Sunday, 15 September 2013

House sitting

Update: September 23rd) Got a call from a couple i know, who heard we are House Sitting. I gave them the general outline and want to meet up.  Probably going to be November time.
Want a couple who can house sit between now and end of October, let us know :)


With the experience we have had, living in the properties, taking care of and leaving the place nice for the person(s) to return home to, i thought i would share the experience and see if you want the same :)
We have for the past year, looked after a few properties for different people, some friends and clients.
Sometimes money is involved, depends on the arrangments

September 3rd - 18th)
We ( Me and my wife ) we returned to help a friend out we know.  She did offer to stock up on food and and did get a few items.  We use power, water and the net. In this case, there was no broadband, so we used hour phones. We also clean the property (Hoover etc) and maintain the garden( Weed and trimmmed) When the person comes back, the house is clean, the garden has been tided and its not such is to do when she come home.
I went back a few days ago( Thursday evening) as i had forgotten something. I had a chat, she was very pleased to come back to a clean house.  She had to work the same day she got back.

More duties
In March 2013: 
We got asked to look after a B&B with staying customers, for a client. The couple were going on holiday for a week and we had already done cleaning for them when the clients schedule got busy.  It was all arranged in advance and staying/fourthcoming guests were all told of the change. We stay on the premises,  getting up to do breakfast for guests, then cleaning, washing and keep the rooms ready for the people who were staying. We were paid as we were looking after a business. It all went fine, the people staying were happy and when the client come back, was happy with the results

In July 2013
During the summer,  someone we know, who was a previous gardening client, mentioned they were going on holiday.  We mentioned that we had done so for others. It was then arranged to stay at the house for two weeks. With this property we cleaned and kept the garden.

January 2013
This was the first house sitting we have done. This was for a friend who was sat for this month( September) When she asked, it was only to take care of the cat. She then aske for us to stay in the house so it was not empty  She felt piece of mind, knowing someone was taking care of the house

What we do for you
Whatever you ask. We are in the house, keep the place warm and friendly for what you return. This is so when you walk through the door, its nice and work, don't have to do anything except sit down, take a breath after travelling from you holiday, which many people find taking.

Why do we do it
Humans never used to live in built houses. We used to be on the move, mobile, a lot more than back in the day.  We were called,  Nomads, so that what we are, Nomads :). We see it as an adventure, a different experience every time

£20 a day is charged. It could be a long weekend or a week( Going on a week being 7 days
Two weeks £240 (2 day discount)

Longer time
I know many people move upto 6 month of the year to a warmer climate. Not everyone likes the random weather we have in England. The other reason could be a hospital stay. Something can be arranged in terms of a fee.

Only cats

Thanks for reading, and hope it takes you interest
If this does interest you you can leave a message via this blog. you can call/ text 07810518778
This is only in the U.K

Thankyou for reading

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