Sunday, 21 December 2014

Paid video promo work

This started after being asked by a band, The Shapes, to put a video together in November 2014
I completed another video, for a, Punk Rock, in style, The band is, Last of the Dogs, which is now flying around, Facebook and Youtube

I love video editing and putting together, with ideas from lyrics and the pace of the song.  Not everyone can do this, or wants to do it. I will take on any type of work on. I don't mind the style,  It does not have to be music related.  I love video editing, piecing together, When a project comes along that needs fresh footage, or someone sends me footage to work with, i can do that. Its like a dance and make it run smoothly

The videos
                                            The two videos i produced for the bands are on this playlist
                                                  This is playlist of the video i have produced so far

Editing video is normally charged at £40-£50 an hour.
I go buy video length, reason for lower cost

Messing around with video editing myself. for some time. I love video editing and seeing something flow. You either like it and can do it, or you don't. I like doing, reason why i take on clients.

The videos
Public domain footage used. Both have recieved with success and feedback i have had from the bands

One promo video, estimate of upto 6 minutes £50

Why charge
 I was approached after bands seeing my own montage work. I have day job, but video editing does take time and the finances is needs. Equipment is uses for bring the videos to live, the wear down

Alternative fees
If you prefer to be charged by the hour, i can do this.  Video music promo average 10 hours, £10 an hour. £100
I am a fair person. Equipment is always needed. I can do part money part, equipment

For no extra cost ( Unless you want to pay for this, you can, i have been in the past), i play music on net radio. I broadcast once a week. I plug music, gigs, shout outs. This has no budget, its a hobbie, although, i have fans in Europe and the Americas that tune in and it has happened where i sell artists music via playing on radio. Handy portal :)
The filming fees coming in handy to keep this running

My working schedule
I have a day job, 11am - 5pm, which pays for the roof over my head, The video editing is in the evenings and weekends

The way i work
When i was approached i always do a rough draft first with no money up front.  I get sent material and lyrics( When its a song) I then competely a rough cut, and then sent to the client

How long does a 3-5 minutes promo take
I estimate, based on the videos i have done so far. one week. It could take less, depends on the work involved per one video.
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