Sunday, 7 December 2014

Music Video promos ( The Shapes) Project

/Over the past few years, i have grown to like video editing. I record a lot of video, mainly vlogs, reviews and a weekly preview for my live radio shows.
I recently changed the format of the weekly episode to a "montage" of music video clips.
Based on my first omontage, which features a segment of the band, The Shapes, i got asked by the lead singer to produce a music video promo
Its called, Tom Petty 1980. This is the one

                                                        Below the video the singer saw.
I thought, Youtube is visual, It would be better to see more bands, in represented visually

This took around 8 hours to complete. This includes finding the footage. The footage was public domain and use of one of the bands live segments

Not long after this i was talking to another band about video promos. From this i got another paid project. i just finished. The band is, Last of the Dogs, The song and video will be released by the band in January. You can hear me play the song, Bones on my radio show

I charge £50 a video. I have been told this is very reasonable. So far both videos have been edited and produced in around 8-10 hours.  This is working in the evenings after my day job, mainly
In the new years i might revise the fee structure, depends how much works comes in.

How i work.
I am happy if you are happy.

Dj Readman
Thanks for reading

Contact me about a project?
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