Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Hobbit ( Peter Jackson)

This has been brewing since i saw the film last night on DVD

I didn't know what to expect. I have not read the book or anything, but i thought, will this be anything like Lord of the Rings??

The time does fly past when you are watching it, but the film is too much like The Fellowship of the Ring. Many scene mirror the first film, which i thought was extremely odd for something that is not supposed to follow the Lord of the Rings, as in a fourth one.
The storyline is fine, but having a hobbit go on an adventure seemed to be thrown in at the last minute to mirror the first film.
Many cast members from the original are in this film, which is fine. The one suprise was Sylvestor Mccoy ( Former Dr Who) who played another wizard protecting the woods. The actors are fine, no problem with, their all good in the film and one of my favourite scenes is the rock battle, with huge rock cliffs coming alive.

I don't know whats going to happen next as there are another two films of the hobbit. From that i can tell from the first part in the series of three, everything is going to mirror. Lord of the Rings.
In this film, the Hobbit keeps drifting from the others, which happens in the LOTR, many stunning set pieces and distant shots, LOTR.

In my opinon, they could have gone in a slightly different direction to keep it apart from Lord of the Rings. Instead, i feel its ,going to a Star Wars kind of franchise.

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