Saturday, 12 December 2015


Vinylplay is a series, with the radio Variety Show, playing direct from vinyl on live broadcasts
The first two were newish vinyl from Two Indie bands
All these will have vlogs on You eventually,
Flying Kangaroo Alliance

The Dead Betas 15 /A night on the Town

A classic from Gary Numan, with a Flexidisc

Double 7" single release from Art of Noise

To hear vnyl, every Thursday, alongside, mp3s and Wav files
There will be more pictures soon
Thursdays 8-10pm

Friday, 11 December 2015

The travel guide of Fun For Louis, aka Louis Cole

Back in the day, when TV and traveling around the world to different places was kind of everywhere, it was really entertaining, This has all but gone from the main British channels.
One TV series that stood out was " The Rough Guide" taking you to the non tourist area's, well places where they allowed TV cameras

That was the 1990s, now fast forward to 2014/2015

Youtube is now the place for many people to watch, essentially, TV. At the start, Youtube is not what it is now. However, more people are vlogging ( Short for video blog), comedy and documentaries. I am not a fan of collecting loads of people on Youtube and subscribing, as there is a lot of channels with the same stuff. You have, revewers, technology and gaming, which does get tedious after a while. It takes something good to grab my attention and one such person, from Surrey, England. is Louis Cole

Although his, Youtube, life didn't start out daily vlogging or travelling, it is now the content he is well known for, From what i can gather, since his has made a lot of fans and got noticed, he gets sponsors by airlines, companies and he does a lot for charities, going out and filming in his style and bring important issues to the publics attention.
I have never met, Louis, although one day i hope to.  In a podcast i heard a few days ago, which he was invited to take part in, in L.A with Grace Hellig, a popular Youtuber, he mentioned someone he met and said, what i consider to be the best description of the, Funforlouis, channel " A Travel Guide" He was kind of suprising, but that's exactly how i describe it, a travel guide. Click the video link above ( Under her name) and on the description there is a link to the podcast he did. It's really good.

As an example, about 6 months ago, he is probably the first person i have heard of, to get an "extended book"(Whatever you call it) for his passport, He had filled the pages of stamps in 10 months, thats how much he travels.

Funforlouis, in my opinion is one of the best channel to watch for the different countries he visits.
One of my favourite videos, although its not 100 of miles away( I live in the U.K), is his boat trip with three of his mates, across the, English Channel. He did a 360 video of the crossing, one of the best i have seen. There is also the mamathon trip across, India, for the,  Teenage Cancer Trust. Also three vlogs covering horse back riding in, America, with three of his mate( Same one as the channel crossing) just fantastic to watch. The other great thing about his channel, he knows a lot of other people that are on , Youtube, He is kind of the central hub of Youtube, he knows many people, always making friends with celebrities who you see on other channels on satalite. Just the free spirit that he is, makes friends with a lot of people.. Even though i have watched all of his channel, the traveling, not the food( How he started on, Youtube as Food for Louis), you still never know what is going to come next, you seriously don't.
He has a growing community and asks advice. The channel is partly about him, but its also us. We are involved as well and he tries as much as he can to get the community he has built up,involved in fund raising and other related subjects. He likes meeting poeple in person and gets that a lot with conventions he goes to.

He has also begun to uploading 360 videos using 6 go pros. He is not the only person to utilise the technology, but, the channel crossing is an example of the clarity of the footage
360 crossing

You will no doubt enjoy the channel as much as i do.
As i said above, it is a essentially a travel guide. Although  i don't travel the world ( Only been to, Canada) you get to learn about other countries, my favroute so far was, Cuba. That was interesting

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hiring a car to go to gigs

Hi there,
On previous blogs and on social media, i have mentioned the mess public transport is in, when you want to travel in the U.K past midnight`  Trains stop early for maintenance, after i found out through contacting, Network Rail.  Going on National Express, is also a challenge.. Their not 24 hours, even though i assumed they where, although they do not promote they are. On some routes, you can go there, but not come back on a coach for 48 hours.
This was really irritating me and i thought, screw this mess i will stop going to gigs and only ones i can come back from. I have been to Oxford a few times this year, which was great, and got on the coach to Birmingham as the coach come back , but only one at 2.30am

To whats the solution??  Hiring a car

For some reason, i have never thought of this, probably because i can't drive, well ,never learnt to, well i did, 24 years ago. The big problem, it costs the earth, i honestly do not know how people manage to pay for lessons and a car on top, as i am unable to.  Part of this problem was solved, with my radio co presenter. Darren Cole. He likes to drive, has no car, so we hired one to go to Birmingham in, November 2015, to see, Naked Lunch and Among the Echoes.  A few weeks before that, we hired a van, to move my goods from my flat to a house i just moved into. I even got behind the wheel, in a carpark, with Darren as a tutor. Hiring a car to go to gigs, solves many problems. No one want to give you a lift due to bloody insurance (I am guessing), hiring a car we did. This is what we are going to do from now on when we want to go to a gig, especially, London, as we can take our time and come back after the gig

This the place we always go to for hiring
Note:You have to go to the DVLA website to get a code to show points etc
Note: Banbury Van and Car hire only take a deposit if you are hiring, say for a month or a few weeks or something. For a weekend, they charge for two days. Thats, Saturday and Sunday. You can take it back, Sunday, but what it the point, when you have paid for it. Its a lot more reasonable than i thought as well. I did ask locally on Facebook about the best place. The overwhelming majority said, Banbury Van and Car Hire
Radio presenter, walker, video editor, all sorts of branches and skills
Paul Readman

Finally, i can now play vinyl records again on radio

Before the headlines, an update....
Co Presenter
The radio variety show has always been able to evolve or move in various directions. Reason for the difficult task of finding a good name for the show
In April 2015, i found a co presenters, Educational publisher and graphic designer, Darren Coles. We began messing about on radio, and wanted to come up with a duo name. For some reason, animals come into conversation and we ended up with, Dog and Crow. I am Dog and Darren is Crow. Partly the reason, for this is because, Darren, can do a wicked, Crow sound and i can do a Dog one

Show HQ has moved again
A place i have been waiting for over a year finally landed. My father knew of a couple who were to rent a house. I was in the position to move in, but heard nothing for long time. Then the chess pieces fell into place, hired a van to move the gear and we landed into new HQ, beginnig of November 2015


Darren has a technical mind. He has gear, has been in bands and can set it up. We got rid of enoying hum and microphone issue that was raised and raised money by dusting off the valuables, to get a replacement laptop

Now to the vinyl

Yes, it took a while. I had to sell my collection due to moving the first time. I then began to build the collection again, but with no proper working record deck. This also goes back to when i began broadcasting on radio. At the time, there were no real mass distribution of mp3s flying around. i had decks and music, so that's what i brought to the table. After a believe, 3 years, i can now broadcast vinyl record live on air, once more, horaaaah

A little update for you all, until the next time??

Formely the. Radio Variety Show