Thursday, 26 September 2013

Filming guests

Up until a few years ago, I did not bother filming guests on the radio. The first time we filmed a whole performance with a phone was Dog Food in 2012. With that, we overdubbed with the radio broadcast audio.  Now there two options with the very nice compact camera we use.  
As many people know, there are loads of people uploading video from iphone, with dire audio. As soon as the bass hits, you can't hear anything. With this camera we have, you get none of that, which was a relief.  The camera we have, records in AVI and plays back the same. It has best microphone pick up i have ever come across. Although its filmed in AVI, its uploaded to YouTube in Windows Media Audio format, due to time, although the quality is good. We can uploading in HD, but that takes a very long time.  Most sessions are recorded as seperate songs. but we can leave the camera running

This year, i have filmed guests, including, Blackdoghat, John Cee Stannard, Silverspark and Baleve.  In most cases the quality is good enough for a release, if the bands chooses to. I also film gigs i go to, which includes the footage from the Flapper in Birmingham in August 2013, in, Among the Echos and the Punk band, Drag.
Musicians want a certain amount of quality and uptil we got the camera, even the smartphone are not capable, unless, as said above, the audio was overdubbed.

Over time I have developed faster ways of doing things. When I go back with footage I record the audio from the film for future radio broadcast.  As above, to save time in upload video, which takes the longest time. It's Window Media Video.   I don't get paid for doing this bit if the band want the Avi upload in Hd, there is a fee as upload takes time and power.

Filming schedule
19th October, selected song from all three acts will be recorded, of all, depending on set lengths
26th October. special guest,Jonny Cooke, will be joining us live. This is broadcast from, General Foods Social Club, Banbury 
November Silverspark are in Banbury, live at the musketeers but for the first time in full band forma

Want to be filmed and possible broadcast on radio from a gig or be a guest?min

Monday, 23 September 2013

Moving forward

As many people know, its not easy to get a work, with a sustainable income. It does come, but its a long process.

Last weekend, i began delivering with Gentlevan Removals at the weekend. We took a bed to village outside Banbury.  I was prepared for more work like this.  The only problem is, you do not know which day or how busy it is going to be. The gardening side has been slowing due to lack of transport to areas over a 3 miles radias

I was prepared to deliver more, when all of a sudden on, Sunday, i got a Facebook pm from the Ian Short who ownslocal imported sweet shop, Sugarush. He had looked back though this messages and saw my C.V.
I went down to the shop to see what he wanted?  It was not really an interview, more of a chat. This is what i had been wanting for some time, working in a shop.
From when i stepped in i got the impression, he hired me right there and then
We had a talk for about an hour about the general trade and the run of the shop. Wednesday (September 25th) i will be working 3 full days a week at the shop

I love gardening and general labouring, out in the open. The issue, aside or lack of wheeled transport to take me longer distances, is its not a steady flow of income. I thought it was going to be, but after a while, you realise its not
Working at Sugarush, is the next step and a good job.  It's, not for from home, which is ideal and what i have been wanting. I am prepared to do more with the job. Its an independent, not a chain. so going to help then out where i can

Since this is only three day job, i am still going to fill it the other days with other work. One off gardening, cleaning job or removeals with Gentlevan Removals,  :) if I still wants to hire me

Thankyou for reading

Paul Readman

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

In Show Artists Campaign Promotion

Another spur of the moment idea, turned into an in show promotion
Whether you started a funding project on kickstarter, Indie a go go or other websites, this is for you.
Many musicians for whatever reason, go to these sites, uploading options to buy various items or funding towards items, though the public support. In some cases, it also shows how popular a band is

The Promotion

From October 2013 over a month (per artist) at 8.30pm on Monday shows, unless someone requests the audio, the you get more time ( Are not played when we have a guest show) we will play rough songs or whatever is available, from the artist, to give you an idea of what the sound will be like. It could be just acoustic recordings, it could be acapella, any audio, to promote the campaign the musician, band, group, artist has. The audio from this, the musician can have for their profile or whatever they want to to do it

What i get out of it

I like promoting, playing, plugging, hearing fresh music and getting the music.  Musicians may get Facebook liks, an extra campaign funding, who knows, nothing is guaranteed, but it is possible.
If the musicians want to donate something, then they can, but its entirely upto the individual

What artist gets
This is radio campaign( If you want to call it that),The broadcasts are live every week and the day after that the full as broadcast show, is then a podcast, and uploaded.
Any artwork or artists face can appear on the show flyers. The flyer is always on the Facebook event and used as a the podcast flyer... the general drill :)

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To contact us, you can reply to this blog or

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Music does sell, its does happen

With a radio show, there is never a " We are selling music " banner, although thats is one of the missions. Over time, we get bands saying they have had Facebook likes and various other feedback from listeners.  Thats what its all about and the reason i do LIVE radio shows, is in instant reaction you get
Last night i sold to Ambient albums by two different artist through someone listening. I know through people listening in, they have bought stuff in the past, its probably more, but not everyone broadcasts it
Last night, someone listening to the show, went a bought a Andy Pickford and Lee Negin album.  The listener i found out, likes ambient. This is reason i keep the show a variety, as you never know whos listening in. Last night ( Monday, September 16th) i was not 100%, as i said, sponsered by Asprin, and it paid off, although it might have been the Rock i was playing at the time ( 68 - 75) and music usually clears my head. The show was pretty busy on the Shoutbox and on Facebook. I like the fact the connection did not drop, although, for some reason the sound was giving me trouble. There is always something.
I have been house sitting for the past two weeks and no connection, so my phones been in use

Once again folks, a good show. If you want to support what i am doing, feel free to donate to the cause
Read this blog, tells you all about it

Sunday, 15 September 2013

House sitting

Update: September 23rd) Got a call from a couple i know, who heard we are House Sitting. I gave them the general outline and want to meet up.  Probably going to be November time.
Want a couple who can house sit between now and end of October, let us know :)


With the experience we have had, living in the properties, taking care of and leaving the place nice for the person(s) to return home to, i thought i would share the experience and see if you want the same :)
We have for the past year, looked after a few properties for different people, some friends and clients.
Sometimes money is involved, depends on the arrangments

September 3rd - 18th)
We ( Me and my wife ) we returned to help a friend out we know.  She did offer to stock up on food and and did get a few items.  We use power, water and the net. In this case, there was no broadband, so we used hour phones. We also clean the property (Hoover etc) and maintain the garden( Weed and trimmmed) When the person comes back, the house is clean, the garden has been tided and its not such is to do when she come home.
I went back a few days ago( Thursday evening) as i had forgotten something. I had a chat, she was very pleased to come back to a clean house.  She had to work the same day she got back.

More duties
In March 2013: 
We got asked to look after a B&B with staying customers, for a client. The couple were going on holiday for a week and we had already done cleaning for them when the clients schedule got busy.  It was all arranged in advance and staying/fourthcoming guests were all told of the change. We stay on the premises,  getting up to do breakfast for guests, then cleaning, washing and keep the rooms ready for the people who were staying. We were paid as we were looking after a business. It all went fine, the people staying were happy and when the client come back, was happy with the results

In July 2013
During the summer,  someone we know, who was a previous gardening client, mentioned they were going on holiday.  We mentioned that we had done so for others. It was then arranged to stay at the house for two weeks. With this property we cleaned and kept the garden.

January 2013
This was the first house sitting we have done. This was for a friend who was sat for this month( September) When she asked, it was only to take care of the cat. She then aske for us to stay in the house so it was not empty  She felt piece of mind, knowing someone was taking care of the house

What we do for you
Whatever you ask. We are in the house, keep the place warm and friendly for what you return. This is so when you walk through the door, its nice and work, don't have to do anything except sit down, take a breath after travelling from you holiday, which many people find taking.

Why do we do it
Humans never used to live in built houses. We used to be on the move, mobile, a lot more than back in the day.  We were called,  Nomads, so that what we are, Nomads :). We see it as an adventure, a different experience every time

£20 a day is charged. It could be a long weekend or a week( Going on a week being 7 days
Two weeks £240 (2 day discount)

Longer time
I know many people move upto 6 month of the year to a warmer climate. Not everyone likes the random weather we have in England. The other reason could be a hospital stay. Something can be arranged in terms of a fee.

Only cats

Thanks for reading, and hope it takes you interest
If this does interest you you can leave a message via this blog. you can call/ text 07810518778
This is only in the U.K

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nickel poetry (My recordings/ projects)

Although i am mainly known for being an internet radio presenter, i always look to change my show or add, content.  A poetry corner was the original plan, but it turned into recording music.
Since June 2012 i have been recording adaptions of lyrics written by Gary Cornman.  He is an avid listener to the show and began sending me poems. This is Acoustic guitar work as the guitar is the only instrument i have.  I never edit what he sends, unless when i am reading it back and the odd word needs replacing, but thats rare

I have been asked about doing an album. I have put together the songs i feel will start the road to the album completition. This is going to take a while yet, unless i get help/ backing.
These are all demos. I have left only one remix in as people like it

Original blog
Since June, i have recorded, Pirates in My Sink, Motorcycle Man, which have both had remixes by little Stevie, The Strummer room project and Magick Temple. 

I then began to self pen songs for the first time in many years.  I began not long after i recieved the poems and gave it a try. Them Fangs i did as an inprovisation then rewrote

My demos are just me, straight into one microphone, unless i had something on top.  I then record guitar and vocal file.

The new side project which has been on my mind, is rerecording Doolallays song. This is band that just disppeared after a couple of years. We recorded some great songs, just never performed.  The only one we never did a proper demo for, as in recorded in full was, Spinner. This is a indie rock song, which i have always liked . It will not be the same ( Obviously) but i am prepared to give it a go

The latest poem, the Nursery Rhyme Effect, which i find quite ironic as my sister just had a baby boy.  This time, i tried to do a slightly different style to normal, try to get out of the pirate groove