Wednesday, 17 April 2013

(Radio competition) May edition

We have had March, just had April, now for May


The quality has to be decent, of a radio quality or CD sound.  It can be any style, any sounds from an acapella, spoken word, old demo, live recording, part from a score a real mixture. An artist can submit more than one audio piece of they so wish.

For the artist

Your song /audio is compiled with the rest of the submissions. A gallery is opened for all artists with information and song name.  A second blog is opened with links, pictures and any information you want to go with the song you submitted.
The reason, could be a re release, an album release, a tour coming up, a gig.
The first artist to subit more than one audio piece has the question for one person to win to be related to that artist
All submissions are anounced on Facebook as on as we receive them and on Twitter

Want to submit

New edition
Charity( Future, possibly May edition)

Plans are to release a limited 10 track version of each compilation, every month for charity. Since may artists are contributing and the station we broadcast on is unable to take money( Unless its a donation) as profit. Therefore the planned first release is going to charity. If successful this will be a on a monthly basis

Which charity?

This is whats being decided at the moment.  It has to be worldwide as the station is World and listeners are from all over, not just England and Europe.  That first part as to be taken into account.  Second, it finding a charitt that involved, on the ground, in the field people and scientific research.  My first thought was a Cancer charity as relations and friends have been strickened by it. Second thought was the Red Cross, which was suggested by a listene,s as their are hands on/ field organisation and right there when natural disaster accure.  It is not easy finding a charity which involved both scientific research and people out in the field.

The search continue.  Any suggestions would be very helpful to narrow it down
If you find us on Facebook through this blog, please mention this when you request, thankyou


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