Monday, 23 September 2013

Moving forward

As many people know, its not easy to get a work, with a sustainable income. It does come, but its a long process.

Last weekend, i began delivering with Gentlevan Removals at the weekend. We took a bed to village outside Banbury.  I was prepared for more work like this.  The only problem is, you do not know which day or how busy it is going to be. The gardening side has been slowing due to lack of transport to areas over a 3 miles radias

I was prepared to deliver more, when all of a sudden on, Sunday, i got a Facebook pm from the Ian Short who ownslocal imported sweet shop, Sugarush. He had looked back though this messages and saw my C.V.
I went down to the shop to see what he wanted?  It was not really an interview, more of a chat. This is what i had been wanting for some time, working in a shop.
From when i stepped in i got the impression, he hired me right there and then
We had a talk for about an hour about the general trade and the run of the shop. Wednesday (September 25th) i will be working 3 full days a week at the shop

I love gardening and general labouring, out in the open. The issue, aside or lack of wheeled transport to take me longer distances, is its not a steady flow of income. I thought it was going to be, but after a while, you realise its not
Working at Sugarush, is the next step and a good job.  It's, not for from home, which is ideal and what i have been wanting. I am prepared to do more with the job. Its an independent, not a chain. so going to help then out where i can

Since this is only three day job, i am still going to fill it the other days with other work. One off gardening, cleaning job or removeals with Gentlevan Removals,  :) if I still wants to hire me

Thankyou for reading

Paul Readman

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