Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cloak - Dance ep ( Review)

I like dance music, always have, but something that actually hits the right spot, is not easy either
In walks

I review, what i like listening to.,  but sometimes, there are certain levels that some acts can just produce in a various style of dance music
The new ep by Cloak, it just awsome from start to finish. I am a big fan of 90s dance music, which you do not hear very often now, or replicated.
I am loving the beat, sounds a like a fat click, coming together with the right production work.  Not every dance act i have come across uses this kind of style. Its normally reflecting the 80s, blending past and future.
Most of this ep, reminds me of one of my all time favourite dance tunes, Rui Da Silva - Touch Me ft. Cassandra and Chicane, come to mind. Great build up, great beats and mainly synth, which many 90s acts use
Just like striking a match, opens with Dance and just get hotter. Blood and Pain, Sunshine are just incredible tunes, with an outstanding summer vibe, no matter what season you are in at the time.  I would say the only thing that might get irriating to a degree, is the vocals. Some times in places sounds  like someone is singing in a cardboard box.  The vocals are well produced, they just sound a bit squeezed. Nothing else to fault about this ep, just, i suppose, some longer tunes.  am believer in letting high quality production breath
Also, i can listen to this on repeat without even releasing its gone back to the beginning,
You don;t have to buy this on pain of death. It will not take you long to hit the buy button
This is one ep i would buy on vinyl amd mix with, if i was still Djing

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