Monday, 29 April 2013

(Article) Maini Sorri overview

Many people will only associate Sweden with Abba and a few scattered pop artists that you kind of forget. Someday was the first song that Europe was introduced and many radio stations to Maini Sorri
Original from Finland, like many artists, she began singing in her native language. After a while artists wanted to reach a wider audience and that is usually the English language.
With a help of a lyrical translater and contact with American poet, Gary Cornman, the songs are no more widely know that even before

From Someday, to the Euro dance tunes, Let Me Down Your Time, and more recently, Shiney Eyes, shows that Maini likes to push herself and does not want to stay in the same musical box.  Please go Away, is her current song and you can tell the production is improving as time goes on and the more attention her music gets from all over the world.  Inbetween Euro Dance numbers she is always writening and released Dreamland in December 2012.
Please go away, is one of her first releases with two different styles recorded
There is hard beat dance mix, which has a much harder than her previous dance single and the other is an  orchestral driven piece( Rock Mix).
Let Me Do Your Time, was the first release in the Euro dance style and very well received, which is more geared towards the clubs.  Maini does more pop music driven songs then dance, but she thrives on broadening her musical scope.
In terms of my perception, i am not the biggest fan, althogh i like listen to the music and its grown me over itme. I sometimes like music this way.  I like Someday when i first heard it, but i still like it over two years on.
I was impressed with Maini's singing voice, with the mixture of English tone over her Swedish accent makes  her singing voice pretty unique.  Although not the most powerful of voices, the music that she produces and she receives, fits with her tone and style.
Like any artists, she strives to improve herself

May she continues to reign as the Pop Queen From Sweden
Dj Readman - Radio Variety Show

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Possible monthly compilation charities

Update 2013

Unfortunatly, this has taken a few steps back due to various issues, time more than anything. I want to set a date for this and i have been in content with both charities mentioned
I am looking at September for this as i want to have time to and space to do this for charity. Recently, its just not been possible

Original blog
Continuing with choosing the charities to send money to when making money from the monthly compilations

The subject of Cancer has been high on the agender, but finding a charity that does field work and lab work is not easy

These are the two that i have choisen, ut this might change

The Red Cross

People in the field when there an natural disasters. I have had this mentioned by more than one listener and its on the top of list at the moment

Katherine House Hospice

This was noy easy, although easy in some ways. This is only a county charity ( Oxfordshire, the county i live in) I have had many friends and relations that have been there for treatment or go in and pass away. This is supported a lot locally and i thought it would be a great idea to support them this way.
One reason for this, is that you know where the money is going. The HQ is only a few miles from town, they take care of the sick and treat people direct. There do a lot and purely on donations. They do get a percentage from the NHS, but thats only a percentage

In terms of people working in the field and treat Cancer but more than one illness is the closest i can think of.  Many may not agree on Katherine House as it is not a national charity, unlike The Red Cross,which is


Third: Houses for Habbitat

They are more top two.  There is Houses for Habbitat, which is up there and i know someone that works for them and they are U.K based and overseas working for build houses


Any other suggestion that match these leave a comment.  It will be nice to have feedback

Saturday, 27 April 2013

First live phone interview ( John Costello)

As i have said in a previous blog, i have been wanting to introduce live phone ins and phone interviews by phone for some time( I have been asked by bands).  Unable to use a landline, i have the ability to use a smartphone to do this
This is the first interview by phone, with electro producer, John Costello. This is refering to the gig he has put on, Reproduktion 13 and his song, below. There is no music on thie piece, just speech

Reproduction 13 radio show and London event

May 4th is Reproducktion is an all electro night. All acts are from different eras of styles of electro.  From the retro 80s sounds upto modern day mellow and industrial.
The event on Saturday( 4th), Camdon, London at the Roundhouse. This is organised by Electro producer, John Costello, with the help of ,writer and singer of Naked Lunch, Tony Mayo

On Monday 22nd, was a special show on the gig. We played the artists on the bill with one of the musicians for a live In House chat, Tony Mayo and on the phone( First phone interview) live from Coventry, John Costello)

This is the full show. Gig competition mentioned in the interview with John, (45 minutes into the show)

On the bill. Naked Lunch, Attrition, Cult With no Name, Mild Peril and John Costello

Opening a radio station

Wanting to open a radio station?

I few things i have learnt since broadcasting a live show and this is going to at least 2003 and being involved one way or another with radio.    
Want to run a radio station , it takes time, money and lots of effort

I see loads of stations around on the net. Its easy to set one up, as long as you have good looking website(Bad ones are rubbish)  and a good quality stream, commitment of presenters and loads of music.

Running a net station means spending 24 hours a day running it to make sure the word gets out. Social media allows this and makes it a little easier. The only problem is, it takes time, lots of it.   Many station run on donations, many of them with the people behind them paying the costs out of their pocket, which is the way most do ( Oh ,didn't you know that? :)

The other way, if you want to make it profitable, is have banners on the site and jingles on the station. One thing i can't stand about presenter on commercial radio and i believe this is rule as well, talking opening and ending of songs, which i know many people can't stand either

I have had people say, oh you don't know anything, or i know much more than you, well as a matter of fact i do know a few things.   You may think your the bees knees and can pull in crowds of people. Yes, thats good for the first month, but have you got the patience to sustain it??  This is the downfall of some stations

 I know a few that have either changed their strategy to podcasts or closed down as they are unable to continue due to non music commitments or they just have no money

A radio station is like a business.  No matter how you look at it.  The other side of it is getting presenters to commit once a week, which is not easy at all.  You may have a lot of friends but then again, some don't turn up, or you have to full their slot with something. If you have a plan,A you have to have plan b,c,d and e, the way it goes

Streams are pretty reasonable, they also have listener limit. If you go say over 100, that you have paid for, then you get charged by the company you pay. Say you have a 128k stream and someone accidently goes over the biterate, the company can stop the stream

Its also a fine idea to have an admin team seperate from presenters who present shows. Some do both, but it does take time and many people have not got the time, which is fair enough

FM, is and still is broader broadcasting medium for radio.  The only downside here, it costs thousands and very difficult to get an fm licence, which in itself is not cheap.  I can understand why pirate stations pop up and are also a good for a demo run if you want to make it an official radio station at some point.  You can get fm trials, of upto 3 month ( I think) i know you can get a month trial, but that means you have to push it HARD to get results

The problem with opening a radio station, its not know what you want to do,or have lack of passion for it, its money and time, that kills projects.  Also recruiting people is not easy either

For example, i have been tempted from. Music World Radio more than once. Then i think, how long have i been on mwr, they are still around after 5 years and if i go to another station, how long will they last.
I was doing a dualcast with Newusb for a month, as i did not want to do an extra show, so i did two streams at once.. Then they hit problems, and the dualcast had to end

I don't find jumping from station to station helps either, unless you want to change what you want to play. Yes i went from ASR, to Dark FM, to Shadow fm and to Old Skool Ravers, although some of these i did two in one week at the time.  Some are still going, others not, about 50% are still around i believe

I have no problem giving out advise about radio, but moving to another station will be a paid job.  Mwr i will always be with in some form.  At the moment, presenting twice a week, sometimes 3 with the chart show

Also there is paying for your slot. Why should a presenter pay for Djing on a station?.  I used to, but thats when i first started.  I no longer do that, unless its coming into my own pocket

There are community stations around that charge for you to present. So why is it they have jungles on the broadcasts? If they pull in revenue, don't charge for people to play

Pay to Play( Artists)

One thing i saw recently is a station adveritsing the fact they if you want radioplay, you have to pay for it?   I told a few people this and their reaction was the same as mine.  Giving radio time to music is kind of privilage.  Artists give you song, they spent time on for promotion to get the world out. I have many reactions and feedback from playing music on my shows. You then know it works.

You have to build your audience, simple as that

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Hobbit ( Peter Jackson)

This has been brewing since i saw the film last night on DVD

I didn't know what to expect. I have not read the book or anything, but i thought, will this be anything like Lord of the Rings??

The time does fly past when you are watching it, but the film is too much like The Fellowship of the Ring. Many scene mirror the first film, which i thought was extremely odd for something that is not supposed to follow the Lord of the Rings, as in a fourth one.
The storyline is fine, but having a hobbit go on an adventure seemed to be thrown in at the last minute to mirror the first film.
Many cast members from the original are in this film, which is fine. The one suprise was Sylvestor Mccoy ( Former Dr Who) who played another wizard protecting the woods. The actors are fine, no problem with, their all good in the film and one of my favourite scenes is the rock battle, with huge rock cliffs coming alive.

I don't know whats going to happen next as there are another two films of the hobbit. From that i can tell from the first part in the series of three, everything is going to mirror. Lord of the Rings.
In this film, the Hobbit keeps drifting from the others, which happens in the LOTR, many stunning set pieces and distant shots, LOTR.

In my opinon, they could have gone in a slightly different direction to keep it apart from Lord of the Rings. Instead, i feel its ,going to a Star Wars kind of franchise.

May compilation artists extention. Prey on the Fallen

The submissions continue to come in for the May Monthly Compilation Competition
This is the latest upto this point.  American Rock band, Prey to the Fallen with their new song, Sherman's March.  They come my way, via publicist, Yvonne Laughlin, although been involved with music for a number of years, he is gaining a great reputation on social media

Prey On The Fallen (formerly known as BlackBrew) is pleased to introduce their new single, Sherman’s March.  Prey On The Fallen’s debut, self-titled CD was recorded, produced and mixed by the legendary Ryan Greene (Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Jay Z, Usher).  Prey On The Fallen combines classic hard-rock roots with the creativity and energy of today’s contemporary metal.  Their music is heavy and exciting with an abundance of groove and a touch of melody.

POTF  Southern California based metal band that was established in 2012. Prey On The Fallen consists of Kurt Loun (Lead Vocals), Daryl Hernandez (Guitar), Mark Bouras (Guitar), John Guy (Bass) and Mike Ikona (Drums/Percussion).   

POTF combines classic hard-rock roots with the creativity and energy of today’s contemporary metal. This combination has resulted in new metal music that is diverse, yet always appealing. 

First single "Sherman's March" from the new disc is out and available at:

For more information visit:

Blackdoghat live set, During and after

Its really nice to have guest for the radio, for a few beers and chat. The musicians also apreciate the support as well
John and Ian turned up in Ian large Landrover, bought the Acoustic guitars, with a ukulele and some chimes. They also bought Red Stipe beer, which i have never had, but pretty good (Go some left over as well :)
The guys did a mixture of well known songs and some that they have put on Soundcloud and some no so known ones
It was a nice chilled Saturday night, but of a chat and having a laugh.
Its the first time i had met, John, as i hage talked to him on Skype before, but never talked or met Ian. Always great to meet musicians, whom you have played songs from. We helped the guys book a B&B as they decided to do that at the last minute. Thanks to Jan, who runs the Hanwell House B&B in Banbury (Not that for from us)  for doing that. She had literally just finished changing a room round when we turned up
The broadcast stream was all over the place for the first hour, no idea why that was, even after a reboot. I recorded on other software as a backup and good job i did. Although the stream was fine for the second hour.

We managed to film the whole performance. This just just two songs for the moment

After the guys left, they went out and then went to the B&B to the last few hour of their stay in Banbury

The day after,, checking the content i had recorded. The video was naturally good quality, but the audio was stunning.  The Cannon compact camera which we have has a fantasic microphone on it. Captures everything

Dj Readman-  Radio Variety Show

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

(Ep Review) Ashbuey Keys - Wake Up EP

With the rolling drum opening of Swimmer, this is great introduction to some American Rock
Wake Up as an, R.E.M, sound.  This is an  Acoustic song, more lade back, very nice cruising song, then the guitars kick in.
Then it goes up a gear with, Oh My God, slight Punk edge regarding the lyric tone, with the heavier guitar riffs.

With, Hero, and, Break, they band have a nice ep with a great guitar riffs, fine vocals and well produced ep.  The ep is nothing outlandishly fresh, but its nice to listen to and great release package from the band

International Pop Overthrow in England

The band are coming over from the states this year to peform at the IPO event, which is a music festival every year at the Liverpool Cavern

Their Facebook                                                                                      Our Facebook

(Album Review) Popdogs - Cool Cats for Pop Dogs

Yes, there is a dog on the front cover, your not seeing things. :)

Put the CD in the drive and, Kellys On, comes to your ears.  From the start, the album has a very summer vibe to it. The first few songs, including, Honest Guy, are reminiscent of the English band, Dodgy.  The kind of sound you can have the top down on your convertible to.
This is the general vibe of the album, soft guitar riffs and nice and light vocals.
Mild Manners, as them guitar riffs, reminds me of From Dusk Till Dawn. Only a few song with a more dirtier side the music. You got this with, Kissin Alicia as well.
From Mexico, back to English sand between your toes with, Dancin Again, which really cements the album for the summervibe sound.  Depends what mood you are in, but this a nice Pop album
Although the guys are from Lincoln,  the album has a very American pop vibe going on.  I can hear Weezer and The La's, especially through the singing on many songs

Dj Readman . Radio Variety Show

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

(Radio competition) May edition

We have had March, just had April, now for May


The quality has to be decent, of a radio quality or CD sound.  It can be any style, any sounds from an acapella, spoken word, old demo, live recording, part from a score a real mixture. An artist can submit more than one audio piece of they so wish.

For the artist

Your song /audio is compiled with the rest of the submissions. A gallery is opened for all artists with information and song name.  A second blog is opened with links, pictures and any information you want to go with the song you submitted.
The reason, could be a re release, an album release, a tour coming up, a gig.
The first artist to subit more than one audio piece has the question for one person to win to be related to that artist
All submissions are anounced on Facebook as on as we receive them and on Twitter

Want to submit

New edition
Charity( Future, possibly May edition)

Plans are to release a limited 10 track version of each compilation, every month for charity. Since may artists are contributing and the station we broadcast on is unable to take money( Unless its a donation) as profit. Therefore the planned first release is going to charity. If successful this will be a on a monthly basis

Which charity?

This is whats being decided at the moment.  It has to be worldwide as the station is World and listeners are from all over, not just England and Europe.  That first part as to be taken into account.  Second, it finding a charitt that involved, on the ground, in the field people and scientific research.  My first thought was a Cancer charity as relations and friends have been strickened by it. Second thought was the Red Cross, which was suggested by a listene,s as their are hands on/ field organisation and right there when natural disaster accure.  It is not easy finding a charity which involved both scientific research and people out in the field.

The search continue.  Any suggestions would be very helpful to narrow it down
If you find us on Facebook through this blog, please mention this when you request, thankyou


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

(Bonus Radio Show) Blackdoghat live performance

At last, after 6 month trying to find the right weekend, they will be here

Saturday 20th April, from, London, John Sage and Ian Nicholson from Blackdoghat, will be performing live ' In house'.


We will be filming part of the performance with both John and Ian on vocal duties
It will be the first time i have met John, other than live interviews on Skype from London

                                                         Facebook page

(Radio Show) 68-75 live performance

The the station!............Music....                       Station site

Thursday 18th April
Live on Skype
From Atlantic, Georgia,
Two members of the Funk Rock band
Suzy on singing duties and Andrew on the guitar

Suzy and Andrew will be powering through their song with their Acoustic instruments

          Their Facebook             Our Facebok             The event

                        Awsome 30 minutes performance 45 minutes into the show from buy Suzy and Andrew.  They played a mixture of their own material and covers, including Traffic

Monthly Compilation for charity

I have been toying with the idea of selling a form of the monthly compilation.

So far, there have been two compilations, March and April and already have some submission for May. Then next step is to arrange a compilation for sale, probably a 10 track version of the compilation.

Due to the nature of the non profit on Music World Radio, we are unable to sell compilations, unless people donate. Therefore the compilation finances are going to charity.

Now this is a big field but the one subject that is always high  on the list is Cancer. This is my first choice for person reasons, mainly relations and friends. Someone pointed out that people out on the field as in volunteers is also worthly of attention

So, research charity and on the field charity on the two fields that have to mesh


The station has listeners from many parts of the world, not just Europe.  There are charities in the U.K who do cater for other countries, its just narrowing it down
it has to be a charity that has a general worldly field and takes that into account

Anyone that know of a charity or involved in one that take into account field operatives and lab research, then contact us

Note: No charities involved in protesting