Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nickel poetry (My recordings/ projects)

Although i am mainly known for being an internet radio presenter, i always look to change my show or add, content.  A poetry corner was the original plan, but it turned into recording music.
Since June 2012 i have been recording adaptions of lyrics written by Gary Cornman.  He is an avid listener to the show and began sending me poems. This is Acoustic guitar work as the guitar is the only instrument i have.  I never edit what he sends, unless when i am reading it back and the odd word needs replacing, but thats rare

I have been asked about doing an album. I have put together the songs i feel will start the road to the album completition. This is going to take a while yet, unless i get help/ backing.
These are all demos. I have left only one remix in as people like it

Original blog
Since June, i have recorded, Pirates in My Sink, Motorcycle Man, which have both had remixes by little Stevie, The Strummer room project and Magick Temple. 

I then began to self pen songs for the first time in many years.  I began not long after i recieved the poems and gave it a try. Them Fangs i did as an inprovisation then rewrote

My demos are just me, straight into one microphone, unless i had something on top.  I then record guitar and vocal file.

The new side project which has been on my mind, is rerecording Doolallays song. This is band that just disppeared after a couple of years. We recorded some great songs, just never performed.  The only one we never did a proper demo for, as in recorded in full was, Spinner. This is a indie rock song, which i have always liked . It will not be the same ( Obviously) but i am prepared to give it a go

The latest poem, the Nursery Rhyme Effect, which i find quite ironic as my sister just had a baby boy.  This time, i tried to do a slightly different style to normal, try to get out of the pirate groove

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