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(Article) Maini Sorri overview

Many people will only associate Sweden with Abba and a few scattered pop artists that you kind of forget. Someday was the first song that Europe was introduced and many radio stations to Maini Sorri
Original from Finland, like many artists, she began singing in her native language. After a while artists wanted to reach a wider audience and that is usually the English language.
With a help of a lyrical translater and contact with American poet, Gary Cornman, the songs are no more widely know that even before

From Someday, to the Euro dance tunes, Let Me Down Your Time, and more recently, Shiney Eyes, shows that Maini likes to push herself and does not want to stay in the same musical box.  Please go Away, is her current song and you can tell the production is improving as time goes on and the more attention her music gets from all over the world.  Inbetween Euro Dance numbers she is always writening and released Dreamland in December 2012.
Please go away, is one of her first releases with two different styles recorded
There is hard beat dance mix, which has a much harder than her previous dance single and the other is an  orchestral driven piece( Rock Mix).
Let Me Do Your Time, was the first release in the Euro dance style and very well received, which is more geared towards the clubs.  Maini does more pop music driven songs then dance, but she thrives on broadening her musical scope.
In terms of my perception, i am not the biggest fan, althogh i like listen to the music and its grown me over itme. I sometimes like music this way.  I like Someday when i first heard it, but i still like it over two years on.
I was impressed with Maini's singing voice, with the mixture of English tone over her Swedish accent makes  her singing voice pretty unique.  Although not the most powerful of voices, the music that she produces and she receives, fits with her tone and style.
Like any artists, she strives to improve herself

May she continues to reign as the Pop Queen From Sweden
Dj Readman - Radio Variety Show

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