Tuesday, 23 April 2013

(Album Review) Popdogs - Cool Cats for Pop Dogs

Yes, there is a dog on the front cover, your not seeing things. :)

Put the CD in the drive and, Kellys On, comes to your ears.  From the start, the album has a very summer vibe to it. The first few songs, including, Honest Guy, are reminiscent of the English band, Dodgy.  The kind of sound you can have the top down on your convertible to.
This is the general vibe of the album, soft guitar riffs and nice and light vocals.
Mild Manners, as them guitar riffs, reminds me of From Dusk Till Dawn. Only a few song with a more dirtier side the music. You got this with, Kissin Alicia as well.
From Mexico, back to English sand between your toes with, Dancin Again, which really cements the album for the summervibe sound.  Depends what mood you are in, but this a nice Pop album
Although the guys are from Lincoln,  the album has a very American pop vibe going on.  I can hear Weezer and The La's, especially through the singing on many songs

Dj Readman . Radio Variety Show

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