. This is editing together music video clips form bands, or related with an audio commentary track from me

                                            Even when i am talking, you can still hear the music

                                      Below, is the original format, with mainly me on camera.

                      The format, will stay in the montage format. All videos now in HD
I will still appear. The format will be mixing the two formats up slightly, with gearing towards the video segments

Get in touch or if you prefer
Facebook and Pm that oyu found this blog
Twitter and DM if that you found this blog

Sunday, 9 November 2014

RVS Open Show Promotion on Youtube ( Official Blog)

I love music and finding different promotions, or extenting them in other directions from what is currently available

The Open Show Promotion show was created for my audio streaming on Music World Radio.  I then began the Weekly preview series and then ,you begin to get ideas

The Visual Open Show Promotion
I changed the format with my, The format is in a full video and commentary format, although, there might be an onscreen introduction by me on some

Starting from late 2014
Corridors - Alternative Rock
From Tele Vvi, Isreal, one of the most diverse albums, The Motion of the Wheels, i have heard for a while.

January 2015
Voodoo Sex Cult - Hard Rock, Arizona
Album,: A Year and a Day

Fabulous album by the hard Rock act, Sold production work and screach guitars,won me over
There is a studio track, which is actually the same as the song on the video, but the sound is too distorted on the video
Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Weekly Preview vlog ( video blog)

I began a weekly video series to preview the music i received form artists and what i am playing in general on weekly radio shows.s

Monthly Open Show Artists being added
From video blog ( vlog ) 18 i am adding the Open Show Promotion artist. This is showing an merchandise and playing two songs ( One song on the above video) from the artist. The same songs will be played on the show following the video

New format
From, November 2014, i have changed the a "Montage" format Here


Rerelease the original films??

General overview of the situation
This has been on my mind for some time.  I have seen a few documentries on restoring films on Youtube recently. Some from big companies and some from Independents. I know some films that have been restored, have had a re runs in cinemas, but why does this not happen more often?
I know. Universal and some of the other big film studio are now, finally taking action to clean up and restore films. Back in the black and white era especially, restoring film was not part of the film industry system. After films were shown or copied and sent abroad to be seen, they just got thrown in the rubbish bin, litterally
This is  what the industry should be doing more and are now doing, The other side of this is not re releasing film, but remaking them, even with films that are not that old, rebooting. This is the worse area they have come up with. Saying that, the only films it has worked on so far is Star Trek, but thats not rebooting films, as they are not remakes.
Remakes are taking the original film, Take the original, A Nightmare on Elm Street and remaking it. Yes, they remade, Elm Street. Why, you ask?? in this case, there is no need for it. There have been a number of remakes over the years, in fact, this is not a new concept.

Their reasoning??

This is a pure guess on my part.  Take, Elm Street or Halloween for example. The only reason i can think of ,or excuse the film companys have, for remaking a film, is because of fresh faces on screen. Many original film are well over 30 years old and of course actors age, either, no great or well. When they re release a film from say, the early 90s, they have to promote it to some degree, and of course, with the original actors, if they can. This is the only reason i can things of that film companys remake films

My solution

I know this has been done on a limit basis with some films. They have been cleaned up and released in cinemas for anniversarys. This is seriously the best idea with all films, that have been cleaned up. The best example, is Jaws, which was recently, cleaned up and given a 7.1 surround sound system overhaul. This could be re released in cinemas and make money. I honestly, don't know why film companys don't do this more often. Some films, lets say, Back to the Future, i would like to see on the big screen, as i didn't first time around. I believe, Pulp Fiction had a cinema run again recently, as its the 20th Anniversary or something. Again, another film, i didn't go and see at the time

What do you think, more films cleaned up and rereleased???
Comments below

Dj Readman

Drag : Compendium Tales of Tales, Regarding Body and Mind

Couldn't remember the album title by memory? not yet ;) had to look at the album sleeve.
Drag, an awsome, Punk, outfit from Birmingham, England.
Though a Kickstart Project, they managed to produce and even make extra copies of their new album. I bought mine through the net and this is what i heard.

I have always liked,  Punk,  music and Drag, are no exception. These guys have raw power on stage and bring it to the studio. The album is full of great straight down the line, Punk, no, Indie Punk, just Punk
I like the fact that on most songs, the tempo changes frequently,  Neurotica, opens the album and holds up the pace, well, the pace never lets up. When listening to the album, its sounds like Heather, is throwing herself around the room,  like she does on stage. Both drummers ( Like the fact Si, their previous drummer is credited), do an awsome job in time and Velma uses her guitar like a rocket launcher. Danny Boy is the only ballad on the album, starts slow, then speeds up, which i have seen live. Gives you a breather, for the next onslaught
You can heard everything clearly, well produced and all within the Birmingham area, including the artwork
I have been waiting for this album and it does not disappoint
The only downside, is that i could not get it sooner, as i had trouble with the Kickstaters system.
All 9 song, pure punk. I excepted nothing less.
All i can add, is get a copy before they run out


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Radio Variety Show Patron Campaign

Yes, i have decided, to see how this goes.
The website allows you to build up a followng with monthly subscription.
I love music, love radio presenting, people like my interview technique and i film bands at gigs
This, of course, takes time and money. Thats the reality
The "RVS brand" as i call it, needs its own budget and with that, comes pledges and levels
At the moment, this is what i am offering. This may change with getting permission from musicans

Interview of guests
All footage of bands i film and radio guests
All audio of bands performance
Weekly Radio shows ( This has got to be looked at further)
CD with interview if prefered to digital download
CD or DVD of band footage
Promo CDs before they are released (Got to look into this)
All names mentioned mentioned on each Weekly Preview video i do
More idea may come to me and time passes. The audio from show and video is what i offer many.

Pledge amounts ,rough version
Although i upload videos to youtube, in this case, some things i produce will be for patrons only, or variations, for audio

£1 Your name mentioned in weekly preview videos and at the end

£2   As above, plus your website, Facebook etc link, which will displayed on screen
on each video

£5   As above and website link and logo on website

£10  All above plus special audio track explaining what is coming in the next show ( For this audio has to be different to the visual )

£12.50 All Above and Preview video sent to you with an added video introduction to you

£15.All  above, plus a4 colout poster of Radio Variety Show

£25  All the above, plus a special music Independent music compilation of songs you have heard on my radio shows in plastic wallet

£30. All above and compilation in jewel case

£40  All above and one song from video footage

£50 All above and whole set from previous videos shot and future

£60 All above and an audio interview cut from a show

The main eventers

£100 All four shows from each month. These will be as broadcast.

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Haloween 2014 Radio Show

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Halloween is upon, us. One of the biggest celebrations of the year. The annual tradition of broadcasting live on radio, since i started in a presenter format in 2008
I decided to broadcast a, Halloween show, to celebrate the haunting quality sounds, or no this years ago, haunting, rebelious sounds of PUNK

This year, is slightly different. We have new poster, going to have a new opening theme and slightly later than normal, Friday 14th November

New and classic songs, from the great Punk bands of the day and ones that are shining bright
Why Punk, well Punk, is a rebelious attitude, which, in a round about sort of way, is what the attitude of Halloween is about. Washing away evil spirits, or, Day of the Dead, as its known in, Mexico

Due to moving everything has been delays in videos and live broadcasts

Thankyou for reading, Halloweeners
DJ Readman

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Home/ Radio HQ/ But no Wifi ,yet

There is always a glitch with moving, ugh

The words, "This mission, if you choose to accept it" comes to mind

Over the past few weeks i have been waiting to move in a flat i viewed..   You learn things pretty fast as you go through this process. There is a reason for estate agents and reason for renting through a private landlord. I would go through a private landlord any day of the week
The problem i have come across with private landlord letting, is they are not easy to find. Estate agents are everywhere, but, of course, got to pay for the office they are in.
This time, due to time constraints, i had to go through an estate agent. I knew this was not going to as straight forward as the first time. The first time, which was still an agent, but more personal. Only one fee, plus rent and deposit, no fuss. The second time, however, i was ready, well kind of.  I thought, go in, view, pay a few fees, gets keys, well, not that fast, unfortunately. Its not that the fees add up through an estate agent, in the fact, things seems to come out of know where and delays. oh yes, delays.
This time, there was no time to do anything. within a day, moving everything and cleaning the previous flat, which ,unfortunately, due to nearly hitting late evening, turned out to be paying out extra.  I am glad to say, i have finally moved in the new flat, and the new Radio HQ

No wifi

I knew there was going to be a slight, delay, due to my current Sky Broadband contract being transfered. I can deal with that. There is however an extra delay in the connection being sorted out. So no wifi at all. I can use my phone (As i am now) but the 4s as a habbit of dropping out on tethering. ( doesn't when your not tething, unless the signal gets lost) this means, no broadcasting.
Someone jokingly said, "Use Cafe Nero" which would be a good idea, but it you have to reconnect every hour

December 2014 update
After a month settles in, got internet, been broadcasting radio show and practing the bass :)

Thankyou for reading

Paul Readman
Independent in life and radio

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Radio Variety Show on Facebook

The reason i am writing this is just in case you can't see anything i put on Facebook.
Since Facebook introduced, what  i call the "Cloaking Device" which means, unless you go to a page and click "Get Notifications" or "Close Friend" the pages you have clicked like on or you have liked my page, unless you do that, the information people put on their profiles, will just disappear.
I have see it a few times will groups, pages and people asking me, what i have been doing for the past year, as they have no idea what i have been writting on Facebook, because they can't see shit

This is my Facebook Page

This is my Group page with my "Umbrella" name, on it

People do find my page and i accept people/ Although, unless you click "Get Notifications" i just disappear

Dj Readman

Monday, 29 September 2014

Life update

Edited 19th October
I moved for the first time in 40 years in April. I am moving the second time in a year, go figure.
I found a place, through an estate agent. It seems Private Landlords do not advertise that much and no many around. It found it pretty hard to find a flat to rent that was not through an estate agent. An estate agent it was. The flat i am currently in has already been taken and i have just over a week before i move out.

The are old fashioned sash windows and let every bit of sound in, The are nit average size, in fact there are 5 huge windows, that give no cusion at all. By the looks as of it, they have not been maintained, repaired or painted, which would have helped. Also the rent is more than i thought, so it was time to move

Radio? addicted
Due to moving, the net is being transfered. This means a break in radio broadcasting. I have used my phone in the past. The problem is there, my iphone 4s is rubbish at a balance and constant net connection. My Samsung note 1 was far better at connection

Paul Readman

Monday, 15 September 2014

Canal Walks

I went on a walk from Banbury Lock ( By the Mill Theatre) to the King Sutton Bridge ( Next Village on the route) Saturday 13th September. I was not going to take loads of photos, then i thought, do it for a it of fun. Got quite a reaction on Facebook( You know how people love pictures ;) )
I was going to make an album, but that just copying the photos. Instead i put up this.

All the pictures below were mainly taken with my Iphone 4s and a few with my Cannon sureshot. I did some some video as well
More walks to come. I don't know when, but i love walking along the canal